Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with my on-screen wrap up of all the movies and shows I watched from September to December of this year! I did the same thing last year and really enjoyed it but found I didn’t enjoy just giving you guys my ratings, so this time I’ve included a sentence or two talking about how I felt about what I watched, so let me know if you like this new format and I’ll continue with it!


*I have included links to all of my Letterboxd reviews so just click on the movie/tv posters to go to my quick reviews!

*🎬 β†’ Saw at the cinemas.


Badlands Poster Beautiful Creatures Poster The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Poster Vampire Academy Poster Twilight Poster The Twilight Saga: New Moon Poster Radio Rebel Poster

  • Badlands [02/09] – 1.5 ⭐ – I did not appreciate this one. TW: animal abuse 
  • Beautiful Creatures [05/09] – 1.5 ⭐ – a big fat yikes if ever I saw one
  • City of Bones [05/09] – 1.5 ⭐ – I barely survived this it was 2 hrs and 10 mins of me cringing
  • Vampire Academy [05/09] – 2.5 ⭐ – In a shocking twist I actually enjoyed this.
  • Twilight [08/11] – 1.5 ⭐ – oh my god i don’t know what to say at this point
  • New Moon [08/09] – 3 ⭐ – Ngl, this was pretty damn good
  • Radio Rebel [09/09] – 3 ⭐ – Hi, I’m Sleep Deprived, and you’re watching the Disney Channel

Jaws Poster The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Poster Aliens Poster Monster House Poster Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood Poster Stranger Things Poster Red Dog Poster

  • Jaws [09/09] – 3.5 ⭐ – Genuinely, a good movie. If you don’t like this movie, I hate to tell you, but you’re wrong.
  • Breaking Dawn Part 1 [10/09] – 3 ⭐ – holy crap no
  • Aliens [16/09] – 4.5 ⭐ – Holy fuck this was amazing and I’m never watching it ever again.
  • Monster House [20/09] – 2.5 ⭐ –  I am disturbed by everything about this movie
  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood [24/09] – 3.5 ⭐ – This was a very well shot nothing movie.
  • Stranger Things Season 1 [27/09] – 3.5 ⭐ – Surprisingly, this didn’t constantly terrify me so I might try season 2 at some point.
  • Red Dog [28/09] – 3 ⭐ – Watch this if you want to know what an Aussie accent actually sounds like.

Downton Abbey Poster Scooby-Doo Poster Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster Poster Wonder Woman Poster

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…     β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†    β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†    β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

  • Downton Abbey [28/09] – 4.5 ⭐ – Everything about this movie was beautiful and I loved it.
  • Scooby-Doo (2002) [29/09] – 4 ⭐ – Watching this was so early 2000 but it honestly felt like coming home and I loved it.
  • Scooby-Doo & The Loch Ness Monster [29/09] – 3 ⭐ – Wow, never meet your idols and never re-watch your favourite childhood movies.
  • Wonder Woman [30/09] – 4 ⭐ –  I can recognise that this is very good, and very well shot, but I still don’t love it.


The Matrix Poster The Proposal Poster Suicide Squad Poster Joker Poster Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Downton Abbey Poster Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Poster

  • The Matrix [01/10] – 4.5 ⭐ – Perfection. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  • The Proposal [03/10] – 4 ⭐ – 10/10 😍😍😍
  • Suicide Squad [03/10] -2.5 ⭐ – It’s Trash O’Clock y’all #welcometotheshitshow
  • Joker [04/10] – 4 ⭐ – I legit had the Kath & Kim theme song stuck in my head after this. Also, PLEASE look up trigger warnings before seeing this, because there is not a moment of peace or happiness in this entire film.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming [05/10] – 3.5 ⭐ – I loved this when I first saw it and I still think it’s a fantastic Spidey movie but there is something about it that makes me never want to watch it. I don’t know if it’s the MCU-ness of it all or my general hatred of Ned, but I rarely watch this even though I think Tom Holland is a fantastic Spider-Man.
  • Downton Abbey Season 1 [05/10] – 4 ⭐ – This was actually so good? I’m super excited to get into this show!
  • Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse [06/10] – 4 ⭐ – SO GOOD! 😍

Avalon High Poster Shrek 2 Poster Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Poster Kath & Kimderella Poster PokΓ©mon Detective Pikachu Poster Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Poster Hustlers Poster

  • Avalon High [15/10] – 2.5 ⭐ – Lol back when Gregg Sulky was a heartthrob πŸ˜‚
  • Shrek 2 [15/10] – 4.5 ⭐ – When Fairy Godmother sang I Need A Hero I felt that.
  • Nancy Drew & The Hidden Staircase [15/10] – 2 ⭐ – I think this’ll be fun for young kids looking for a fun mystery (along the lines of scooby-doo kid of fun) but if you’re older than 7 you shouldn’t bother bc it’s NOT good.
  • Kath & Kimderella [15/10] – 2.5 ⭐ – I honestly can’t believe this got green lit but I’m so glad it did. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This was a shitshow from start to finish and I loved it.
  • PokΓ©mon Detective Pikachu [18/10] –  3.5 ⭐ – I am consistently shocked by how much I actually enjoy this movie, as someone who doesn’t care about PokΓ©mon.
  • Star Wars: A New Hope [26/10] – 4 ⭐ – Ngl Vader was pretty chill in this one.
  • Hustlers [27/10] – 3.5 ⭐ – I’m not gonna lie, this was A LOT of fun! But, I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again.

John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid Poster Kath & Kimderella Poster The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Poster The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Poster One Red Nose Day and a Wedding

  • John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid [27/10] – 4 ⭐ – SO funny! I had this on the tv in the background while I was working on something else and now I think I have my entire family hooked on Mulaney.
  • Kath & Kimderella [27/10] – 3 ⭐ – I genuinely can’t believe I watched this AGAIN
  • Eclipse [27/10] – 3 ⭐ – The ring. It’s so ugly!
  • Breaking Dawn Part 1 [28/10] – 3 ⭐ – Seth Clearwater was the only good thing about this film and that’s a fact.
  • Red Nose Day And A Wedding [29/10] – 4 ⭐ – i would die for alicia vikander & lily james and that’s the truth


The New Adventures of Superman Poster Kath and Kim Poster Back to the Future Poster Jurassic Park Poster The Sinner Poster Arrow Poster Godzilla Poster

  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 [07 – 10/11] – 4 ⭐ – This show is a national treasure and that’s the truth.
  • Kath & Kim Season 1 [10/11] – 3 ⭐ – An Australian classic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Back To The Future [12/11] – 5 ⭐ – This is a classic for a reason
  • Jurassic Park [13/11] – 4.5 ⭐ – SO MANY DINOSAURS 😍😍😍
  • The Sinner Season 1 & 2 [14/11] – 3.5 ⭐ – This was actually so good!
  • Arrow Season 3 [15 – 16/11] – 2.5 ⭐ – Yeah, listen, there’s a reason I don’t watch this show anymore
  • Godzilla [16/11] – 3.5 ⭐ – Narratively this movie started off completely different to what I was expecting and then it changed tone and pace as soon as *spoilers* Cranston died. That being said, I really surprised myself with this one because I actually enjoyed it. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece and I won’t be re-watching it in the very near future, but I will definitely be continuing on with the rest of the movies in this franchise.

Kong: Skull Island Poster Godzilla: King of the Monsters Poster The Knight Before Christmas Poster Last Christmas Poster Magic Mike Poster Rise of the Guardians Poster Avatar: The Last Airbender Poster

  • Kong: Skull Island [17/11] – 3 ⭐ – This was surprisingly good ngl.
  • Godzilla: King of Monsters [18/11] – 3 ⭐ – Everything about this movie was so blue. Also, this was not good. That being said, I’m stuck on this series now so you’ll catch me at the cinema in 2020 watching my 2 babies being pitted against each other because of capitalism.
  • The Knight Before Christmas [22/11] – 3.5 ⭐ – Honestly I enjoyed this and I will definitely watch it again soon
  • Last Christmas [24/11] – 3.5 ⭐ – It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
  • Magic Mike [24/11] – 3 ⭐ – Yeah, this was not the movie for me.
  • Rise of The Guardians [25/11] – 4.5 ⭐ – SO MUCH FUN SO PURE I LOVE
  • Avatar Season 1 [23/11 – 25/11] – 4 ⭐ – Okay, so this was amazing wtf

Baywatch Poster Frozen Poster The Knight Before Christmas Poster Frozen 2 Poster

  • Baywatch [26/11] – 3 ⭐ – This was a hot people fever dream
  • Frozen [27/11] – 4 ⭐ – Listen, I know this is for kids but it’s fun so let me like what I like.
  • The Knight Before Christmas [28/11] – 3.5 ⭐ -upon watching this a 2nd time i have many *many* questions
  • Frozen II [30/11] – 4 ⭐ – Confirmed: Elsa is a water bender


WALLΒ·E Poster Frozen 2 Poster Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Poster The Game Plan Poster The Nightmare Before Christmas Poster Frozen Fever Poster Olaf's Frozen Adventure Poster

  • Wall-E [01/12] – 3.5 ⭐ – This was the strangest love story I’ve ever seen! Also, I get the feeling this was made more for an older audience and that explains why I never liked this as a kid and am only giving it a second try now, over 10 years later.
  • Frozen II [03/12] – 3.5 ⭐ – I would argue that aspects of this movie aren’t as good the second time around, but I do think I’m really warming to the soundtrack and I’m now very excited for Frozen 3 which will inevitably happen in the future.
  • A New Hope [09/12] – 4 ⭐ – A classic.
  • The Game Plan [12/12] – 2.5 ⭐ – The Rock with hair is legitimately terrifying.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas [12/12] – 2.5 ⭐ – Thanks, I hate it.
  • Frozen Fever [12/12] – 3 ⭐ – This wasn’t amazing but all of those little snow baby things made me very very happy.
  • Olaf’s Frozen Adventure [12/12] – 3.5 ⭐ – I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun watching this.

Charlie's Angels Poster National Treasure Poster National Treasure: Book of Secrets Poster Kronk's New Groove Poster Knives Out Poster Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Poster Austenland Poster

  • Charlie’s Angels [13/12] – 3 ⭐ – This felt like a badly written Hot Topic movie someone shot with a really low budget and I don’t understand why Elizabeth Banks did this to herself.
  • National Treasure [14/12] – 4 ⭐ – This felt like a badly written Hot Topic movie someone shot with a really low budget and I don’t understand why Elizabeth Banks did this to herself.
  • National Treasure 2 [14/12] – 3.5 ⭐ – It’s not as good as the first one but it still holds that same feeling as the first movie does.
  • Kronk’s New Groove [14/12] – 2.5 ⭐ – I know some people love this movie but it wasn’t for me.
  • Knives Out [15/12] – 4.5 ⭐ – This might actually be my favourite movie of 2019???
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker [19/12] – 3 ⭐ – I mean, what is there to say? This was mediocre at best.
  • Austenland [19/12] – 4 ⭐ – There’s no way I couldn’t enjoy this movie. It’s hilarious!

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Poster Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Poster Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Poster Sanditon Poster Same Time, Next Christmas Poster A Princess for Christmas Poster A Christmas Princess Poster

  • A New Hope [20/12] – 3 ⭐ – This was such a slow action movie wow.
  • The Empire Strikes Back [20/12] – 4 ⭐ – Not my favourite but definitely better than the first and I can see why so many people love it. Ngl, Han was a total creep for most of this movie so he better have a total 180 in character personality for me to like him.
  • Return of The Jedi [20/12] – 4 ⭐ – Luke is so fucking cocky in this movie and I loved it. I would’ve loved to actually see him go from a novice to a full-on Jedi though.
  • Sanditon Season 1 [23/12] – 3.5 ⭐ – This was actually pretty good, so I really hope there’ll be a season 2. Y’all in the US better watch it!
  • Same Time, Next Christmas [24/12] – 3 ⭐ – Holy time jumps, Batman!
  • A Princess For Christmas [24/12] – 3 ⭐ – Oh good Lord, how did I make it through this whole movie? (the answer is Katie McGrath)
  • A Christmas Princess [24/12] – 2 ⭐ – I can’t believe they cast an Aussie as a dude from a β€œforeign European country” and they let him keep the accent??? I hate myself for finishing this movie.

Klaus Poster A Christmas Prince Poster A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Poster A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Poster Noelle Poster Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Poster My Perfect Romance Poster

  • Klaus [25/12] – 3.5 ⭐ – This was actually really interesting and I loved the animation style so I would definitely watch something like this again!
  • A Christmas Prince [25/12] -I mean, big yikes but it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding [25/12] – I have so many regrets
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby [25/12] – A queen with a blog… I’m struggling y’all.
  • Noelle [26/12] – You know this was pretty generic but I would actually watch a sequel
  • The Force Awakens [26/12] – 3 ⭐ – Dialogue who?
  • My Perfect Romance [26/12] – 1.5 ⭐ – Curse me for watching this awful movie

The Princess Bride Poster Lost in Austen Poster

  • The Princess Bride [26/12] – I will never get tired of this story.
  • Lost in Austen [30/12] – 2.5 ⭐ – This was the most cringey and embarrassing adaptation of P&P I’ve ever seen and I think I’ve been scarred for life because of this.


Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Poster High School Musical: The Musical - The Series Poster Smallville Poster

  • Lois & Clark Season 2 [11/11 – ??] – This is exactly the shit that I love and I need to finish season 2 asap
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series [18/12/19 – ??] – Honestly, I’m starting to not enjoy this as much but I’m already in too deep so I’ll finish the season out.
  • Smallville [21/12 – ??] – Listen, there are 10 seasons of this shit so I better meet Lois Lane stat or I’m gonna riot!






  1. Woah you watched a looooooooot. Wow.

    Also you saying you hate Ned was super unexpected- why? (I’m genuinely curious- I mean, he’s not my fave but I’ve never heard anyone say they hate Ned so I wanna know what you think)

    And I love how many times you watched Star Wars: A New Hope. (ALSO I SEE HSM:TM:TS AND DO YOU WATCH/PLAN TO WATCH THE MANDALORIAN???@???!?!??!??!)

    anddddddd I have a suggestion for you this year: if you can find it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch Robin Hood (disney 70s) it’s my fave and I think literally everyone should watch it one day. Also Ratatouille? (here’s me listing my fave Disney movies xD)

    but seriously you watched so many movies and so many DIFFERENT movies wow TEACH ME YOUR WAYS xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yeah, I do watch a lot! But, often it’s just because I usually watch a few movies each week with my mum and then every now and then I’ll go on a random movie binge when I’m not in the mood for anything else.

      Haha, I am not a Ned stan! I think he’s a terrible friend to Peter. I have no problem with the actor but the character is just dreadful in my opinion. I know he’s a teenager but he really just thinks about himself over other characters, especially Peter! I would never dream of treating my friend that way!

      Haha, SW A New Hope is just so… hopeful ya know? It’s just a fun movie! Haha, yes I’ve been watching HSMTMTS (omg what an acronym lol) and it’s actually better than I thought it would be! Also, yes I do plan on watching The Mandalorian eventually! I need to see baby Yoda!!

      Ahh, okay yes I will definitely have to watch Robin Hood asap then! Haha, I know nothing about Ratatouille, I literally only just learned that that’s not the name of the rat lol… I’ll add it to my watchlist! (I have a Letterboxd acc if you want to see what else I plan on watching/have any more suggestions!)

      Haha, yeah I do watch a lot of really different movies, don’t I? I never really noticed it before but there are so many genres! I pretty much will watch anything as long as it’s not going to make me cry!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I applaud you!
        My brother and I once binged an entire season of Agent Carter in two days and we started on the second (and lasttttttt :O) season and it’s JARVELOUS. I’m glad you and your mom like the same movies- my mother hates anything fantasy aka everything I like watching (tho we both adore Robin Hood)

        We can agree to disagree, I guess. (tho he is self-centered, but so is literally every other teen in the universe) But I guess we’re more polite (and also he’s a boy so who knows)

        Yesssssssssssssssssssssss I love itttt. And I haven’t been keeping up on HSMTMTS but I’m super excited to binge it soon! (THE SERIES ENDED AND WE CAN’T SEE MORE BABY YODA UNTIL THIS FALL WHAT WILL WE DOOOOOOOOooOOOOoO)

        YES it’s peak fairy-tale. If it came out now, it would be ‘cliche’ or something but it’s such a classic- I don’t think anyone cares anymore? And ahahahahaha I thought that about Ratatouille too!


  2. I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the theatre and then watched it at home and in my opinion, it’s much better in the theatre…a lot of the movie is the cinematic experience, and not a lot of it is plot, haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so interesting! Honestly, I don’t think I need to see it more than once! It was an interesting experience but there was too much ick about it for me, and if it’s not as good at home, what’s the point?


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