Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with my bullet journal set up for January!

Also a quick caveat – I’m not blessed with any artistic talent and my journal is purely for helping me through the year and I’m using it more to keep myself accountable throughout the year. So, excuse the basic spreads but I’m proud of them!


01 Jan BJ Cover

I considered getting a Leuchtturm brand journal but honestly, they’re just too expensive for me to justify getting one, maybe next year I’ll level up to a pricier one, but only if I need to.

I ended up buying a generic medium-sized dot gird journal off eBayΒ (link)


So, I didn’t include a goals page or anything like that because I don’t really need one, so my first pages in my journal are my January calendar which I just did squares for each day. I also did my January tbr which I included extra squares for if I have more time to read throughout the month, and I also included a page counter for the month because I want to try and keep myself more accountable throughout the month with my reading.


Next, I included a watchlist for the month because I know in January I want to watch a whole bunch of movies (first row – title, second row – rating). I also put in a January Blog posts tracker so I can remind myself when I have posts scheuled to go up!

I also have a wrap up spread at the end of the month! I want to be able to do a mini wrap up at the end of the month – so I’ll write down my favourite movie, book and song. I also have a to do list for the next month!


Lastly, I included a 3 12 month calendars – one for my buddy reads, movie/book releases and my reviews going up in 2020.


Do you use a bullet journal?


8 thoughts on “MY JANUARY BULLET JOURNAL SET UP // 2020

  1. I use a bullet journal but more for books and reading than anything else. I like having a log for books on my shelves, certain trackers, etc and a journal helps me to organise everything.

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  2. I have used a Bullet Journal daily for three years now and am even more basic than you, for the most part, I use a simple vertical calendar and then have a blog post tracker where I can schedule the posts I need to do and track what still needs to be done on them.

    Thanks for sharing yours!

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