Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker *Spoiler* Review // I’m Exhausted. This Movie Is Exhausting™️.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Poster

Title: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Director: J.J. Abrams

Series? 3/3 (Third trilogy in the saga)

Genre: Fantasy

Triggers: Talk of dead parents, death, murder

Release Date: 19 December 2019 (Aus)



Hi everyone! Today I’m coming at you with my spoiler review of The Rise of Skywalker! If you’ve read my Spoiler-Free review then you know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie but I also didn’t absolutely hate it either. I would say that it mostly has flaws but, there are some upsides to this movie and the trilogy as a whole.

But, if you get anything from this review, know that JJ Abrams giving Finn and Poe weird love interests just made me laugh because I know why they did it and it’s honestly hilarious. I’m sorry you can’t convince me these boys are hetero.

random thoughts

  • Did Finn ghost Rose???
  • Lando at the end with the ex-stormtrooper chick was weird ng
  • Palpatine’s plan definitely would’ve worked if he hadn’t villain-monologued it to Rey.
  • Also, poor C-3P0 he really liked those guys and they kinda treated him like trash.
  • I would’ve liked to actually see Palpatine’s rise to power/introduction as the villain of this trilogy.

I’m confused…

  • Rey is calling herself a Skywalker now??? I kind of hate this??? Did they do this just for the title?
  • Finn has the force? Because if he doesn’t… that’s going to be very awkward for future Jedi.
  • What did Finn want to say to her? Finn has so many love interests! Rose, Poe, other chick & Rey???
  • Where did Palpatine’s fleet come from?
  • Rey’s saber??? No one can tell what colour it was? I think the reigning theory is that it’s yellow but when I saw the movie I thought it was white because that’s what makes sense to me.
What colour do you think Rey’s lightsaber is?

General Thoughts

The Ewoks! Tatooine! You could really tell how much nostalgia they were trying to push onto the movie, and I think that only works somewhat with fans of the og trilogy. But, what about everyone else? Honestly, I think if you’re just a casual viewer most of this movie will mean nothing to you.

  • Poe Dameron was the best thing about this movie, by far!
  • There was no organic flow to this movie, so it’s hard to form a coherent review.
  • Big reveal – Han Solo = a memory – so weird and I don’t even know what to say really.
  • Lando was just there for nostalgia but I’ve never cared for him so it meant nothing to me really also, like in the originals, he doesn’t really do much. It’s like they chucked him in the movie and then realised they didn’t have anything for him to do.
  • All of the og trio have seemed “off” in this trilogy
  • Rey Palpatine reveal – I felt it was sort of obvious. There was dead silence in the cinema.
  • Force lightning! So cool!
  • All the Sith vs the Jedi – this movie did have some interesting ideas. And, I think in general this trilogy had so much potential with the new cast and the new ideas they brought up in the first movie, like the whole idea of an ex-stormtrooper but we never really got to explore them.
  • I couldn’t tell who any of the Jedi voices were – I knew Luke and Yoda but that’s it. It also would’ve been cool to see or hear some of the Sith from the previous movies in the stands with all the other past Sith.
  • Finn & kid from the end of TLJ – can anyone use the force?
  • Force connection is interesting and all of those scenes were amazing in the movie.
  • Everyone was throwing away their lightsabers! Aren’t they pretty hard to get/make???
  • Reylo kiss felt forced to me but I know a lot of people were excited for it. And then he died. I honestly think it would’ve been interesting go keep him around!
  • Poor Rose!
  • Ex-Stormtroopers! – An interesting idea but underutilised! All Stormtroopers are reluctant???
  • Poor Kerri Russel – A Power Ranger! And a rushed love interest!
  • Rose Tico! – Barely in the movie after everything the character and the actress went through in the last movie!
  • Finn & Poe! – Co-generals! Great repartee! Hilarious! Banter! So funny playing against Chewie!
  • Light-speed jumping! Cool!
  • C-3P0 was possibly more annoying than ever!
  • There were simultaneously not enough droids and too many droids.

Overall, I think this trilogy had SO much potential but they ruined it by trying to focus too much on the original characters. I think it was very clear that there was no proper outline and so when it came to actually making the movie and trying to conclude this storyline the writers had a lot of trouble. I’m glad it’s over but it was very underwhelming and under-done. I feel like the more I think about this movie the more flaws and plotholes I see in it so honestly, I’m going to just stop thinking about it.

This trilogy had so much potential, but they needed to outline it better, and they needed to better develop their characters.



2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker *Spoiler* Review // I’m Exhausted. This Movie Is Exhausting™️.

  1. Ahh loved this review! Me and my friends went on the opening night and none of us really enjoyed it. I really wish they keep Kylo around, it will be interesting plot. His death makes me feel really sad because it means that Vader, Han, Luke and Leia died only for him to be redeemed and died himself, without any chance of actually living. Like which skywalkers that’s rising? And yeah, Rey taking the skywalker name is really weird. And I also wish they didn’t treat Rose, Jannah and Zori dirty like that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I went on opening day with my family and we all had mixed feelings and came out of the movie with different opinions!

      I think that if they went to all that effort to make him a good person in the end then they should have kept him around tbh, it would have made for a really interesting ending and it would have been actually surprising tbh bc I thought for sure he would end up dying just like Vader did…

      I agree! I think they thought of a really cool title for the movie and then realised shit we need to actually have a Skywalker rise… I still am not sure if they meant Kylo or Rey tbh! I hated that she took the name, I knew she would but UGH! I wish she had just called herself Rey like she did in the first movie! Or even took charge of being a Palpatine bc she’s still a badass ya know?

      Yes, the women in this movie deserved so much better!


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