Frozen 3 Theories!!!


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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with the last of my Frozen 2 posts, and today I’m talking about all of my Frozen 3 theories!

You can find my Spoiler Free review here & my Spoiler review here.

You can also find my thoughts on the soundtrack here.



As for my general hopes for the movie (I really don’t doubt that there’ll be a third movie, if not a fourth as well), are that the movie is more complex and not quite as transparent, plot-wise. I also hope that Anna will become a more complex and nuanced character and Jonathon Groff will get another great song, as well as a decent plotline.


I think there’ll be a wedding for Anna and Kristoff,Β  so I think the third movie will mostly revolve around that and maybe Elsa continuing herself journey with finding herself.

But, along with the wedding, I think Anna will realise that it’s actually hard to run and kingdom and Kristoff will struggle with finding his place within the kingdom.Β I think it’d be interesting if they gave Kristoff more to do. Or even just his own little side-plot like he had in Frozen 2 where he’s discovering that he doesn’t quite know what he signed up for. I mean, is he the king now or the almost king? He used to be an ice cutter guy for god’s sake!

  • I’m also hoping there will be other kingdoms. I think it’d be really cool if they extended the world of Frozen
  • Elsa is actually very powerful, but we know almost nothing about her powers
  • Is there another character with powers like her? Like, it’s great that shes got her / new cave island thing but, like… she’s still the only human with these abilities??? She’s the Fifth spirit so can she control all the elements or just one?
  • I would really like to properly learn about Elsa’s powers because I feel like they didn’t do that in the first or second movie.
  • Establish Elsa’s character in the franchise. what does she actually do now that she’s not queen? Will she have a love interest? Do you want her to have a love interest?

The only thing I can think of that’s like a completely different theory is that when Elsa froze at the end of Frozen 2 before she saved the kingdom, maybe she didn’t come back properly and now she’s more of a spirit that an actual physical form but I honestly don’t know if they’d go that complicated, I mean it’s a kids franchise.

How many Frozen movies do you think they will make? I’m thinking 4, one for each season, otherwise they’ll cap it at 3. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but I think they’ll definitely make a third.



9 thoughts on “Frozen 3 Theories!!!

  1. I just saw Frozen 2 last night and all I can say at this point [after streaming the soundtrack all day] is shjdbfksjhdbvflsdkjbvflaskjdbvksjdbvflsdhjbvlkasjdbclaskjdblkjd!

    I liked Frozen but it didn’t hold a candle to the Little Mermaid or Pocahontas but Frozen 2 really upped the stakes and changed the game for me. The soundtrack was legendary – the stuff of the renaissance and the animation was stunning. I need to go and see it again!

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      1. Ellyn – NOOOOOooooooooo! One does not ask another to choose!!! πŸ˜‰

        To be honest [and cliched] I loved them all. Somethings Never Change hits home and Into the Unknown is amazing but I think it’s a tie between Lost in the Woods and Show Yourself. That moment when the chorus sings “where the north wind meets the see” and when the Queen calls Elsa home…. Ahhhh the feels!

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      2. Ok so i didn’t know where to put this but i have a theory…what if someone cursed Anna with some powers on her wedding day or something and Elsa tries to help her but it doesn’t work…think about it because in the first movie grand-papi said “born with the powers or cursed”…that has to mean something!


  2. I think that frozen 3 should be about ancient spirits disrupting Anna’s wedding plans .Maybe there could be more to attahalah than we know,what if Elsa was not the first to possess great powers, maybe there was an ancient spirit who tried to take over every kingdom with her powers and became so dark and powerful she had to be stopped. She was banished by the spirits and brave warriors with magical weapons that helped them withstand her powers let’s say fire powers ,but she was able to break out of her cage when the spirits were angry and when Elsa and Anna freed the forest she was set loose she tries to possess Elsa while raining fireballs on errendell but Anna pushes Elsa out of harms way then Anna starts being aggressive and insolent to people around her until the evil takes over. With the balance being distorted Jack Frost magically lands in errendelle where he meets Elsa and including Kristoff and Olaf journey to find Anna who left arrendelle to find the objects that was used to banish her before to destroy them and also has to destroy Elsa because Elsa is the fifth spirit and can also destroy her but couldn’t succeed because Anna did not give in to the evil spirit completely and rather tried to destroy herself . Then the spirit flees Anna’s body before she was destroyed,she picks the magical weapons and battles the spirit while Elsa tries to let’s say fix the orb that the spirit was put in and banished while Jack and Kristoff we’re battling lava monsters they finally sealed the spirit from the world and were able to reverse the damages caused by the spirit which includes almost killing Hans as payback Anna and Kristoff finalize their wedding and Jack and Elsa start dating

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    1. Ooh wow, I can tell you’ve really put some thought into this! It would definitely be cool to see Jack Frost in the Frozen-verse! The Rise of The Guardians version or a different one?


  3. Well, my younger sister and I have our own theory on how Frozen 3 would pan out but I promise you you’re not gonna like it. Hell, no one will. But think of it this way, Elsa and Anna are sisters. They were raised as sisters but Elsa always knew she was different, and by the end of Frozen 2, she left the kingdom. I’m sure Anna probably isn’t the happiest that Elsa is away from her but she manages after you know running the kingdom.

    The way I see it, Anna has to learn everything. She has to learn the duties and responsibilities that tie in with being royalty, therefore having to make the tough decisions and overseeing the Arendellian army as we saw in multiple occasions in the second film. Meanwhile, Elsa went to Ahtohollan to learn more about herself and what her purpose in life is. Now is it just me or does anyone else see the parallels between Elsa and Anna and Rameses I and Moses? Raised as brothers, raised as sisters, fleeing the kingdom to learn more about their purpose?

    Well, we were listening to “The Plagues” from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack and I couldn’t help but see Elsa and Anna in my head, Elsa having to attack Arendelle with her power because of something Anna did and not wanting to attack but having no choice. I’m not saying Anna is the villain. I think that it should be something that wasn’t meant as a threat but was misconstrued as such. Most wars nowadays are based around miscommunication alone and I think it would be an important thing to teach children that war can be started over nothing, armies led through battle, when there is no healthy communication between leaders.

    So yeah, Maybe Anna and Kristoff will already be married and I don’t know what would spark the flame but if Anna and Elsa went into war at each other, two kingdoms, Arendelle and Northuldra, it’d be one hell of a finale for the franchise.

    But that’s just me, say what you will.


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