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Title: Frozen II (2019)

Director: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee

Series? Sequel, 2/?

Genre: Fantasy

Triggers: Talk of dead parents, death

Release Date: 28 November 2019 (Aus)


Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with my SPOILER review of Frozen 2! You can find my spoiler-free review here, if you’re interested in that! You can also find my thoughts on the soundtrack here!


I’m currently writing this in pitch black darkness with zero electricity and I’m literally running on fumes because I’ve been out all day but I’m here to talk all the spoilery talk about Frozen 2! I’ve seen the movie twice so far and I’ll probably see it again with my younger brother ina week or two. SO far, my final thoughts are that it’s good and I *think* I enjoy it more than the first one, but I’m not really sure, they stand pretty equal in my mind.

Which Frozen movie did you enjoy the most?

Also, just a warning, this is not a particularly cohesive review, it’s just a lot of paragraph thoughts on different aspects of the movie that I wanted to talk about.


Here are my assorted, and not well put together thoughts on Frozen 2!

I can’t believe Olaf really grabbed me by the balls and said “Today you’re going to relate to a goddam snowman” and he was right. His whole thing about growing older? That hit me fucking hard, y’all and I think it will (and should) no matter how old you are, which is the real magic of it. His whole journey (that I hope will continue) about growing older and learning new things and feeling scared about the future really vibed with me and I know not everyone will appreciate it because he’s a kids character, but I think that this movie, and Olaf’s character, in particular, is going to leave a really great message with kids! This whole movie really was about teaching kids (and adults) that change can be scary but that it’s okay.

Also, totally random but I’ve been watching a lot of Avatar lately so it’s just now hit me Elsa is basically the Avatar now? So, because she’s a really good waterbender and she’s the Fifth Spirit does this mean she’ll harness all the elements in the future? Honestly, the first time I watched the movie and they started talking about water, fire, air, earth and I was like, Avatar avatar avatar…


Random things I wanted to mention:

  • I want to see the extended cut, there were so many shots in the trailers we didn’t see in the final cut of the movie!
  • I loved Olaf’s recap of F1 & SKB’s reactions were priceless!
  • Elsa uses her powers a lot!
  • Are there other benders like Elsa or is she the only one bc people from the tribe usually don’t have children with outsiders?
  • idk a Samantha!
  • We really need a Disney+ show of Olaf retelling movie plots like he did in this film because that was hilarious!
  • OMFG that comment that Anna made about liking Kristoff better in leather and his little chuckle had me shook, we love adult jokes in movies! I snort-laughed y’all!
  • Kristoff is definitely Bi and that’s not up for debate
  • Elsa froze this time! Even the ice queen freezes!
  • Elsa saving the kingdom was so cool!
  • I love her new all white purplish dress! and the long hair! 😍😍😍 Hats off to the animation team!
  • Once again, Kristoff does basically nothing BUT he does have more of a storyline and he sure has one KILLER song! I’m really hoping he’ll have more to do in F3!
  • The ending with Sven’s bowtie and Oaf’s outfit was adorable and I loved it!
  • Elsa and Anna finally made some friends sho aren’t love interests and or magical beings or animals! I’m so proud!


I think what I appreciate most about this movie other than the soundtrack and it’s message, is it’s treatment of  Anna. Well… sort of. I still think she hangs off of Elsa like a bad smell with pigtails and she definitely has the worst song of the whole movie BUT I do think the latter end of this movie did a lot fo service to her as a character. She spends a lot of the movie trailing after Elsa so seeing her independent and taking charge and using her own skills did her a big favour. I’m hoping that won’t all be taken away in Frozen 3, and that both of the sisters will be proper equals, in this sense.

The whole “Two sides to a bridge” – Magic & humanity plot point/ reasoning gives Anna some purpose and dimension and also helps to subvert the chosen one trope. It also really helps to make Anna more of a character, in the past and for a lot of this movie I felt she was following Elsa around. (Though to an extent I can understand why I mean she didn’t really know or see her sister for so much of her life and now she’s sort of catching up!)

  • Weird flex but Elsa lives in the woods now? And now she lives sort of like a recluse on her own little island thing? Is that healthy? Elsa has a potential love interest? (it’s there if you want it)
Would you prefer Elsa stayed single and focused on understanding and loving herself or do you think she should have a love interest and if so, who?
Frozen 3 is definitely going to be interesting! What do YOU think will happen?

More random thoughts:

Elsa and Anna are both individually so interesting and such good depictions of women because they’re not perfect and they both have different flaws! They’re both complex and nuanced! Honestly, I hope this stays throughout the series and the writers don’t try to be edgy and ruin the characters.

This movie actually does have some problems, here are a few:

  • I haven’t heard many people talk about this because the movie’s not been out for that long, and also I’m white so please stop me if I’m stepping out of bounds but, are Anna and Elsa supposed to be mixed race? Their mother was from the Northuldra tribe a group of people with darker skin but their mother looked nothing like anyone from her tribe and again, Anna and Elsa look nothing like their mother. So, is that weird or am I wrong? Again, I haven’t heard anyone talking about this, so I really would like some other opinions on this because it just felt like white-washing to me.
  • Also, I just wanted to mention here that another reason this movie felt slightly undercooked to me was because Anna and Elsa both have an evil grandfather who caused this giant war that magically cursed this Forrest and effectively imprisoned the people in it and nothing really comes of that? It felt too simplistic and brushed over.


MORE random thoughts:

  • The colouring! The character and backgrounds really stand out and the whole movie looks amazing, visually this sequel is 10x better than the first movie!
  • Great for kids – amazing messaging – I really appreciated when Olaf got angry & I think it really shows kids and even adults that it’s okay to get angry as long as you don’t take it out on anyone. And, if something does something wrong towards you, you’re entitled to your anger!
  • I also really appreciated that Anna saved the day. She technically did in the first one, but this time it felt like she actually had more to do, and it was a conscious decision that she made to destroy the bridge. They really showed that she used her leadership qualities and I really appreciated that they didn’t just chuck her in as queen at the end but showed that she actually could do the job.
  • Diversity – Female soldier, Mattias, the Northuldra tribe – unsurprisingly no lgbt rep – when will Disney cough up, especially since they have so many devoted queer fans?
  • No Marie-Sues in this movie! They had both physical and emotional problems and they dealt with them pretty well considering this movie is less than 2 hours long and only 1 minute longer than the first one!
  • Bruni – fire spirit – I did not see that coming but I love it! I also really appreciate that he doesn’t make noise because as a deaf viewer that kind of made his scenes so much easier to watch! My cinema doesn’t do subs so not having to constantly worry about missing dialogue was a relief!
  • I thought Gale the wind spirit was an interesting and different idea I also love the name but I also think it’s kinda weird – it’s sort of like the Invisible man but with leaves instead of bandages.
  • How many Frozen movies do you think they will make? I’m thinking 4, one for each season, otherwise they’ll cap it at 3. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but I think they’ll definitely make a third.

Is Elsa an lgbtq+ character?

Should Elsa be gay or just promote self-love? Either way I don’t mind as long as she doesn’t get with Ryder I’ll be happy.

A lot of people are talking about Honeymaren but I barely even remember her which I think really says a lot. I’d be really interested to see what you all think of the situation because I really think Disney is going to continue queerbaiting and I’m not excited about it. I think it’s possible we’ll see an lgbt background character in the franchise in the future and I can see Disney using it as a big advertising plot but they’ll never make Elsa queer.

Why is Disney so afraid to make it gay? Honestly, I’m glad Elsa hasn’t had a love interest so far because this movie was about the development of the sisters, especially Elsa’s so I’m hoping that Disney will pull their head out and make it gay in F3. But, again that’s hope talking because I really doubt that Disney could ever pull their heads out of their asses long enough to include a well-represented lgbtq+ character?






5 thoughts on “Frozen 2 (2019) *Spoiler* Review // LET’S TALK LGBT+ DISNEY REP & MY THOUGHTS ON ANNA AS A CHARACTER

  1. Oh my god – I don’t even know where to start with this complex review. It is actually EPIC! I love how you talk about the flaws. Oaf’s existential crisis hit me hard too. Actually the whole theme of change and wanting things to stay the same hit me hard too. Basically the whole movie, okay? That stuff got to me on a spiritual level man!

    And Samantha! The 80s power ballad! Show yourself!

    All the chills and all the feels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you! 💕💕

      Yes, Olaf meant so much to me in this movie, his development was soo good!

      I agree Samantha was amazing! That was such a funny joke to add! OMG yes, Kristoff’s song was amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Else is asexual and I will stand by that to my death. There are a few remarks she makes whenever romance stuff happens and yup ASEXUAL!

    I really overall liked Anna’s development in this movie, she doesn’t have much growth in the first movie whereas in this movie she really has to look at herself and decide what she wants out of life and where she wants to go.

    YES YES YES to Olaf having his own recap tv series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I completely agree, but i know in my heart they would never have the guts!!

      Me too, I felt like we didn’t really get to know her very much in the first one because it was all about finding and helping Elsa!

      Haha, can you imagine if Olaf had a recap show??! That would be absolutely amazing!


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