Frozen 2 (2019) Soundtrack RANKED & REVIEWED!


Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m doing something completely different but I recently saw Frozen II and loved it so I thought I’d talk with you all about the soundtrack since I’ve been listening to it so much ever since I saw the film!

You can read my *Spoiler-Free* review of Frozen II here.


Is the soundtrack as good as the Frozen soundtrack? No, but it also depends on your preference! I love them both but I really need to listen to Frozen II a couple more times. Honestly, I think the music was more rounded in this one, it felt like more people got their own songs that held meaning to the story and maybe that’s what I enjoyed most about it? They were less Broadway, which as a Broadway music lover that sucks for me, but as a Movie Musical lover I’m also kind of okay with? It’s a weird divide.

What were your favourite songs from the movie? Have you seen Frozen II yet?




Into The Unknown (Elsa)Β 


I’m just constantly overwhelmed by Idina Menzel’s amazing voice and I have had this song stuck in my head on a loop ever since I saw Frozen II. Also, the animation was amazing! This song was less broadway than Let It Go, but still has great lyrics, sound and story. This scene and song had great character development and animation!

Also, I love the cover they did for it to. I’m honestly, so glad Disney had the guts to let Panic at the Disco do a cover because it’s amazing too & you know what? So was Demi Lovato’s cover of ‘Let It Go’ and she doesn’t get enough credit for that.



Show Yourself (Elsa)Β 


Are you getting the impression that my favourites from this franchise all involve Idina Menzel? Because seriously, it’s pretty much guaranteed at this point that any song she’s a part of I’m going to love.

Honestly, Elsa just took me to another place with this movie. All of her songs were powerful and did a great job of helping to develop her character & this song was no different. The vocals are softer or shorter than in ‘Into The Unknown’ and faster than her other songs but I think that’s why I love it? It shows that she’s evolving and I love it.

A lot of people are saying this is queer coded but even if you disagree it’s still one of my favourite songs on the soundtrack.



When I Am Older (Olaf)


There is not a single person who couldn’t possibly relate to this song. It’s a bit silly when you’re watching it in the movie but the actual message hit me pretty hard and I really think Olaf’s whole plotline in the film is really going to identify with a bunch of kids and adults alike!

This wasn’t my favourite song and I still prefer ‘In Summer’ but I loved the visuals/scenes and how it was used in the movie BUT while it was funny & Josh Gad sounded good I think the relatability is what I love best about this song.



Lost In The Woods (Kristoff ft. Sven)


A man singing about his confusion with and about his masculinity? I love it. Also, this was majorly shot like a 90s boy band music video with nods to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and I don’t think there was a single adult in the cinema who wasn’t laughing! Also, there are reindeers singing in the background and I loved every second of it! Also, Jonathon Groff has a fantastic voice and I’m a fan.

The 90s boy band theme was so random but I loved it, I kind of liked Kristoff more after seeing the actual scene. Also, I love that Johnathon Groff finally got a song!



All Is Found (Elsa’s mum)


I don’t love this song but I’m also not a massive fan of lullabys in general. Honestly, I barely remember anything from this song other than there’s something about drowning? I think that’s when I mentally checked out tbh. It was completely unmemorable, unfortunately.



Some Things Never Change (Full cast)


Easily the worst song on the soundtrack. I wasn’t a fan when I watched it in the movie & I still don’t love listening to it on its own BUT I definitely don’t hate it & I think it’s still a feel-good song that’s probably good for kids and stuff. I think because the first 15ish minutes of the film were shaky so was the song. It certainly wasn’t a great lead into the film.



I wasn’t a big fan of the Outtakes (you can find them on the Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack, which I’ve been listening to on Spotify).

  • I really didn’t enjoy Home, what is it with this movie giving Anna bad songs?
  • I Seek The Truth – I knew like, 5 seconds in that I wasn’t going to like this it’s too much plot over moment – we can see a struggle without Elsa needing to sing a weirdly wordy fast-paced song about it. I actually had to turn this song off halfway it was genuinely awful why did they do that to Idina??
  • Unmeltable Me was also terrible I cannot tell you how glad I am that these songs were not put in the movie. This song was honestly just too random and silly for Olaf and I can’t see how it would have fit into the movie.
  • Get This Right was good because it’s Jonathon Groff but honestly Lost In The Woods was just clearly superior! Honestly, this song wasn’t as bad as the others but I definitely cringed a few times and I’m glad they chose his other song and a different proposal because this was definitely a weaker Kristoff song.

These songs all did a very good job of showing the writing process of a movie, especially a musical. They also did a fantastic job of showing just how badly a movie can go and clearly this movie could have been awful if they hadn’t chosen the other songs.

I thought most people would have prefered Into The Unknown but surprisingly a lot of people really enjoyed Show Yourself, which was your favourite song from the movie? Have you listened to the Outtakes? Do you disagree with my rankings?



4 thoughts on “Frozen 2 (2019) Soundtrack RANKED & REVIEWED!

  1. Show Yourself was my favorite song, and I’ve listened to it probably at least 50 times since seeing Frozen 2 a few days ago πŸ˜… But I also love Into the Unknown! Tbh any song that Idina Menzel sings is a winner in my opinion. And I’m THRILLED that they finally gave Jonathan Groff the overdramatic power ballad that he deserves πŸ˜‚

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    1. I think the more I listen to the soundtrack the more Show Yourself becomes my favourite! Into The UNknown is also so so good! Yes, I agree, if Idina Menzel is singing it I’ll love it! She recently came out with a Christmas movie and I’ve had it on non-stop!
      I agree, I hope we get another Jonathon Groff song in Frozen 3 he was soo good!


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