WWW WEDNESDAY // 09.10.2019


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with an update of how my reading has been going for the last couple of weeks, I’ve actually been doing alright lately, so I’m hoping to keep up that momentum!

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking On a World of Words and you can find my other WWW Wednesday posts and find my progress here.

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The Play (Briar U, #3)

The Play

I’m currently buddy reading the Briar U series with Rebecca, we finished The Risk yesterday and now we’re onto The Play. I haven’t started it as of writing this but, I’m pretty sure the love interest is someone we haven’t met before so I’m super interested in this one because usually, we meet the future main characters in previous books, if that makes sense? Also, this might be weird but I’m not super interested in Hunter but hopefully this will make me like him.


The Risk (Briar U, #2)

The Risk

I just finished reading The Risk and ngl, I didn’t love The Chase but I thought this was 10 times better.  I really loved Brenna as a character, I wasn’t totally sold on Jake but I liked him more than Fitz from the first book so that’s good I guess. I don’t have any profound thoughts on this one, but it was pretty steamy so that was great for me, just heads up, please look up the trigger warnings before reading this because it gets pretty heavy at some points!


Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2)

Clockwork Prince

I think I’ve been saying for almost 3 weeks that I’m going to read this and I actually started it last week but I never got around to finishing it so I’m hoping to finish it off by the end of the week! Also, are you guys team Will of team Jem because honestly, I think Will is annoying and exhausting.





7 thoughts on “WWW WEDNESDAY // 09.10.2019

  1. I bought The Play as soon as it came out the other day, and am hoping to read it soon! I don’t know if I’ll try to reread the first two books before starting or just jumping into the third.

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