Twilight (2005) Review *Spoilers* // Bella is the victim of bad writing and Edward is a stalker


Twilight (Twilight, #1)

TITLE: Twilight

AUTHOR: Stephanie Meyer

SERIES? Book 1/4

GENRE/ AGE RANGE: Fantasy/Paranormal, YA

TW: Death, injury, loss of a loved one, stalking, unhealthy relationship (not challenged)

PUBLICATION DATE: October 5th, 2005

Character Guide   ⇩

Bella Swan → Main character, human
Charlie Swan → Bella’s father, Chief of Police
Edward Cullen → Vampire, can read minds
Alice Cullen → Vampire, can “see” the future
Jasper Hale → Vampire
Rosalie Hale → Vampire
Emmett Cullen → Vampire
Jacob Black → Bella’s friend, lives on the Reservation
Jessica Stanley → Bella’s friend (Anna Kendrick)
Angela Weber → Bella’s friend
Mike Newton → Bella’s friend (kind of, mostly he just makes her uncomfortable because he has a crush on her)
Billy Black → Jacob’s father



“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.”

This is the first entry into my reviews of the Twilight series, I wanted to re-read these books critically and see if they still held up to how much I loved them as 12 year old. And, I think it’s safe to say, that the first book, at least, did not. BUT, that I thought it would be a lot worse than it was. That being said, while I was well prepared for the awfulness that is Edward (or Edweird as I’ve dubbed him) I was not prepared for the absolutely dull and shabby character that is Bella.

Bella was always what  I loved most about the Twilight series, especially in the first book because I thought she was a badass and completely relatable. Now I realise that what she really needs is parents who pay attention and at least one stable friendship. Honestly, more than anything, the realisation that Bella is basically a nothing character who likes books and has a crush on a boy was awful for me. I always loved Bella as a teen, and it honestly worries me that I looked up to her as much as I did. What was I thinking?

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…,” he murmured.
“What a stupid lamb,” I sighed.
“What a sick, masochistic lion.”

I would say that Twilight is an easy read, too easy really. But, I wouldn’t call it enjoyable.

I think over the years my tolerance for Bella has dwindled, and I’ve obviously gone from idolising her to thinking she needs to get some serious psychiatric help. I know Rebecca who I’m buddy reading the series with, really didn’t like Bella as a character and often got impatient with her.

I agree that Bella often annoyed me too and I think some of that can be chalked up to her being a teenager (sorry teen me but you were annoying af). BUT, eventually, we have to just admit that the poor girl must have a death wish. Honestly, I think she probably never got enough attention from her mother (and now Charlie, but she’s okay with it because it’s what she’s used to) and now that someone (Edweird) is actually paying attention to her she’s totally fixated on them. I think I compared her attraction to Edward as something akin to Stockholm Syndrome. Obviously, that comparison has its problems, but I also think that it works to a degree. Bella often does feel trapped by Edward and he is really really controlling. I’m not an Edward stan, that’s for sure.

So, I don’t think Bella is the whole problem. I’m not sure what to think of Bella – I think her characterisation is mainly a product of the poor writing and obvious lack of development. If she had more of a personality and actually physically and mentally had the stamina and capacity to fight back instead of relying on Edward & the other Cullens I think she would be a different character altogether. Without those key attributes, she’s more of a shell than a person – she’s definitely the type of person most people would ignore in school so it’s interesting to me that she’s so popular in the book. She has no personality and rarely hangs out with her friends – though interestingly she does have fun when she’s with her friends and conversely is usually scared, angry or crying whenever she’s with Edward.

I’m not going to go super into what I think of Edward in this review because I can assure you, I will have a lot to say about him in my review of New Moon (coming later this month!). But, I will say that I think he is very one dimensional, and like Bella only seems to really have one or two moods that just switch one and off intermittently – his being anger and smugness. I also definitely think that he is mentally manipulative towards Bella so, I’m sure you can see why I’m not a big fan of him. I really don’t see why he likes Bella at all, but maybe that’s just me reading too much into a book that was never designed to be read into?

“What if I’m not a superhero? What if I’m the bad guy?”

Overall, Twilight has definitely not lived up to the hype my 12-year-old self associated it with and I was less than impressed with the writing and characters overall. However, I am very interested to see what I think of New Moon, as I know I only ever read it once. Whereas, I re-read all of the other books multiple times. And, I know that I found the movie absolutely depressing. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ All I can say is that this series has me intrigued and I’m definitely interested to see what I think of the next three books!


Have you read Twilight?
Do you think Twilight has aged well?



21 thoughts on “Twilight (2005) Review *Spoilers* // Bella is the victim of bad writing and Edward is a stalker

  1. Honestly, I didn’t like the book because it was “cool” to not like the book, but I do think it’s awfulness is overstated. I probably just thought it was “meh” when I read it, not the most awful thing ever. I also had a friend read it for the first time last year because he wanted to see “how bad it was,” and he basically concluded it really wasn’t that bad and he’s read recent YA books that are much, much worse but don’t get criticized.

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    1. When I first read it I really enjoyed it, and this was really the only time I’ve read it and gone… wait so I think my review was a reaction to that too. Other than that, I think if you can pass the cringey-ness this really isn’t as awful as it seems. That being said, Edward is VERY predatory and continues to be in the next books so it’s all down to taste I guess.

      I agree though, there are a lot of books MUCH worse than this!


      1. Yeah, Edward always struck me as a creepy. Going to Bella’s house to stare at her sleeping?! But, maybe there is something to be said for this being one of those things that you can *imagine* as kind of romantic well still recognizing you wouldn’t like it in real life? I have no idea.

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      1. I might reread twilight soon (I never finished the series, but I don’t really WANT to)

        but SERIOUSLY. Edweird has the makings of a serial killer. Did the author base him on serial killers? HE SHOULD GO TO JAIL because he’s a stalker, he SNEAKS INTO HER HOUSE AND WATCHES HER SLEEP and he’s just an insane weirdo (ahaha yes this is a crime)

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        1. Haha I Agree, he’s SUPER creepy and he gets away with a lot of predatory and abusive behaviours in the name of “love” but in my New Moon review I came up with a theory on that!

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  2. I read all four books between the end of high school and before I graduated from college, so between 2006 and 2011. At this point, I’m not a fan, and I’m glad I donated my copies. Edward is the definition of a stalker, and none of that is okay. Great review – Looking forward to the other three!

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    1. I never had copies which was probably a good thing so I’ve borrowed my mum’s and oh boy I hope she doesn’t want them back because my annotations are not forgiving and there are a lot of them! Edward really is a stalker and I’m surprised more people didn’t point it out when the book was at its peak/ released!

      Thank you! ❤


  3. I think, and this is why fanfic writers have so much fun making Twific about Edward and Bella is because Bella is canonically a neglected child and Edward is TOO smothering, and outside the canon context, this works for a great foundation of character and plot development.

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    1. Yes, I think that’s a really great point and I’d never really thought about it like that! I think self-inserts and neglected characters like Bella are perfect for fanfics because we can actually develop them! I might have to do some research into this, it might be interesting to also see if Edward’s character changes at all!

      Thank you for your comment, you’ve really opened my eyes!

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      1. If there’s one thing the Twilight community has taught me, is that the characters were not that bad or bland…they were just written so poorly…and the execution of things happening in the story were not giving the characters any justice. Overall a really great genre-bending, path-paving series with an amazing premise.

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            1. I honestly hope they re-do it at some point and do a bit of a re-vamp, if you will! I want better developed characters and a more well written plot too! I hope they film in the original location though, that was perfect!


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