Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with a bit of a long-time coming sort of post, so sorry about that! I always mean to talk more about Harry Potter and my little thoughts on the series but then I remember that not everyone has read the books and I get nervous because I don’t want to annoy you guys! But, today I’m in a really big HP mood so here I am annoying you all with my unpopular HP series opinions! (sorry in advance!)



We’re going to start off with a bang – I don’t care about The Marauders! Like, obviously I love Lupin and personally think he’s a really interesting and complex character and likewise with Sirius (though, for very different reasons).

But, honestly, I don’t get the hype for The Marauders as a whole, particularly when they were younger. For the most part of their time at school they were bullies or at least (Lupin) they stood on the sidelines and let people get bullied so I really don’t understand why so many people adore them. And, the same goes for Lily – though to be fair to her, I never really felt that I got to know her as much as James, which is saying something since neither of them got very much page time on account of them being dead and everything.

So, when Rowling eventually caves or feels like her bank balance is getting a bit low and writes a Marauders prequel, I honestly have no idea if I’ll read it. They just don’t sound like a particularly appealing or interesting group of characters to me. Especially, because we all know JK is a coward and would never in a million years make it gay.


Harry should have died. I know, I’m sorry, I’ve just hurt so many feelings and half of you have just clicked off of this post. But, it’s the truth. Harry should have died, and Neville could have still killed Nagini and then I don’t know, alright? What I really want isn’t possible, but I wanted there to be bigger stakes – yeah, a million and two people died but the Golden Trio survived, and even the Silver trio survived. I think Harry should have died and I really think it would have made for a great finale if JK had put a further twist on the whole “chosen one” trope, and maybe Neville had killed Voldy. Because, even though Voldemort chose Harry, it was Neville all along or something like that. Oh, what could have been!


Book 5 Harry is completely understandable and doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. Y’all are seriously mean and need to check yourselves. Harry just saw Cedric die a few weeks before, his parents are dead, he can’t see his friends/Sirius, he’s living in an abusive home, the ministry have turned their back on him & have branded him a liar, he has no contact with the outside world minus the newspaper and Hedwig (I think?) and he most definitely has PTSD. Also, just straight up he’s a 15-year-old boy and while I have never been a teenage boy, I can’t imagine that would be easy, Chosen One or not.

So, leave him alone, please.


Sirius Black is overrated. I honestly believe that Hagrid should have been the Father-figure because Hagrid only ever saw Harry as his own person, whereas, Sirius definitely saw Harry as James and treated him in that way.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I only speak the facts.


Molly Weasley is a questionable mother and I don’t get the hype. I get that she has 7 children and that’s not easy but she is kind of horrible to most of her children at certain points in the series (and I believe that the kids are raised that way which is why they react so badly to people who are different – Luna, Percy, Neville etc.) and also how she treated Hermione in the fourth book? Not cool, sorry.


The HP books are not 5 star worthy – when you’re 10 and you’re reading it yeah, it’s 5 stars but when you’re 20 and you’ve read so many other books it’s definitely not a 5 star series. Not to mention, there are a whole load of plot holes in the series, and I’m sure even I haven’t spotted them all.



I don’t like Dumbledore. There, I said it. I don’t like him. He’s rude and manipulative and he raised the poor kid, who never knew any better, to die.

He gets no sympathy from me.



Percy Weasley is a better and more complex character than I think many people understand and he deserves SO MUCH BETTER. I legit have pretty much an entire post on this planned to go up next year but I’ll give you the down-low here:

  • Percy is the 3rd child in the Weasley family – his older brothers were very successful (Head boy, Quidditch captain) so he had a lot to work up to and to prove.
  • He was made fun of by all of his siblings.
  • He becomes Prefect and basically gets told that he’s a joke because of this.
  • He joins the MInistry and gets a pretty good job (if you ask me) and is only shunned because of it – his family bascially tell him that he got the job, not through hard work, but because it will benefit someone else. And yeah, you’re not wrong but also we all know how hard he worked to get a position in the Ministry and to have your family tell you that it all means nothing. Well, I can’t even imagine – so yeah, I can understand why he might have gotten a bit angry throughout the series.

Anyway, that’s only some of my thoughts. Bascially, I’m a Percy Weasley stan and y’all can fight me about it.


Harry was dumbed down. This is a kid who only hated Muggle school because he was bullied so you’re telling me he’s going to a MAGIC school where he has FRIENDS and he’s not super excited to learn and study? Like, yeah, I’m sure the novelty would wear off eventually throughout the year but wouldn’t it all be revitalised over the Summer break?? Harry is shown wanting to learn and actively thinking about his classwork, and he’s also obviously talented in Defence Against the Dark arts because he’s one of the top kids in the grade – so if he’s so good at the practical (and theory) of DADA how is he bad at Charms and Transfiguration? I get being bad at potions because I mean, not everyone is good at Food Studies in high school, right? And classes like Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures, they’re different so I GET IT. But, DADA, Charms and at a stretch, Transfiguration all seem relatively similar to me, so why was Harry only good at one? Because Hermione only had 1 character trait and it was to be unrealistically good at everything except for one spell ever? Sure, Jan. No, Harry was smart and had more potential and y’all need to understand that he was not-so-secretly a smart cookie all along.

Also, side note – and maybe not so unpopular opinion but let’s be real here, Harry would NEVER have become an Auror because that boy had PTSD and anxiety and by the end of the series I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t also hella depressed as hell after basically everyone important to him dying, including himself. So, more danger? I don’t think so. I personally like to think he would have become a teacher because that was literally a plotline and it makes sense so HA.


Annnd my last unpopular opinion for today is that the movies aren’t that bad, y’all are just mean.

They definitely could use some improvements and I’m still salty that Peeves never appeared but really the movies aren’t that bad, and the first one never fails to make me smile. Also Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart? Absolute perfection.

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  1. I think I agree with many of them here, even though I’ve never thought this much about the series … And the first movie is still my favorite.. it’s so adorable ❀️❀️❀️
    Great post πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. I’m going to be honestβ€”I never finished the Harry Potter series. I’ve been on the fifth book for… eight years? πŸ˜‚
    I agree with a lot of your points though! Molly was pretty horrible at times, Percy is way more interesting than people give him credit for, and the movies really aren’t that bad. In fact, the movies are great to watch during the holiday seasonβ€”especially the first one!

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    1. Haha, I don’t blame you! Book 5 is BIG! I recommend the audiobooks if you ever feel like giving hem another go but otherwise I actually really enjoy the movies and think they were done pretty well considering they started making them before all the books were out!

      I also think they’ll probably end up remaking them at some point soon, hopefully in tv show form! So, maybe look out for that, if that’s something you’d be interested in!

      Yes, I am not a Molly stan, though I think she was a great figure for Harry oftentimes! (but not always her own children).

      Percy is actually, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and underappreciated characters in the whole series and I wish he was more understood!

      I completely agree the movies are PERFECT for Xmas season!


  3. Such a good post! I didn’t know that I didn’t care about the Marauders until I read your thoughts on them. I wouldn’t read a prequel about them either.
    I really like what you wrote about book 5 Harry. I didn’t like that version of him when I was younger but now he’s my favorite Harry to read about. I understand him so much better.
    I disagree with you on the movies though. I think 1 and 2 are perfect but the rest is very cringing to me.
    Again, great post! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate you saying so! πŸ’•

      The Marauders are characters that we know next to nothing about and the only reason people are so obsessed with them is because of fanfic headcanons and fanart.

      Yes, when I was younger I didn’t love the angst but know that I can appreciate what he going through more, I can actually understand the trouble he was going through!

      I really enjoy 1 and 2 and they’re definitely the ones I watch the most, but I do think that considering all the books weren’t out when they started making the movies, I think they did pretty well! Better than Game of Thrones, at least.

      Thank you! ❀

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  4. Oh I love these unpopular opinions! I stand by the opinion that Harry and Ginny had no chemistry and that it should have either been Harry and Hermione or Harry and Luna. Also, I am in total agreement about Peeves not being in the films! Peeves is one of my favorite side characters ever and not casting him in the lime light was a missed opportunity!

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    1. I haven’t read the books in a while so I’m not sure how I feel about Harry & Ginny yet, but I think that Harry and Hermione makes more sense BUT that I also think Hermione and Ron are cute. In general, I think both relationships needed more work and development!

      Peeves should have been in the films, I know he would have been much more expensive, but he would have been some much needed comic relief instead of using only Ron for that purpose because I think that destroyed his character in the movies.


  5. My unpopular opinions are: I basically hate the Weasleys, especially Molly (I like the dad),
    I think book 7 was the worst possible letdown because JKR started the Horcruxes plot in book 6 and it took forever but in 7 she resolved it in 5 magic wand movements + introduced the Deathly Hallows + we had to spend 100 freaking pages following teens camping in the forest instead of what could have been an amazing plot!! I’ve been so let down that I’ve never re-read the series.
    I also hate Dumbledore, if he hadn’t been withholding important information for years everything would have been way better.
    I don’t understand why this series is SO popular, many other series are just as good and I don’t understand how that one got all the fame
    I think I have many more but that’s all I can think of right now πŸ˜‰

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    1. YES! Molly Weasley is not a favourite character of mine! She made a lot of choices and said a lot of terrible things in the series and I think she gets a lot of slack just because she’s a Quirky Mumℒ️!
      Yes, I think while Horcruxes were introduced early in the series, we needed to have more time to learn about them, maybe around book 5ish? Or, there just need to be an extra book? (I know why she stuck with 7, but come on!) Yes, I will never understand why we had to learn about the Deathly Hallows, they were such an interruption to the actual plot! They should have been introduced earlier too, if they were going to be so important to the finale!

      Yes, Dumbledore was a manipulative old man who only served himself, not the greater good, as he kept saying!

      I think it’s the “magic” of the world and the fact that Harry is very much a self-insert kind of character in the magical world. I think that the series has A LOT of nostalgia attached to it and I think that JK and Warner Bros. heavily rely on that!

      Please let me know if you have any other unpopular or controversial opinions, I plan on doing a blog post about them at some point!

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  6. I like the HP movies! Sure some parts are different, but it still captures the magic and story really well. I’m glad Harry survived the final battle, but yeah it would’ve been a greater twist if he actually died. And I like the Marauders, but I do acknowledged that they are bullies. Same with Dumbledore, I like him but at the same time I do understand that he’s also a leader in a war and have to be manipulative sometimes. I think he’s genuinely fond of Harry, though. I think Molly is a great mother, but I do agree that people tend to overlook the Weasley’s prejudice against human and people that are different with them (the always condesending with muggle stuff and luna). Great post!

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    1. I do too! I don’t understand why they get so much hate, not everything can be like the original!

      I agree, I think Dumbledore was fond of Harry, I just think he went about using Harry in the wrong way!

      Thank you! ❀


  7. Ooooh what a fun (and controversial lmao) post!! I def don’t agree with all of these (esp. #6 β€” I reread books 1 and 2 earlier this year for the millionth times and they’re definitely still 5-star reads for me because I enjoy them so much), but a few I agree 1000000% with are 3, 4, 7 (I can’t stand Dumbledore), and 10! (I will forever adore the movies and nothing and no one can change my mind)

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    1. Haha, I hate writing controversial posts but he comments are always so interesting and eye-opening!

      It’s okay if they’re still a 5 star for you, if you like them enough, why shouldn’t they be 5 star?

      Dumbledore is the worst, thank you for agreeing with me on this! Are you a fan of Snape??
      I love the movies too, they deserve more love!


  8. I love that your unpopular opinions are *actually* unpopular opinions! With the marauders, I feel that most people that like them like them based off of headcanons and not really anything in the book? Like the only scenes with them in the book make them come across as self-absorbed, cliquey, and bullies. And as much as I love Harry Potter, I always do say that it’s a kids series. I loved it when I was 8, and it’s a great middle-grade book. I also love all the headcanons, fanart, and spinoffs that come from it, but I don’t know that if I read it now I would enjoy it as much as I did the first time. Great post!

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    1. Haha, I try! I hope no one actually hated what I said too much though!

      Yes, I completely agree! The Marauders are almost completely based off fan theories and headcanons! We know nothing about them, really! And what we do know is based off heavily biased opinions from people who either loved or hated them!

      I agree with you on that point too, it’s a kids series so I can forgive it being somewhat underdeveloped but then it did become a YA series so… I don’t know what to think.

      Thank you for your comment, I loved reading your opinions! ❀


  9. PERCY WEASLEY DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER AND HE SHOULD’VE BEEN SLYTHERIN. I LOVE PERCY AND HE! DESERVES! JUSTICE! and Kenneth is PERFECT as Lockhart and I love Lockhart… Percy and Lockhart are my secondary faves. Definitely. THEY DESERVED MORE. (I’m a bit emotional about this but did yOU SEE PERCY’S HAIR?) I am also a Percy stan and y’all can fight me too. (if Funko comes out with a Percy pop I’m buying it asap)

    But yeah I totally agree with *most* of these. I still love the Marauders. And I did actually love Snape? I know they were both bullies but not everyone’s perfect. (especially not Snape ahaha) And Dumbledore is just such a chaotic good? He’s still stuck in “for the greater good.” but I actually love Dumbledore BECAUSE he was that way? Because most mentory types are perfect but Dumbledore wasn’t and … oh this’ll turn into a full on lecture I’ll save it for later.

    AND WHEN MRS WEASLEY TREATED HERMIONE LIKE THAT I WAS SO MAD (but I still love her…) AND she just favorited Harry and neglected her other sons. :/

    Sorry for the rant, not sorry for the Percy Weasley bit.

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    1. HE DID HE DID!! I think he should have been a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, either way, he shouldn’t have been in Gryffindor!

      Yes he was such a great Lockhart, they got the casting perfect with him!

      (I think there is a limited ed. pop of Percy out there somewhere but I’ve never seen it irl! Honestly, it’s bad that there’s a pop of most of the other Weasleys but not him)

      Haha, that’s okay I understand that some of my opinions are a bit *out there*! Wow, yeah I definitely don’t agree with those but I can respect your opinion lol.

      Yes, Mrs Weasley bugged me so much in book 4! I was not a fan!

      Haha, I appreciate the rant! If you have any other unpopular opinions lmk, I plan on doing a post reacting to controversial HP opinions!

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      1. Really? A limited Percy? I’ve searched and scrutinized every google result I could just to know one exists but I only found a custom one? The rest were just normal weasleys.

        OOOh THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT POST! I don’t like this but I’ve heard of a Snape/Lupin ship and I haaaaate it. I loaathe it. Snape doesn’t DESERVE to be in a ship anyway because he’s just a jerk. (Tho he’s still one of my faves BUT no)

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  10. Some of these we agree on. Some not so much. Either way this post was absolutely worth reading!

    I would be interested in a Marauder’s prequel and yet I would be cautious that it would turn into a bit of an excuse-for-bullying story-line. I would also love a Dumbledore prequel. Because I kinda agree with you that he is a poor, manipulative character but also he seems so complex that I want MORE (more than Rowling just randomly shouting about his sexuality every now and then).

    I am well overdue for a reread of the HP series and I want to try and make time before the year is up. Thanks for the reminder!

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    1. Thank you!

      I’m honestly surprised we haven’t had a Marauders prequel yet and while I would be interested, I think I would have to pass on it! I much prefer the headcanons to any canon JK could come up with!

      Honestly, I think I would rather an Abeforth prequel, or is that too weird?

      Yes, I have started re-reading book 1 but it’s slow-going!


      1. Personally (quite controversial) I don’t really like OOTP. Everyone loves it because of the angst, but I feel like it’s too much of a drastic change in tone too quickly, and I feel like the films did it more justice than the books.

        I also prefer the films to the books, which is a very unpopular opinion.

        Good luck on your post!

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  11. I’m hundred percent here for point 3 you made. I also agree on point 6 and 7. And I definitely agree the films were not all that bad. Kenneth Branagh as Lockhart was perfect casting. The first couple of Potter film are absolute escapism.

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    1. Book 5 deserved better than he got! And everyone basically just told him to move on???

      Yes, Dumbledore was awful and I am not a fan!

      Haha, yes! Kenneth Branagh was perfect casting! I agree, the first 2, for me are a perfect escape!

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  12. I just finished the last book last month and it’s my new favorite one! Tbh I don’t care for the Marauder bullies either, I didn’t care when Dumbledore died and not hots for James & Lily.. also Black got what he deserved and Snape’s the best. BUT the movies suck!


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