MOVIES I’VE BEEN WATCHING LATELY // A seriously mixed bag!


Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m taking a bit of a more laid back approach to blogging, so I thought I would talk about some of the movies I’ve watched lately and I think some of them might surprise you!


water Fast & Furious Poster   Crawl Poster   Toy Story 4 Poster

Fast & Furious

I’m honestly really surprised by how much I enjoyed this. I went in with extremely low expectations and I kind of only put it on as a laugh but the joke’s on me because I loved it a lot and am now working on watching all the movies. Honestly, it’s not a great movie but it is a great guilty pleasure + Gal Gadot is in it. As long as you can not take the movie really seriously, I think this is a really fun movie and I’ll definitely watch it again.




I cannot explain to you my feelings on this movie. I had such high hopes for myself with this movie, I wanted to prove to myself that I could watch a “scary” movie but, it turns out I’m a total wimp because I left after half an hour of the movie. Literally, an alligator was on the screen for less than 5 minutes and I was outta there!

Toy Story 4

It makes me sad that I didn’t like this but at the same time I literally have not given this movie a thought since I walked out of the cinema so maybe I didn’t care about this series as much as I thought I did???

water Singin' in the Rain Poster   After Poster   Men in Black: International Poster

Singin’ in the Rain

I have a love-meh relationship with this movie. I enjoyed it for the most part while I was watching it but once it was over I was okay with probably never watching it again. But, now, I kind of want to watch it again?? I’m so confused.


Image result for yikes gif

Men in Black: International

I have thoughts – I liked this but it wasn’t really much of anything BUT I would definitely watch a second movie. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about Hollywood just making random sequels for no reason but if they can think of something with a better plot I wouldn’t be opposed to another Thompson-Hemsworth team-up.


What movies have you been watching lately?



6 thoughts on “MOVIES I’VE BEEN WATCHING LATELY // A seriously mixed bag!

  1. I decided to watch the new Men in Black at 1am cause I’m an idiot and it was pretty boring but Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are amazing and need to do more buddy movies together.
    (Also that lil creature thing was cute)

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  2. My friends and I went to the movies last week, and one of my friends tried to convince us to go see Crawl. I heard the phrase “swarm of crocodiles” and IMMEDIATELY vetoed that idea. We ended up seeing Yesterday, which I thought was super cute! I love Singing in the Rain!! My moms super into all the 1930-50’s classics, so I’ve seen Singing in the Rain at least 20 times 😂

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    1. Oh my god, good choice to not see Crawl! I made a big mistake that day!

      Yesterday sounded fantastic, I’m hoping to watch it once it’s out on dvd! I think I’m going to have to rewatch Singing in the Rain, it was pretty fun!


  3. Is this your first time checking out the F&F franchise at all? I couldn’t remember if we’d discussed the series before but I seriously love them so much lmao. I haven’t seen 6 or 7 yet but I plan to very soon because I’m pretty stoked for the new one. They’re pretty cringe-y at times but they’re so much fun!

    Crawl sounds AMAZING to me but I’m sorry it freaked you out!! ❤

    And your GIF for After killed me. 😂

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    1. Yes, this is somehow my first experience with the franchise! I don’t know how!!
      I still haven’t watched past movie 2 because I’m dreading Paul Walker’s death and I don’t want to get sad! I did enjoy the new movie though, did you like it?

      I’m actually pretty sure you would like it, it just REALLY wasn’t for me!

      After was a mistake and I’m crying in da club!


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