Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with The Currently Reading Book Tag which I originally saw on Swetlana’s blog, and was created by Charly Reynhorse.


How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

and and and andRed, White & Royal Blue  Heart of Darkness  The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I’m currently reading 3 books but I usually am only reading 2 – 1 for school and 1 for pleasure. However, in the months where I’m not at school, as much as I try to stick to only 1 or 2, my currently-reading shelf can gt aa bit full – anywhere from 1 to 5 or even 7 or 8 which even just typing that makes me uncomfortable.

How Do You Decide When To Switch Between Multiple Reads?

If I’m reading something for a class or a specific blog post I will prioritise that otherwise, I will just read whatever I want to in that moment. If I’m reading a big book I will also try to prioritise that and maybe chuck on the audiobook but generally, if I’ve picked up another book it’s because I wasn’t enjoying the last one so, I’ll probably just continue with whatever the new book I picked out was.

Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks Partway Through A Book?

Uhh no. I have a whole jar full of bookmarks but, I generally only use the same 2-3 old pieces of folded paper as bookmarks because I’m clearly trash, just like my bookmarks.

Where Do You Keep the Book(s) You’re Currently Reading?

I generally keep my current read in my tote bag because I almost exclusively read on the bus, so my current reads don’t really come out of the bag at home unless I’ve finished the book. My other current reads will stay on the shelf nearest my bed where I can easily access them. Usually, it’s just a cycle of in the tote bag – out of the tote bag – in the tote bag, a rinse, wash repeat kind of thing.

What Time Of Day Do You Read The Most?

I generally read the most between 8am and 5pm. I would say the best reading time for me though, is around 8-10am because that’s generally when I travel to school and I’m usually a lot more tired when I’m going home from Uni, so my reading speed is a lot slower and I’m a lot more likely to get distracted!

How Long Do You Typically Read In One Session?

I would say that I generally only read in 30-45 minute sessions because I read on the bus and because I get distracted really easily. But, if it’s a really good book I can probably go for around an hour without taking a break, which for me is pretty damn good. I honestly don’t know how people can read books all in one sitting, they must have superpowers.

Do You Read Hardbacks With the Dust Jacket Off?

Yes! If it’s my copy I will, but I rarely read hardbacks so this is almost an irrelevant question for me. That being said, I do get some hardbacks from the library and because they have the plastic covers on them, I guess I read with the jackets on them because we can’t exactly take them off???

What Position Do You Mainly Use To Read?

Sitting up? Chair position? I don’t know what it’s called? I mainly read on the bus or listening to audiobooks while I’m working at my desk, so whatever that is, I guess???

Do You Take Your Current Read With You Everywhere You Go?

Yes and no! When I leave the house I’m generally only going to Uni or to work and I always take a book with me to both of these places! But, if I’m going anywhere else I’m probably only going grocery shopping, so I guess my official answer is no? I feel like such a bad book blogger now…

How Often Do You Update Your Goodreads Reading Progress?

I don’t always update my Goodreads progress as I’m reading the book unless I have a comment to make or I’m actively writing out my notes that way like I did with Winter.


What are you currently reading?
Do you take a book with you everywhere you go?




    1. Haha, I’ll have to take a photo and show it to you some time (*adds to my to-do list*
      Thank you for validating me, I always feel like I have to have a book with me everywhere I go or I’m not a real book blogger. Whoops. 🙈🤷‍♀️


  1. I can’t read in one sitting either, unless the book is super interesting. For me, the real superpower is to be able to read during commute! I’m someone who gets motion sickness when I’m reading, I can’t even text. It’s sad because I have like 2 hours commute everyday 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree – I have an easier time reading audiobooks in long stints but, honestly, I usually can’t get past a half-hour but on some days I’m doing 15-minute sprints.
      Haha, I think this is something that never occurs to me, but I always struggle to recommend how to “read more” because what do you do if you get motion sickness??? 🤔
      I have 3-4 hours commute time for most of the week so honestly, thank the gods that I don’t get motion sickness!


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