DVD TOUR RECOMMENDATIONS #3 // Childhood favourites on my shelves!


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today Iโ€™m coming at you with a new instalment in my dvd tour recommendations series! Last year I did a Bookshelf Tour series which you guys seemed to really enjoy, and this year I wanted to also talk about movies and tv so I thought I would give you guys a tour of my DVD shelves! Because I have A LOT of DVDs! Today Iโ€™m talking about all of the series I have on my shelves that I loved when I was younger!


Charmed Poster


My childhood consisted of four things: Harry Potter, being told I was going to be sooo tall, Merlin and also Charmed.ย (For context, I am now fully grown and I am not tall, I am very average and very salty)

Anywayyy, these first few seasons took up a lot of my childhood and because I live for nostalgia, I have the box set on my shelves because I like to stareย at it like a psycho and also I get the urge to binge watch these kickass ladies kick some asses every couple of months, so having it on my shelves really helps me to enable those bingeing needs!

I Dream of Jeannie Poster

I Dream of Jeannie

Y’all don’t even know how much I love this series. I don’t think I even understand what it is that I actually love about this show but I love it a lot. Honestly, I would die forย Majorย Anthony Nelson and that’s a fact.

Merlin Poster


So, if you know anything about me you know that I live for Merlin and Arthur in any and all forms, but in particular, I live for them in this adaptation. Merlin is too good for this world, Arthur’s character development throughout the series can and will bring me to tears on a daily basis, Morgana is so beautiful she makes me feel very inferior and Gwen’s goodness makes me feel like a very shitty person. Also, just straight up I am whipped by all of these actors so hard, I will watch anything they are in. Honestly, I’m still madย the show got cancelled.

The Jetsons Poster

The Jetsons

Another of my childhood faves is The Jetsons. I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard anyone outside of my family talk about The Jetsons but this is a short animated show set in the future with a cute dog named Astro and a beautiful robot maid named Rosie and they both deserve all the love. Also, there’s a dude named George Jetson and I feel like he needs to go on stress relief from work. But most importantly it’s about a family being great and having awesome lovable kids. Also, that episode with the pineapple upside-down cake? I live for it. I truly think about it every week.


ย What were your favourite childhood tv shows?



9 thoughts on “DVD TOUR RECOMMENDATIONS #3 // Childhood favourites on my shelves!

    1. Right??? Like, I just LOVE the show and even though the show ended in 2012 I’m still sad that it’s over. Honestly, I probably miss this show more than I should. Yesss! I think this show is the main reason I appreciate good character development in books and shows, I was honestly just spoiled too early!


    1. Yes!! Haha, I took the opposite route with Merlin and binge-watched it all too quickly and then wallowed in my sorrows for approximately 7 years (basically, I’ve never stopped).
      Also, I straight up love I Dream of Jeannie and writing this post really made me want to rewatch it AGAIN!


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