WWW Wednesday // 12.06.2019


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with an update of how my reading has been going for the last couple of weeks, which is to say that it hasn’t, so I’m doing this in the hopes that talking about books I’m excited about will motivate me to actually pick up a book that isn’t for Uni.

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking On a World of Words and you can find my other WWW Wednesday posts and find my progress here.

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would and and ants andThe Perks of Being a Wallflower      The Girl in Red      Again, but Better

I’m finally on break from school so I’m FINALLY reading more books and it’s such a good feeling! I have just under 30 pages left in Perks and I am really loving it and will definitely finish it in the next week. I honestly can’t believe that I put of re-reading this one for so long, it’s SO good!

I’m also roughly halfway through Again, But Better and if I’m being honest, I really want to DNF this, but I’m already so far into it and I don’t want to have “wasted” all that time. I’ve already got the book on x2 speed so maybe I just need to speed it up even more?

And, I also just started The Girl In Red and my arc review should be up next week! So far I’m really intrigued and can’t wait to dive further into the story!


and and and and and and and and The UnhoneymoonerswantWinter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)

I just recently finished Winter by Marissa Meyer and had so much fun reading it! I loved seeing all of the characters’ storylines come together and even though this was possibly the longest book I’ve read all year, it didn’t feel long at all! I can’t wait to read STars aBove ana officially find out how everyone’s endings tie up!

The most recent book I finished was The Unhoneymooners and I also LOVED this one! The ending left a bit to be desired because it was a tad too cliche for me, but I really enjoyed I’d say the first 80-85% of the book! I especially loved seeing the characters in Maui, because now I totally want to go there, it sounded amazing!


and and and and and and and and MiddlegamewantAladdin Live Action Novelization

Middlegame and Aladdin are both completely different reads but oh well! They are what I happen to be in the mood for, so hopefully, I’ll make time to fit them in between work and… oh, wait – no school! I’ll definitely have time to read these and I am SO EXCITED!




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13 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday // 12.06.2019

    1. The Unhoneymooners was so much fun! I am so excited to eventually re-read it in a year or two so I can *go back* to Maui! It was such a fun experience!
      I’m super pumped to read Middlegame too, I’ll get to it in the next week, I think!

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    1. I ended up sitting down and finishing the whole thing because I knew if I didn’t do it soon I never would! I just felt like it was such a waste of my time to not finish it! The struggle is real!

      I had so much fun reading it! I’m interested to see what the authors put out next!


    1. I saw Middlegame in Dymocks the other day and bawked at the price, I’m so glad I got my copy at the library! I’ll definitely be starting it soon!
      The Girl In Red is really interesting so far, I’m really keen to see what I think of it – hopefully, my review does the book justice!

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  1. Middlegame is hopefully going to be one of the next few books I’ve read. I started it about a month ago, but I got distracted by finals, and I haven’t picked up since. I’m very excited to pick it back up again because I was loving the 80 or so pages that I read!

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  2. Ahhhh, SO MANY EXCITING READS. 😍😍😍 Haha! I’m so glad you liked the Unhoneymooners and Winter. I want to get to both of them ASAP! And I need to dive into The Girl in Red, I’m so ready to revisit Christina Henry’s weird little imagination lol! ❤

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    1. They were soooo good! I loved them a lot, especially The Unhoneymooners, the mc was hilarious!
      Yes, I am not far into The Girl in Red but so far, it’s really intriguing – I don’t know how Christina Henry thinks of these things!

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