DVD TOUR RECOMMENDATIONS #2 // Ongoing Series on my shelves!


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with a kinda new series! Last year I did a Bookshelf Tour series which you guys seemed to really enjoy, and this year I wanted to also talk about movies and tv so I thought I would give you guys a tour of my DVD shelves! Because I have A LOT of DVDs! Today I’m talking about all of the ongoing series I have on my shelves!

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  • I have only watched the first two seasons of this show, but I have the first 3 on DVD, and season 4 is on Netflix so I am fully prepared to start binging whenever I finally feel the need to watch tv!
  • For someone who talks about loving tv and movies so much, I don’t actually watch a lot of them without someone else urging me too!
  • That being said, I love this show and all of the characters and with season 5 being confirmed to be the last season, I definitely want to catch up with the show sooner rather than later!

Doctor Who

  • Okay, so I am completely caught up on Doctor Who which is definitely not something I can say about a lot of shows, since I am pretty used to binging half the show and then getting tired of it and never continuing them (See: Friends, Once Upon A Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane The Virgin, The Good Pace etc.).
  • Doctor Who is a total comfort show for me, whenever I’m feeling sad, I just rewatch season 2 on a loop and then immediately get sad, because why do all good things come to an end?
  • Either way, I’m not a big fan of the newer seasons but, I’m holding out hope that the series will find it’s footing and get better.

Veronica Mars

  • I love this show and also the movie and also also the books so I’m sure I’m going to love the new season when it comes out! This got cancelled way back when and ever since there have been a bunch of different campaigns to bring the characters back to life and I’m sure the new season is going to be worth all those years we had to wait!
  • I haven’t done a re-watch since I watched the show for the first time a couple of years ago, but I might have to watch it again soon because of the new season coming out, also it’s always fun to rewatch an older show and spot all the smaller characters that have become big names in movies now! For V Mars I think the big ones are Max Greenfield and Krysten Ritter.

and and and and andNCIS: Los Angeles PosterwantElementary PosterwantThe Magicians Poster


  • I only have the first season on my shelf but this is my most comfortiest show of all. Which might actually be really weird but fight me okay?
  • I love all the characters, especially Deeks, Kenisi and Hetty. Also, sometimes you just need to watch a cop show where it’s inevitable that the good guys will and go home mostly unscathed. Also, the banter and great group dynamic doesn’t hurt.
  • Honestly, I just want LL Cool J to know that I would die for him.


  • I’m going to be completely honest here, I have never seen any of this show but I’m a sucker for the Watson/Sherlock relationship &/or dynamic so I know I’ll eventually get around to watching this one, probably when the show ends. (I think there’s one season left?)
  • Either way, I already know I’ll love this show and I’ve seen the main two cast members in a bunch of things so I’m sure they’ll be great. I really don’t know why I haven’t started watching this one yet. Have any of you guys watched Elementary?

The Magicians

  • I also have the first season of The Magicians on my ongoing series shelf and I haven’t even cracked the DVD case open. I bought it because it was cheap and I needed to add another thing to m cart to get free shipping and this was the only thing I’d heard of.
  • I literally know nothing about this hos other than, I think it’s based off a book series? I’ll probably give this one a try for a the first disc or so, I don’t see it becoming a favourite or even something I’m liekly to ever rewatch but hopefully I”ll enjoy it? I really know nothing about htis one, huh? πŸ˜‚



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4 thoughts on “DVD TOUR RECOMMENDATIONS #2 // Ongoing Series on my shelves!

    1. I’ve never heard of For The People but what I’ve seen of Friends and HTGAWM I’ve really enjoyed, so I hope you love watching them all!


  1. I love Lucifer and Doctor Who! I still need to catch up on the most recent season of Lucifer and Doctor Who. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Capaldi seasons, so I was really looking forward to Jodie Whittaker, but my take right now is that I love her as a Doctor…but the writing of the episodes seems to be falling a bit flat πŸ€·β€β™€

    Loll, I’m not up to date on like any shows. I watch a few episodes to get a feel for the show and then I totally give up on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, they’re so much fun! I love them a lot! I wasn’t a fan of Capaldi either and I completely agree with you about Jodie’s season – I like her but I think they just need to get a better script and maybe a better show producer???

      I’m not either! Lol, I’m terrible at tv shows! I’d really like to watch The Chef Show on Netflix but still haven’t gotten around to it!


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