Okay, so on the day I’m writing this, I’ve officially just seen Aladdin and I’ve only just written my review [which you can find here] butΒ I just wanted to talk about Disney and how I’m EMO because that movie was SO GOOD and I know so many people aren’t going to see it and that makes me so sad because it was soo good and so funny! *takes a breath* So, today I’m ranking all the Disney live-action remakes from worst to best because I HAVE OPINIONS!



and and and and and andPete's Dragon PosterΒ Β Alice in Wonderland PosterΒ Β Alice Through the Looking Glass Poster


PETE’S DRAGON β†’Β I mean, I didn’t even know this existed so sorry about that one guys, that’s on me. I’m adding it to my watchlist as we speak!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND & THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS β†’Β Β I’m including these both together because I don’t want to talk about them. The first wasn’t too bad but I don’t want to ever watch it again and the second was painfully painful (and that’s pretty painful).

Dumbo Poster

DUMBO β†’ This movie deserves so much more recognition than it got while it was in cinemas, so please watch it when it’s released and also definitely go and watch the original too because the animation is really cute. But, unfortunately, this movie, while it looks amazing visually, the actual movie isn’t anything massively special compared to some of the other live-action remakes we’ve gotten lately. I do think it’s worth the watch because the live-action give more depth and background to the original, but it’s not something that I would ever really go, “you know what? I want to watch the 2019 Dumbo” I am most likely to only watch this in the future if I’m bingeing Disney movies or I’m watching them for a post like this. That being said, Colin Farrel is also in this movie and he’s great but has once again been massively unappreciated (he was like 4th in line to get the role) and it’s so sad.


and and and and and and and andΒ Maleficent Posterand101 Dalmatians Poster

MALEFICENT β†’ Not my favourite but I can understand why so many people love it and you sort of have to appreciate it for how much extra effort Angelina Jolie put into it. I’ll definitely be seeing the second movie later on this year when it comes out.

101 DALMATIONS β†’ Okay so I wasn’t sure whether or not I should count this because it’s less recent than the other movies on this list (1996) but it is a direct live-action remake of the original animated film so I’m including it! Honestly, this movie is just fun soΒ all the points for dogs and Cruella being straight up terrifying. Please watch this if you haven’t already because Glenn Close is brilliant.

Beauty and the Beast Poster

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST β†’ What? But you’re a bookworm how could you??? Okay, so I do like this movie but also I kind of don’t like it at all. Given the choice to watch this or literally anything else, I will always go with something else. I’m a fake fan, I guess. I’ve recently come to terms with my dislike for this film, there’s really something about this movie that I don’t like. Honestly, part of it might be that I’ve grown out of it and it’s no longer something that I enjoy.Β  I’ve realised lately that I don’t really like Belle and The Beast as a couple and that I prefer the more brighter-looking movies like the ones at the top of this list, whereas, B&TB just looks so dark and depressing.


and and and and and and and andThe Jungle Book PosterandChristopher Robin Poster

THE JUNGLE BOOK β†’ Heck yes we love a good soundtrack and also Jon Fav. I mean, this movie doesn’t have much else going for it other than the awesome CGI and the great friendships but, I still really enjoy watching it. The movie is a lot of fun and I especially like listening to I Wanna Be Like You because it’s so upbeat. If you like anything about this movie, I recommend giving the soundtrack a couple of listens! I’m really interested to see if I like The Lion King anywhere near as much because I have no attachments to that film whereas, I’ve always enjoyed The Jungle BOok.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN β†’ fuck me up, I love this movie. I mean, it’s Pooh Bear what’s not to enjoy about this? Also, I think I’d forgotten how much Eeyore meant to me in my childhood and how much I relate to him now until I rewatched this last month. It’s just a lot of fun, okay?

Cinderella Poster

CINDERELLA β†’ I find it very interesting how this and my #1 fave are actually the stories I watched least as a kid, or in Cinderella’s case never. I have only seen the original once and it was after I saw this in the cinema. Honestly, Lily James kicked ass in the role and watching this movie just brings me so much joy? The cast is amazing and honestly, I just love the colours? I don’t know what it is exactly about this film that I love but the lighting is fun and bright,Β  the characters are interesting and given much more depth and unlike, in Beauty and The Beast (and this is just my opinion!) I feel like Cinderella and Kit actually have chemistry? Maybe that’s unfair to Emma Watson’s acting since she was talking to a guy in a weird suit and stilts, but either way, I think Cinderella is the suprerior film.

Aladdin Poster

ALADDIN β†’ I know, who saw this coming? I saw this the day it came out in Aus and I’ve already seen it again since. I’ll probably see it again tomorrow, and I honestly think I’m a changed woman now. I already knew that I loved the Aladdin musical so I knew there was a chance of me loving this too because I really couldn’t give two hoots about the original movie, though I have always enjoyed the soundtrack. And oh boy, was I surprised by how much I ADORED this movie! I have a review up already but wow, I know I’ll be seeing this a bunch more times in the cinemas, especially since I’m off school at the moment (thank God). Basically, if you’ve read my review, you know that I LOVE this movie and that I’ll talk to anyone about it. It has everything I love in a remake, it’s bright, it has an amazing friendship in Aladdin and The Genie, the love interests actually have chemistry and the soundtrack is AMAZING!




ad ranchLilo & Stitch PosterΒ Β Brother Bear PosterΒ Β Atlantis: The Lost Empire PosterΒ Β The Little Mermaid PosterΒ Β The Sword in the Stone Poster

Lilo and Stitch β†’ I just recently fell in love with this movie and I am pretty sure I would die for Stitch. Also, can you imagine how amazing this would be in live-action because I have high hopes already and I just really want it to happen? Like, they could totally cast unknowns and could include maybe Auli’i Cravalho as Nani or The Rock as the Childcare guy because according to Holywood, there’s only one male Hawaain guy in the acting industry. Honestly, I just really want a live-action movie set in Hawaii because can you imagine how absolutely beautiful that would look?

Brother Bear β†’ Brother Bear might be my favourite soundtrack of all time, so I would love to see how they adapted it with new voices and with CGI and all that. However, if they screw up The Lion King I will lose all faith in Disney and CGI and I will pray that they never touch this movie, even though I really want younger kids to really love this movie like I did because this movie means a lot to me and I really want to have the chance to see this movie in cinema.

Atlantis β†’ This is one of my favourite movies and I honestly can’t believe that so many people haven’t seen it, especially since the main character, Milo is one of my favourite movie characters ever andΒ I just need to see Milo Thatch irl, you know? But, I swear, if they cast that guy from Riverdale I’ll never watch another Disney movie ever again. I will cancel all my subscription services and throw out all of my DVDs. I really hope that Disney will continue to go forward doing what they did with Aladdin – I want them to cast mostly “unknowns” and then add one or two more well-known actors in the background because clearly, it really works.

Am I just naming all of my favourites except Frozen? Hell yes, if they do a live-action of that I will revolt.Β 

Little Mermaid β†’ I have never been a big fan of this movie, in fact when I watched it last year, this was my reaction. I love the soundtrack but there is too much about this movie that I don’t like. Honestly, they would have to change quite a bit about why Ariel becomes human/chases a random guy in a shipwreck and I think at this point, I will only exceptΒ Zendaya as Ariel but other than that, I would be really interested to see how they tackled this one in a live-action. And, also can you imagine how amazing the underwater scenes would look. WOW, I see potential!

Sword in The Stone β†’ I love anything related to Merlin and Arthur so sign me up this better be good.




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    1. Atlantis is one of my favourites, and when they inevitably remake it I hope they do it justice!
      Yes, Aladdin was a fantastic surprise! I love it! I enjoyed Dumbo but it was still really underwhelming – the cast was great, I think maybe the script was too boring, I’m not sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Okay, let me just take a huge breath in before saying, OH MY GOODNESS ATLANTIS WAS MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER AND I WOULD *DIE* IF THEY EVER MADE A LIVE ACTION REMAKE. Okay. That said. I really want to go and see Aladdin, but literally, nobody wants to come with me for some odd reason?? They’re all haters, the lot of them.

    I tend to be suuuper optimistic when it comes to adaptations and live action remakes, even though I’ve been burned way too many times before. But going in with a bad attitude never made anyone happy, so I’m just going to keep on expecting my favorites to remain my favorites πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES CHANA I LOVE ATLANTIS! I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SEE A LIVE-ACTION, IT WOULD LOOK PHENOMENAL! *takes a deep breath* I’m so glad we can yell about it together. Okay, well all your friends are cowards and also noobs because that movie is amazing. I’ve already seen it three times and I’ll probably see it again next week because I have 0 self-restraint. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Yup, haters – who need ’em?

      Haha, yes we’ve been burned so many times but we keep going to see them. Why???? Yes, I’m not particularly pumped for The Lion King because I’ve never really cared about it before, but maybe I’ll love it? I will say, I’m feeling about disheartened about Mulan because I think they’ve taken out the dragon guy who I love and they didn’t even cast everyone’s fave bisexual which is so sad! But, fingers crossed for the 2020 remakes!
      What movies would you love to see them remake with live-action?


  2. I would just about chop off my own finger to get an Atlantis live-action remake πŸ˜­πŸ’• Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic BUT SERIOUSLY. It was one of my all-time faves as a kid and I still think it’s incredible, and I really don’t get why it never took off like it should have!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right??? Honestly, same. It’s so so good and I really don’t understand why so few people have seen it! Ugh, now I have to go and re-watch it because you’ve gotten me so excited about it with just a few sentences lol.

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