WWW Wednesday // 29.05.2019


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with an update of how my reading has been going for the last couple of weeks, which is to say that it hasn’t, so I’m doing this in the hopes that talking about books I’m excited about will motivate me to actually pick up a book that isn’t for Uni.

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would and and ants andThe Perks of Being a WallflowerΒ  Β  Β Β Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)Β  Β  Β Β Again, but Better

I do have two other books on my currently reading shelf, but for the msostpart, these are the books I am actively reading and would like to finish sooner than later. I recently started Perks and am LOVING it so much I had to buy myself a copy because I wanted to highlight in it so much! I am also reading Winter with Rebecca but I’m super slow so I think she’s already finished it! I’m also roughly 25% into Again, But Better but I’m considering DNFing it because it doesn’t seem like my kind of thing AT ALL.


Jane Eyre

I recently finished reading Jane Eyre and one thing’s for sure: I don’t like this book. I can appreciate the writing but the plot and the characters are a totally different thing. I hated Rochester and I couldn’t get myself to like Jane either – honestly, it was like two personality-less bricks having emotionless conversation half the time and I feel like I could say that for any of the characters. I also didn’t like the movie, so I think this story just isn’t for me, that being said, I can see why others liked it.


would and and ants andCity of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2)Β  Β  Β The Girl in RedΒ  Β  Β Heart of Darkness

I’m just starting my school break (THANK GOD) as this post goes up, so I’m hoping to really relax before I have to go back to school – so I have a lot of reading and movie-watching planned. I really want to read my arc of The Girl in Red because I somehow scored an arc of my most anticipated book of the year from the publisher and I can’t wait anymore! I would also like to really get going with reading Cassandra Clare’s books since I’ve only read City of Bones and enjoyed reviewing that one.

My last book is just one that I have to read for my next term at Uni because I’m hoping to get a head-start on my assignments so classes are less stressful because let’s just say that first term was… stomach pain anxiety-inducing levels of stressful!

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    1. I haven’t seen the best reviews for it either, but I know that some people really love it too. I’m going to give it to at least the halfway mark but I might DNF it after that if I’m not loving it.

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