Hey guys, welcome back to my bog! Today I’m talking to you about some of the most recent movies I’ve been watching! I haven’t watched a lot of movies lately but the ones I have watched are all pretty different to each other and all in completely different genres which was a nice change for me!


Isn't It Romantic Poster

I recently watched Isn’t It Romantic. I think it came out in cinemas in the US but in Australia, it only came out on Netflix. This is a Valentines Day movie that didn’t actually come out on Valentines Day I’m pretty sure it came out on the 28th for me, but I can watch a rom-com anywhere anytime so who cares, right?

This is a really interesting movie about a woman (Rebel Wilson) who hates Rom-Coms and all things love-related, who by some twist of fate (getting mugged at a train station) ends up getting stuck in a rom-com, and it’s PG-13! It’s a really brightly coloured-less problematic take on a movie Amy Schumer made last year (I Feel Pretty) that no one saw because the trailer couldn’t have looked any more offensive if it tried.

Anywayyyyy… rant aside. I was really excited to see this and had I had my way I would have seen it in the cinema. By myself. On Valentines Day. W O W.

But, luckily I didn’t have that option because I would have regretted it SO BADLY. This is one of those movies that doesn’t know what it wants to be and that really effects the story and the movie in general.

This movie has a lot of things going for it, like Australian main characters, body positivity and generally bright clothing. But, mostly this movie was a mess, possibly too bright for my black as dirt soul and ends on a dreadful dance scene involving Liam Hemsworth playing the trombone like someone who has never touched a trombone in his lie, which is probably what happened.


Captain Marvel Poster

Okay, so I want to preface this by saying that I’ve been excited about this movie ever since it was announced a million years ago. Captain Marvel is one of my favourite comic characters and I think she deserves all the love.

I’ve noticed that there’s a gender divide for this film. A lot of men have said that there wasn’t enough action etc etc in this film, but a lot of women have said that they loved it! Here’s my take – this is an action movie – it’s a superhero movie! Carol Danvers is a wonderful character and she deserves all the love in the world! Captain Marvel is without a doubt, one of my new favourite MCU movies.

I loved Carol as a character, I actually really enjoyed Fury for once, and I really really loved learning more about the Kree. This is also a really cool way to see an origin story on-screen, especially because the MCU has never used an amnesia storyline before.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and will definitely watch it again soon and I can’t wait to see more of Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame and in more movies, in general. Bring on the sequels, please!


Fifty Shades of Grey Poster

What’s that? I watched this hellish movie? Yeah, I did. What can I say? It was a whole ass mess but I also didn’t mind it. I liked Anastasia as a character and I was pleasantly surprised with the powerful ending. The beginning is a bit rocky but I liked seeing the parallels and differences between how Anastasia and Grey get ready in the morning. I also appreciated that Ana wasn’t a doormat of a character either. She was totally manipulating Christian most of the time – I mean, she never signed the contract and she even convinced him to go on dates with her. Like, you’re trying to tell me he’s the Dom in their relationship? I don’t think so.

I won’t spoil too much but basically, I really enjoyed Ana as a character, I think Jamie Dornan was in a bit of shock at being cast in this movie and was still getting his footing, and you could tell this movie was directed by a woman and not a man. All that to say, the intro song was AMAZING and I think this movie wasn’t as bad as it sounds and is worth watching for the curiosity-factor and because the ending was so so powerful. It’s just one word – but it meant a whole lot for the characters and I really appreciated it.


Room Poster

This came out in 2015? And I’ve never seen it before???

I had only ever heard negative reviews so I never watched the movie so queue my shock when I clicked onto this movie and LOVED IT??? This movie is completely sad and so so amazing. You can really tell with this movie why Brie Larson won an Oscar for this movie.

This is a completely brilliant movie with such hard content – it’s very hard to watch because you can’t help but root for the main characters because of course, you do, but everything the characters go through is just. so. sad.

I will say though, even though this movie is completely amazing – the content is HARD to watch and is told mostly through the eyes of a child which makes the movie even HARDER to take in. So, please please please check the trigger and content warnings before considering watching the movie!

TW: Rape, Kidnapping


Fallen Poster

WOW, so this movie exists. Can you believe this movie got greenlit? Honestly, its a whole-ass mess and I don’t know what to do. I read the book a few years ago and even as a 12-year old I recognised it was trash.

It was confusing af and honestly just made no sense? I think they were expecting a sequel. Which is ridiculous because his movie had a terrible script, bad actors and in general, whoever was in charge of the fog machine should have been fired.

The plot was weird and everything about this movie was pretty much left underexplained and just plain underwhelming.Β  Honestly, I recommend you never watch this movie because it is B A D. Also, ever since I borrowed it out from the library it’s been following me. Seriously, don’t watch this movie because whenever you go to the shops it will be there, you’ll never be able to avoid it!




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    1. I think I’m going to see it again in a week or two because my brother hasn’t seen it yet and I definitely think it’s worth a rewatch! I hope you enjoy the movie! It’s a perfect popcorn story! πŸ’•

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  1. I also just recently saw Captain Marvel and Isn’t It Romantic. Captain Marvel was SO GOOD, I had been hearing mixed reviews before going into it, but after watching it I couldn’t figure out why since it was just so great 😍

    Also, Room is a personal favorite of mine. I saw it back in 2015 and since then have seen it several more times when making other people watch it πŸ˜‚

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    1. Captain Marvel IS AMAZING, I’m definitely going to see it again at the cinema before I see Avengers 4! I think it’s mostly a gender divide, unfortunately, I just think that people don’t like that the movie revolves around a female superhero, especially one without a love plot!

      ROOM! I think it’s definitely going to be a future favourite of mine that I rewatch all the time!


  2. I watched FSOG but to be honest, as a fan of the book, I was dissapointed. If I hadn’t seen the book then I may have enjoyed it more. I watched Room a while ago and thought it was a good movie.

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    1. Room is amazing, definitely a fantastic Friday night, ice-cream movie! Just make sure you’re ready for the content because I had no idea what the movie was about before I started watching! 😍❀

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    1. Yes, Captain Marvel was such a fun movie, I can’t wait to rewatch it!
      I know, I honestly don’t understand how Fallen was actually made because it was so awful and it’s not like the original content was that good???


  3. ” a movie Amy Schumer made last year (I Feel Pretty) that no one saw because the trailer couldn’t have looked any more offensive if it tried”

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hate Amy Schumer and I am dying over this. thank you.

    I love your movie reviews! ❀

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    1. Honest to god, how is her work still getting funded? It amazes me that people legit find her stuff funny.

      Thank you, I’m hoping to write more movie reviews like this in the future! πŸ’•πŸ’•


      1. I don’t get it AT ALL. And I guess, in her new comedy special, she talks about her husband’s autism diagnosis and how it’s helped them? So now, people are swooning all over her for raising awareness, and it’s like, yeah, that is awesome! But… it doesn’t discount all the crappy stuff she’s said and done in the past?! Sigh.

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