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I was never big into Disney movies. According to my mum, I was obsessed with Beauty and The Beast when I was younger, which I definitely believe because no big deal, but I can recite that movie word for word. A good thing or a bad thing?? You decide.

So, I was never into Disney but I loved B&TB and Brother Bear. But, more recently over the past couple of years, Disney has been re-making live-action versions of their films and I have basically been “re-introduced” to a whole different side to the film industry. Who knew I loved Cinderella? Not me. But, hey I stan me a strong woman with a weird-ass fairy godmother!

Also, if it wasn’t for the live-action Tarzan, I never would have fallen in love with the og animated film and I really don’t think I would be the same person as I am now without that amazing soundtrack!


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  • Brother Bear, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Sword in The Stone, Frozen, Tarzan, George of The Jungle


booThe Hunchback of Notre Dame PosterΒ Β 101 Dalmatians PosterΒ Β Lady and the Tramp PosterΒ Β Robin Hood PosterΒ Β The Aristocats PosterΒ Β Bambi Poster

  • The Hunchback of Note Dame, Lady and The Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Robin Hood, The Aristocats, Bambi

So, we’ve established that I have some Disney favourites from my childhood but, over the last couple of months I have watched a whole bunch of Disney movies that I had never seen before and it’s been a crazy experience! I’ve learned that I REALLY enjoy Disney soundtracks and that Frozen is actually one of my favourite movies!

I’ve come to appreciate how different the Disney movies are, and I actually get really annoyed now when people say that Disney movies are shallow and overrated! Basically what I’m trying to say is, Frozen has completely changed who I am as a person and that movies like Atlantis make me unbelievably happy! I really can’t believe I almost never gave Disney a proper chance!




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19 thoughts on “Talking About My New Found Love For DISNEY Movies! // MOVIE DISCUSSIONS

  1. I loved Atlantis!! My brother and I probably watched it 50 times, honestly! And Lady and the Tramp is so sweet, I hope you enjoy it!

    I also definitely recommend Tangled and Zootopia! Tangled is probably my favourite Disney movie (next to Mulan, which I also recommend), and Zootopia is just amazing.

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    1. Atlantis is one of my absolute faves, I can’t believe more people haven’t seen it! I feel like Lady and the Tramp is a Disney staple and I can’t believe I’ve never watched it!

      I have seen Tangled, but or some reason it didn’t cut it for me! I have no idea why, but I do still love the lantern scene!!
      I have seen Zootopia and I absolutely love it, I especially appreciate all the little changes they made for the different countries!

      I haven’t seen Mulan in YEARS but I’m definitely game to re-watch it one of these days! I’m especially excited about a live-action, though I haven’t heard great things about the casting!

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  2. I saw Disney Movies on the title so I had to check out the post haha Have you ever seen Lion King? It’s honestly my favorite Disney movie. I also LOVE Mulan. They were both so beautiful and I was emotionally connected to these films growing up and I still love them today. Ooooo you have no idea how excited I am for the live action films, especially with the Lion King coming this year! It’s like reliving my childhood days hahaha πŸ™‚

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    1. I have seen The Lion King but honestly, it’s not my favourite. That being said, it’s been a while and I could always use a re-watch! I haven’t watched Mulan in maybe 10 years but I could also stand to rewatch that one too!

      Yes, I’m super excited to see the live-action Lion King, it looks amazing! But, hopefully, it’s not a shot for shot remake because that would be disappointing.
      Are you looking forward to the Live-action Aladdin?


  3. I love The Sword in the Stone! It’s one of the films that no one really mentions and if they do, it’s to say that it isn’t great compared to other films of that decade. I think I like it for the music and the characters – they’re just so daft and lighthearted! I admit I’ve never seen Tarzan and Brother Bear all the way through but I could listen to the soundtracks all day! I love them. And I adore that Phil Collins even does the French soundtrack too because I listen to that a lot.

    And your to-watch list includes some of my personal favourites – Lady and the Tramp, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Bambi, The Aristocats and The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

    I’ll also admit that whilst I understand Disney’s intentions with the live action remakes, I’m personally not a fan. I loved the live-action Beauty and the Beast, and for the most part I liked what they did with Cinderella, but the new releases don’t do anything for me. I think I’m just nostalgic for the traditional animation and I wish Disney would return to its roots and focus on it more.

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    1. I love The Sword in The Stone and I wish more people would watch it, it’s a classic! I love putting it on in the background because it’s such a fun movie!
      Okay, wow. Tarzan is a masterpiece and I love it, please watch it. Also, Brother Ber is one of the best movies to ever come from Disney and the fact that not many people have actually seen it is a total travesty. Yes, Phil Collins is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

      Okay, I guess I need to watch everything on my to watch list then! Do you have any other faves?

      I actually really enjoyed Cinderella because I thought the casting was spot on and honestly, I was never a big fan of the original! I agree, some of these I don’t have the nostalgia for but I think that’s what’s good about them because we learn about the stories through a new medium!

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      1. I think I never felt motivated to pick up Tarzan and Brother Bear because that era of late 90s early 2000s films kind of passed me by. I will watch more of them now and I do like them but like I said previously, I’m more a fan of the earlier classics. However when it comes to the live action films, I totally agree. Whilst there are hit and miss for me, they do give a new dimension to the stories and the characters, which is often appreciated.

        Another couple of my favourites are Basil The Great Mouse Detective and Oliver and Company. They’re both 80s classics and I often think that they get very overlooked, even by Disney themselves.

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  4. I’ve mostly only seen the more popular Disney movies, like the princess ones, but I’ve always really enjoyed the vibe of Disney. It’s nice to just immerse yourself in love and happiness and magic every once in a while. But omg I was (and still am lol) also obsessed with beauty and the beast. I know all the words to every song and can quote basically the whole movie and it’s low key unhealthy how many times I’ve rewatched it. ALSO YES YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. It’s without a doubt one of my favourites. I was basically sobbing throughout the whole movie. Some of my other all time favourites are Tangled, Hercules, and Zootopia ❀

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    1. I agree, it’s nice to just watch a fun movie with such a cool vibe! Haha, I think I’ve gotten over my B&TB hype over the years, but I do still like to listen to the soundtrack occasionally.
      I’ve never seen Hunchback but now that they’re making a live-action I might finally watch the animated movie!


    1. Yes I love the Disney musicals! I saw Aladdin last year and I’m still obsessed! I’m also really hoping to see Frozen if it comes to my state!

      Yes, the movies have amazing soundtracks – I love Frozen and Tarzan too! Absolutely amazing songs!

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  5. My friends are horrified at my lack of Disney knowledge! I’m pretty up to date with current ones like Moana and Frozen, but not so much with older ones. I also don’t care for a lot of the classic Disney songs. SCANDAL!

    But I recently watched The Emporer’s New Groove and it was amazing! Next up on my list are Hercules, since I already know and love the songs, and Lilo and Stitch because it looks and sounds super cute!

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    1. Haha, I’m honestly so disturbed by how little I know about some of the Disney movies out there! I’m completely with you on that – I don’t care about most of the older movies & songs! The original Disney? Don’t care. The remake? Yes please.

      Yes, The Emperor’s New Groove IS AMAZING!! It’s hilarious and makes me so happy! Hercules has a good soundtrack and an interesting love interest but, I didn’t love it. I would be interested in a live action though!
      I’ve also never seen Lilo and Stitch which is crazy to me because so many people love it.


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