Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with a new How To post and today I’m talking about how I outline my blog posts because you guys know that I schedule and outline my blog post pretty far in advance.


I usually outline my posts far in advance because I outline my blog posts as I schedule them, so right now I have all of my blog posts scheduled up to around February/March next year. So, at least 90%, if not all of them have been outlined and just need me to write them and add in images and breakers with my usual add ons for any posts I write.

*Note – I schedule my blog posts on WordPress so they go up on a specific time & date. Just because they’ve been scheduled does not mean I’ve written them all yet.Β 


  • Outline your blog posts in advance of writing them. When you get the idea for your blog post write it down and write exactly what you want it to be, I usually use bullet points and give an example I want to use when I write the full blog post.
  • Outlining in advance also lessens the chance of you forgetting why you wanted to write the blog post & what you wanted to say.
  • Don’t worry about your title until you’ve written the blog post (try and think of something snazzy and to the point, but don’t worry about it).
  • Write down all of your ideas, and don’t worry if you can’t fit them all into one post, you can always write another.


This is what my outlines/notes you usually look like:
  • intro
  • divider
  • spiel
  • main guts
  • conclusion/ summary
  • chat bubble
  • questions
  • medias

This is pretty much what my outlining usually looks like – I’ll try and write a rough intro, and then I’ll have the word “divider” underneath to give my post some kind of structure when I go to write it. Then I usually bullet point what I want the post to be about and any ideas & examples I have and then I put the words “Chat Bubble”, “questions” & “medias” at the bottom to work as reminders to finish my post off.

If I’m writing a list type of post I usually make the list while I’m outlining because that makes the writing process a lot easier when I get around to the post. They usually look like this:

  • intro
  • divider
  • 1 (I will elaborate for lists here because it always makes it easier when I go to write the blog post)
  • 2 (Hey guys, did you see that new Frozen 2 trailer? I cried, it was beautiful.)
  • 3 (Do you outline your blog posts in advance or am I just weird?)
  • 4 (Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?)
  • 5 (Aaaand now it’s raining…)
  • chat bubble
  • qs
  • medias
You can find an example of one of my finished lists here.


So, I outline my posts as I schedule them. While I do try to outline every single posts I schedule to go up, they don’t always look the same.Β They can go from super detailed and a half-written blog post, to a few sentences and a picture – I’m usually not too picky, as long as I leave some kind of information behind to make it easier for me in the future. Because I schedule my blog posts so far ahead ( I have all f 2019 scheduled and I’m adding to 2020 every now and again), I find it really helpful to leave these posts behind because in some cases I am literally writing blog posts a year after the idea has been written down and scheduled.



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15 thoughts on “HOW TO: OUTLINE A BLOG POST

  1. Wow!! This level of organization just blows my mind! And here I was excited over having planned out most of February πŸ˜‚ But I can’t stand outlining, so whenever I get a post idea I usually just write down the title or a sentence in my writing document, and then I write it when I’m in the mood. Then once it’s written I figure out when it should get posted. I’ve only been using this method since 2019 started but it seems to be doing pretty well so far!

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    1. Haha, everyone plans differently! I have a bunch of similar types of docs full of blog ideas but I always forget about them which is why my schedule goes so many years ahead, but I like your method!


  2. Wow, I am stunned. I am here struggling to post every day’s post at the eleventh hour and you have all the year’s post scheduled. I definitely have to learn a lot from you. I am glad I found your blog. I will give it a follow right away and I shared it on my Sunday post as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I schedule all of my posts months – years in advance to motivate me to write them and have them finished in time to go up at the right time but they’re definitely not all finished – I’m still writing next month’s posts! I schedule and outline my posts in advance because that’s the system that works best for me!

      Thank you, I hope my post helped! πŸ’•


  3. I do an outline of sorts too! They’re mostly just a bunch of drafts with templates for the different types of posts I make so i don’t miss anything. I have all my graphics, separations, headings, questions, sign offs, all that jazz as i make a lot of the same types of posts because i love structure aha. I do want to branch out and write some more different posts like your how tos and discussion posts and such this year but I always forget my post ideas when it comes to writing them so i think I might have to start doing outlines like yours as well! Thank you for the how to, I’m sure lots of people are appreciative!

    Liked by 1 person

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