Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m having more of a chill day so I thought I’d spend it doing what I love – writing lists! I love lists and I love reading these kinds of posts so I thought today I’d try my hand at it – so here are my top 10 pieces of advice for how to grow your blog!



Design! Have a pretty blog theme/design! I don’t think how your blog looks is everything, but having a blog that you feel confident about, and that makes others want to visit your blog is really helpful for gaining viewers!

Don’t stress about it, but also including your social media links is really helpful just because it lets people find you easily.


My social media links are always at the bottom of my posts, + I make it so all you guys have to do is click on them to go to my page. They look like this:

HAVE goodreadsiconinstagramiconpinteresticontumblricontwittericon


Make sure your blog is easy to navigate! Include a Follow button & a Home button! Make sure your newest blog posts are easy to find/read and that your blog in general, ist difficult for a lot of people to get around! I find that having pages pinned above really helps me with organising my blog for you guys!




Something I always recommend to other bloggers is to keep a schedule going! Of course, it depends on how you like to publish blog posts and how often you like to post on your blog!

This is a two parter – try to implement scheduling posts into your process because it keeps you accountable but also helps you out if you’re not near a computer and you’re late to getting a blog post out!

Also, try and have a weekly schedule, for me it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday!




Diversify the posts you publish on your blog! By all means, have regular series and memes on your blog, that will let people know what to expect from your blog. But, also don’t just write one kind of blog post. If you’re only writing reviews, try doing some book tags or recommendations posts if you’re comfortable with that!


Make friends! This is by no means a “compulsory” kind of step, but making blogging friends is a lot of fun and having friends to motivate you towards your blog is so so helpful! It also really helps to have people who understand what it takes to have a blog, this might sound dramatic, but blogging is time-consuming and it can be hard to find motivation sometimes! I recommend reading some of your favourite bloggers’ favourite books and chatting to them about it or doing a buddy-read with some of them!


Self promo! Trust me, it sounds worse than it actually is! There’s nothing wrong with letting people know you have a new blog post up, especially if you’re really proud of it! I recommend Twitter & Instagram because they’re both pretty easy platforms to use to send out a quick message letting people know about a recent blog post or even about your friends’ recent posts!




This links to step 1 & 6 but, have links to your social medias always accessible! Include them at the bottom of your posts and wherever else your blog allows. For example, I also include my links on my Goodreads page and on the sidebar of my blog.




Your blog won’t grow overnight unless something crazy happens so work at it. If you put effort into your blog it will show and people will notice so never doubt that people are appreciating the work you put into your blog!


Don’t limit yourself to just one thing! Talk about whatever you want whether that be gaming, movies, tv, music or something else! So, do what you want, it’s your blog! Go in a hiatus, talk to your followers ifΒ you need help with something or can’t get your head around a particular widget. You followers will be there for you and will help you out so just be open and do what you want!


Enjoy yourself! Don’t stress yourself out and have a good time!






    1. Thank you! I agree, WordPress doesn’t make it easy! I haven’t switched over to the new design yet either so I’m sure that will be a shock to the system whenever it doesn’t become optional.

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  1. These are very detailed tips, thank u so much. Blogging surely is a job of its own, it takes a lot of time to build into but super worth it. Thanks again!

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  2. Amazing post! Quick question, how do you add your social media to the bottom of all your posts, is it through the widget section? Like how you have done with the emojis/logos? Is it something you have to do every time or is there a way of it being a fixed thing? Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! If you add social medias through a widget they’ll go to the sidebar on your blog. If you want social media links at the bottom of your blog post you’ll have to add them every time, but it’s never a long process. Add all of your images at the end of the blog post (I usually use the add medias section for images at the top left when you’re writing your blog posts which is where I keep all of my important recurring images). So, add your social media images at the end of your blog post and link them to your profile pages.
      Whenever I want to write another blog post I then go to my already published posts with the images and I just copy and paste it and it’s super simple from then and there!
      If that doesn’t make any sense, just lmk and I’ll write a more in-depth blog post on it if you think that would help!

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      1. Hi again, so sorry to bother you and feel free to ignore! But I am just trying to add the icons and this might be really stupid, but how do you get them all in a stright line? πŸ˜‚ Everytime I do, they just become 1 image and I can’t link my social media to each individual icon…If that makes sense!

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        1. No worries, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! I know what you mean, I had the same issue when I first tried to include icons at the bottom of my posts! πŸ˜‚πŸ’•
          Add the icons to the bottom of your blog post then preview it. You should then be able to copy and paste them back on to the original post and move them around, change their sizes & add links etc. If that doesn’t work lust lmk! I have a blog post explaining how to do this coming out next month but I can always move it up if that would help! ❀


  3. Great tips!

    Can I ask if you see a decent amount of clicks through your social media buttons on your posts? I’ve considered adding them, but I’ve asked a couple people who have them who said no one really clicks on them anyway, so I’m wondering if I would find it worthwhile.

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    1. Thank you!

      I mostly get clicks on Twitter, Goodreads and Instagram with Twitter and Goodreads being more popular. I do think that I benefit from having my social media links at the bottom of my posts because I can definitely see that a lot of people have clicked on the links. You can check for you links traffic by going to the “Clicks” section in your Stats section of your blog and #that should give you an idea of where you get a lot of your outside and inside traffic from.

      I think it’s worth having them there just because I think they’re an easy way for new followers to find you on other platforms and to get to know your reading tastes better. For example, when I like a blogger I always look for their other social medias and I always check their Goodreads first.


    1. I’m glad you found it helpful. I should be writing a blog post on how to add social medias at the bottom of your blog posts, so look out for that next month!
      I just read your blog post, it was a good reminder for me to calm down about my stats this month! πŸ’•

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  4. I’ve just switched my design as I noticed that a lot of people were landing on my home page and not much further from there. I haven’t got a working laptop rn (And WordPress for mobile is sooo clunky!) so I borrowed one at the weekend and made sure my latest posts were on my landing page, hopefully it helps!!!!!

    Great post btw, I really enjoy lists too!

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    1. I agree, WordPress is really hard to navigate on phones, it’s too big a Website. I think it works better on laptops.
      I’m sure that will help, it makes blogs so much easier to navigate!

      Thank you! πŸ’•

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