Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m introducing a new series that I;ll be including sporadically on my blog this year; Book Vices, and today I’m talking about why so many people don’t like ebooks!


So, I just want to start off by saying, I am totally pro e-book but I also read a lot of audiobooks & physical books! I primarily read from the physical books at my library but I also have a massive audiobook tbr to take advantage of and a great list of ebooks that I can grab whenever I like!

I love reading any type of book but I know there’s a lot of discourse on this topic so today I thought I’d give e-books a bit of love and talk about why you should give them a chance!

  • Firstly, they’re ecofriendly! There are no physical pages and you’re reading off a screen!
  • Sure, they have to re-charge eventually but so do you! Why can’t you charge them while you’re asleep or walking your dog? Either way, my Kindle works for weeks without needing to be charged so it’s always there when I need it!
  • “But, I can’t binge-read with an e-reader! It hurts my eyes!” But you can scroll Twitter for hours, right?
  • Talking about eye-sores! You can adjust the brightness and the size of the font, so you should be able to avoid headaches! CHanging the font size is also an easy way to avoid having to pay more when you buy large print copies physically.
  • If you find that you’re struggling reading for longer periods of time, do some research and find an e-reader that works for you (I recommend a traditional Kindle without all the fancy gizmos) or, try reading some anthologies or short stories, that way you read for shorter periods of time.
  • If that doesn’t work for you, more often than not when you buy the e-book version you can get the audiobook at a super cheap rate, so you can avoid reading headaches that way!
  • You can read any kind of book, comics and manga are still easy to read on a kindle/ipad.
  • You can read at any time – backlighting! You cn take them with you wherever you go and it’s not heavy!
  • With an e-reader, books won’t become “rare” –Β  it’s sort of like you have ultimate access.
  • E-books are SO much cheaper! I could buy 5 books for $50, but in Aus bookstores, if I bought a paperback it would cost me at least $30 and even more for a hardback.
  • Some are totally free – lookout for Kindle deals and cheap classics or books already available in the public domain.
  • You won’t lose your bookmark! There are no pages for your old receipts to fall out of anymore!
  • Physical books are a privilege so don’t be an asshole.
  • You can send ebooks to your friends so there’s no need to get anxious about loaning your physical books
  • It’s easy to annotate your books without worrying about what the book looks like physically
  • E-book pages can’t turn yellow
  • It’s the same book! If you’re happy to read a 10K fanfic on your phone, why can’t you read a 200-page book on your Kindle?


Just wanted to stress that I don’t hate physical books by any means, I only want to give ebooks some love for a change! I love page turning too but why should all these benefits mean nothing just because I can’t turn a page?




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  1. I completely agree. I will always love my physical books, but a couple years ago my husband and I started to downsize our belongings because we found ourselves constantly dealing with clutter. I had multiple bookshelves full of books that I never planned on re-reading so I chose all my favs and donated almost half of my books to a shelter near my house. I love that I can have thousands of ebooks and not have to trip over them. I also love that when I’m reading an eBook I always have it on me because even if I forgot my e-reader I at least always have my phone with the Kindle app on it.

    This seems like a great series! πŸ™‚

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    1. I’ve noticed over the past year that having a lot of physical books on my shelves was stressing me out so I unhauled a lot of them to charity stores, but having a bigger tbr on my Kindle doesn’t make me as anxious!
      Yes exactly, I love that even if I do forget my Kindle I can read on my phone!

      I have a new post in this series coming soon, I hope you enjoy it! πŸ’•

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  2. I prefer physical books to ebooks but have been reading a lot of ebooks recently because I moved and my library is harder to get to than it was before, so it’s nice to get ebooks at home. I do think I remember physical books better and there is research to support the idea that we read ebooks “less well” to some degree, but it is what it is.

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    1. I never thought of that, I haven’t noticed a difference in how well I remember the content in the formats I read from, but I’ll definitely keep that in the back of my mind!


  3. I love this! I read a pretty even mix of physical books and ebooks, but I used to be one of those physical-book-only elitists (YEARS ago, not recently haha) and I cringe a little thinking back on some of the things I used to say about ebooks!! Now, I recognize how useful and amazing they are and I’m so glad to have them!

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    1. I’m glad, I’m currently writing my next post for this series! If i’m honest I mostly read physical books and audiobooks, but I do still read ebooks occasionally. Honestly, I didn’t know about ebooks for years which is crazy, I just assumed they were all physical until my friend showed me her Kindle, but in my defense, I was a dumb 12 year old. So, I guess we both have cringe-worthy ebook pasts!

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      1. Haha awww, you weren’t dumb! I don’t think I’d have known what they were like if it weren’t for my friend as a teen getting one of the old school kindles for her birthday or something. That was back when they were big and bulky with physical keyboards and tiny screens and they were so slow to turn pages and you could play games on them haha!


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