HOW TO TALK TO BLOGGERS, A GUIDE FOR AUTHORS // I’m a blogger, so take my word for it?


Hey guys! Today I’m coming at you with a new advice-ish type post! This one is more collaborative as I’m sure you guys will have some ideas and opinions too so I’d really love to chat with you guys about how we talk to authors & how they talk to us, in the comments!

I’m not a blogging pro, or even a life pro, everyone has their own experiences and opinions, so I’m writing this post based off of my own experiences.



Be nice – actually read a post or two from our blog, visit our About page, things like this can really make a difference, don’t copy and paste your blurb and then end your email – it comes across as rude. Tell me why I will enjoy your book – what are the themes etc. – have I read something similar? etc etc.

I said this in my arcs advice post, but when we email an author or a publisher we should be kind and respectful, so please take that on and keep that same respect for us when the contacting roles are reversed.


Why is this important? We want to help you, so please just be nice to us. For most of us, blogging is just a hobby that takes up a lot of our time. Most of us have either work or school to take up a lot of our time so when we blog, it’s on our days off or pretty late at night (I am literally writing this at 11:20 at night).

Please understand that if we don’t get our review up on the day of release, it’s not because we have a slight against you, but because we are busy people. Most likely it will be up sooner than later, so try not to get impatient. If you need a book/post up by a particular time, give the blogger/s a deadline before you send them the book.


Step 1 – Find their About Me page or Contact Page

Step 2 – Fill out their contact form, if they have one available.

Step 2.5 – If they don’t have a contact page, try and contact them through social media, most of us have Twitter. Otherwise, leave us a comment on a blog post.





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7 thoughts on “HOW TO TALK TO BLOGGERS, A GUIDE FOR AUTHORS // I’m a blogger, so take my word for it?

  1. my advice would be not to guilt-trip the review you’re emailing. a lot of the time when i receive emails from an author, as opposed to a publisher, they really emphasize how badly they want & need me to review their book. because i can’t take all review requests, it makes me feel bad when i can’t take them on – and then that makes me not even want to reply!!

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  2. This is a great post! I appreciate it so much when authors take the time to personalize their emails, and not just copy and paste their books’ synopsis. It just makes me feel like they didn’t take time to look at my blog – sometimes they don’t, and I receive email for horror books or non-fiction, two genres I am not reading at all or never featured, and it is so frustrating :/

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    1. Thank you! Exactly, I always feel much more inclined to work with an author if I feel like they haven’t just copied and pasted a script into their email. Haha, I get those too, I hate getting emails for genres I never read.

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