Hey guys! Today I’m coming at you with a bit of a weird ranty post, though hopefully, it won’t turn out too negative! I seem to be have been surrounded by people who don’t read lately and it’s weird. Everyone else is more interested in socialising and playing video games which is great and I’m definitely at least 45% interested, but also can’t I just come along and read my book instead???

So, I thought I might write a post talking about all the things I wish I could say to people who aren’t “readers!”


1 I promise to socialise if you promise to let me finish reading!

I love socialising (when I’m in the mood for it) and I love hanging out with my friends but, I’m sorry I can’t join in properly until I finish my book. I feel like sometimes my friends (none of them are readers lol) don’t understand that reading is important to me and they definitely don’t understand how hard it is to finish reading these days between family, school and my blog!

Sometimes I just want to rant and make them understand but that’s pointless besides, I probably don’t understand their gaming issues. Also, yelling is rude.

2 Please don’t talk to me while I’m reading 😟

If you catch me reading while I’m not on the bus, you better back away real fast. I know that many other readers only have the chance to read on the commute to and from work and school so if you find us reading outside of that time you better not talk to us! We’re busy and this reading time is sacred and rare. Reading isΒ a precious and often secluded time please please just leave us alone.

TheΒ same goes with audiobooks!

Image result for leave me alone book gif

^^This gif is from one of my fave movies, Austenland, pls go watch it!

3 Don’t assume you know me just because you saw me reading a book!

Just because you see me reading a book on my way to Uni, it doesn’t mean that I’m a “stereotypical book nerd” or that I’m obnoxious and arrogant. I swear I do have other hobbies and interests!

All readers are different, I might be the most social person you’ve ever met (I’m not), you don’t know! I have a personality and other hobbies, I’m actually a huge film nerd – don’t assume you know me just because I’m reading a book.

4 Telling me they’re fictional won’t change anything!

Yes, I know they’re not real but that doesn’t mean I don’t care! I grew up with some of these characters and I would be heartless to sit there reading my book and never reacting.

Image result for fictional characters gif

5 Please turn the tv off, I can’t read with background noise

I can read with people talking and sometimes music, but reading is hard and book induced headaches are a very real thing – you coming into a previously silent room and turning the tv on is not helpful and the fact that you don’t get this is frustrating

6 Don’t school me on my buying habits

I don’t always spend money on books – in fact, I spend the least amount on books these days – books are expensive and I’m completely aware of that so how about you mind your own business?

Image result for screaming about money gif

7 No, I don’t want to just watch the movie!

I know it’s easier and I definitely do love movies,Β  I’m literally a film major. But, I also love reading the book beforehand so I can understand all the references so leave me alone. Also, everyone knows that the books and movies are usually pretty damn different.

8 Just because I read, doesn’t make me a Nerd

I mean, I am a nerd, but not every reader is.

Related image

9 YA is not dumb!

This is so obvious to me and so many other readers (though, not all, unfortunately) but so many people seem to think we’re idiots for reading YA and so they get all judgy and rude. Nevermind, that I’m literally a teenager reading in my age group.

10 Not every reader is socially unconscious

When my anxiety isn’t through the roof and I’m having an alright day I can actually be pretty social so why don’t you and your stigmatised views just leave?

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    1. Why do people not bother people with headphones on, but when your reading they obviously look over you to see your cover…then they start convos at the commute. Umm just because your bored with nothing to do…doesnt mean I am!!!

      Normally when they check my book cover I give the eye…like NOT OPEN FOR CONVERSATION!!!

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    1. Yes! I really enjoy understanding all the little references in the background of films – like with Love, Simon! I can’t do that if I haven’t read the book beforehand!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. i love this post!! especially on the “don’t talk to me while i’m reading” part. my roommate, lovely as she is, just does not get this – i get so little time to read during the school year that i absolutely hate when the rare moments i do get are interrupted!

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    1. Thank you! I live in a crazy household so I basically only read on the bus nowadays but I totally get where you’re coming from! On the off chance that I get to read books in the house, I am guaranteed to be interrupted and it’s so frustrating!

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  2. Ellyn, I love these! Such an original post. You mentioned so MANY of my pet peeves.

    Another is, why do you read KIDS books? Obviously a comment from a non-reader…YA is NOT KIDS pls read about genres BEFORE you speak of the topic.

    Non-readers asking what my book is about? Pls just be quiet and WHY are you asking when YOU don’t read anyway??? Pls don’t waste my time, which could be spent…READING!

    Similar to the movie one…but oh I know that book, I watched the movie…it’s NOT the same!!!

    Damn I could write my own post on this topic ive got a few non-reader peeves.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      Oh yes! Comments like that always throw me off because at least I’m enjoying myself, so why does it matter??? That too! YA is not a children’s genre, it literally stands for young adult??? Lie, it’s not hard to figure out???

      Yes! I want people to be interested in reading so I always tell them but 99.9% of the time they weren’t interested anyway, so why are they wasting my time???

      You should totally write your own post! If you do please pingback to me or let me know you did because I’d love to see your pet peeves, I always find them so interesting!

      Happy reading! ❀❀


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