POPULAR BOOKS I DON’T WANT TO READ! // Please don’t hate me

Hey Guys! Today I’m coming at you with a new blog post talking about the 6 popular books I am no longer interested in reading about! Also, I’m naming these “popular” because I’ve seen A LOT of people reading these book and/or the author’s other works.

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BOOKS BOOKS ANTSix of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)Β  Β Restore Me (Shatter Me, #4)Β  Β Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)


I’m starting with Six of crows? Because I’m a savage? And I have no interest in these books?

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book by Leigh Bardugo, well, actually that’s wrong. I did start her first book in the Grisha trilogy and I thought it was boring as batshit so I DNFed it. After that, I really thought about it and ended up taking SOC off my tbr because I’m really just not that interested in it, and I’ve been spoiled for book 2 anyway so what’s the point???


Okay, so I have actually read all of the original series, plus the novellas. But, I honestly didn’t really like it so I just don’t see myself continuing. ESPECIALLY since I don’t like who the mc ended up with. Honestly, he’s gross and I disapprove (not that the other guy was any better tbh).


  • Cassandra Clare’s original books have pretty poor writing.
  • There’s too much angsty romance.
  • I didn’t like any of her books that I’ve read.
  • I’m honestly just sick of the Shadowhunter world in general.

BOOKS BOOKS ANTWinger (Winger, #1)Β  Β The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1)Β  Β The Upside of Unrequited


I am not now and will never be a 14-year-old boy going through puberty so I just don’t see myself connecting with this story. Apparently, there’s also a really terrible ending with a gay character being used as a plot device.

Basically, I’ve had this book on my shelves for something like 5/6 years and have never even gone to pick it up and read it. Basically, I’m not going to probably ever pick this up and I’m just not here for the bad rep.

If you want to read more (non-spoiler) you should take a look at this review.


You know what I’m not here for? Rape.

Basically, this book is the definition of inappropriate and problematic.

Check out these reviews and threads for more detailed information. [Link] x [Link]

The Bronze Horseman – rape rape rape


I honestly feel so bad about this. I have started this and I got roughly 50 pages in but I just don’t know if this is the book for me. The main character is plus sized which is great for representation’s sake, but from what I remember/ have heard is that she also needs validation out of getting a boyfriend because of her weight and size. As a plus-sized woman, I say no thanks to this whole plotline.

The Upside of Unrequited – i feel so bad but the mc needs validation out of getting a bf. she feels validated out of getting a bf bc shes plus sized. As a plus-sized woman, I say no thanks.




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24 thoughts on “POPULAR BOOKS I DON’T WANT TO READ! // Please don’t hate me

  1. The only book on your list I read is Six of Crows and I have to say: the duology is sooo much better than Leigh’s original trilogy. The writing, plot, diversity- it’s all damn amazing. It’s your choice whether you read it or not of course, but in my view, SOC is really a staple in YA fantasy ✨

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    1. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the duology is better than it’s predecessor! I’ve heard that her books can be pretty hit or miss though, so maybe I’ll still read something by her in the future!

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  2. I am one of the few people that actually enjoyed Grisha trilogy more than SoC, but I heard people that hated Grisha fell in love with SoC, so I hope you’ll still give it a try πŸ™‚ At least even though you already knows the ending you can still fell in love with the characters πŸ˜‰ I have Winger on my TBR for a long time too I actually already forgot about it.

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    1. might still pick up one of her books someday, but probably after people start to form a more solid opinion of her works since they love some and hate the others… it’s all very confusing.

      Winger just doesn’t seem worth the time it would take to read it tbh, not worth the hype at all.


  3. To be honest, I also did not like Shadow and Bone, but Six of Crows is infinitely better. I almost didn’t read it because I wrote off Bardugo after reading her other stuff, but the hype is not wrong about Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. I’m so nervous about King of Scars though because I don’t know if it will be good or boring, since Bardugo’s work is so uneven!

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    1. I have heard so many people say they loved one thing by her but hated another so I think I’ll wait until she has a few more books out so I can read other reviews talking about her writing and make a decision for myself then.
      I hope you enjoy King of Scars! ❀️❀️


  4. I’m with you on this!! I’ve read SoC though, it was nothing special. I never feel the need to read CC’s books even though so many people love them!

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  5. I don’t feel tempted to read The Upside of Unrequited or any of Becky Albertali’s books. I know people keep saying that they’re really good and super quick reads but I’m not always the biggest fan of YA Contemporary and they don’t pique my interest. I’m also not sure on the Shatter Me series. I tried listening to the first one on audiobook a while ago and the narrator put me off.

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    1. I do really like Simon Vs by the author but I don’t think her other books are for me tbh. I’m not big on happy ya contemporaries either! I prefer to read something like The Female of The Species or Bad Romance if I’m going to read a ya contemporary.

      Yeah… I just don’t think Shatter Me is worth the hype but you never know, maybe you’d love it!


      1. Yeah, I prefer the harder hitting YA Contemporaries or ones with specific meaning that make me think.

        I am still undecided about Shatter Me. It is probably one I will never get around to picking up again but I wouldn’t mind giving the first one a try again.

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  6. If you don’t like a particular author and her style of writing, your opinion has just as much merit as the next person. Our experiences and tastes are so personal, and shape who we are and what we like, we can only be true to ourselves. Thanks for an honest opinion and loved how you put yourself out there! β™₯️β™₯️

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  7. I’m sad that you removed SOC and Cassie Clare, but I won’t give you a hard time – we all have books we just don’t want to read no matter how hyped they are and there’s nothing wrong with that. β™₯

    As far as the ones I agree with you on: The Bronze Horseman, for sure. That’s one I definitely have no interest in. I also don’t want to read Upside, and I actually decided to unhaul my Becky Albertalli books to someone on the #bookishwish tag on twitter because I’m so sick of feeling like Becky’s diverse rep is just awful. I hated what I read of Leah, I had a lot of issues with Simon, and I have read excerpts from Upside that literally made me cringe, so no, I think I’m done with her. I wish I didn’t have an eARC of What if it’s Us, but I’m hoping, since Adam Silvera co-wrote it with her, it’ll be better.

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    1. Thank you, Destiny! ❀️❀️

      I think I’ve pretty much given up on ALbertalli tbh but I am keeping some hope for WHat If It’s Us because of Silvera’s ownvoices perspective, hopefully, that will balance it out??? I honestly have no idea, but I think it will be the be-all-end-all.

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