Hey guys! Today I’m coming at you with another discussion on my blog and I’m talking about whether or not readathons actually help us with reading books. Does participating in readathons frequently (or, at all) help increase the rate at which we read a book, or is it just a lot of hype and stress for a normal or mediocre result?



So, do we actually read more books when we participate in a readathon? I know that I’m pretty crap at 24 hour readathons and 3 week – month long readathons. But, I am pretty good at week-long readathons. I find that for me, I get burnt out after roughly a week but, during that week I do read quite a few books, and definitely, more than I would have read without the motivation from the readathon.

Also, it just depends on which type of reader you are. Readathons aren’t for everyone, and some people really excel at 24 hour readathons and will read thousands of pages. Whereas, others excel more so over a longer period of time and will use the pressure of the readathon to help propel them forwards.




β€’The motivation to read that comes along with joining a readathon can increase the rate at which you read books.

β€’Helps with your reading challenge

β€’Gives you a motivation to read

β€’Having others do the readathon with you, gives you so much support and makes it so much more fun! The community can be at it’s best when there’s a readathon going on!


β€’There is suddenly so much pressure to read!

β€’It’s so stressful! Why am I not reading fast enough? Am I in a slump? What should I read next? But, they’ve read more than me! I’m reading so so slowly!

β€’The story doesn’t always sink in if the readathon is really short and you’re reading a bunch of other books

β€’Readathons don’t always help you to read more, sometimes they just make you stressed and tired.

β€’Month-long/lengthy readathons can cause reading slumps




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  1. I’ve never done a readathon before! I think I’d feel too pressured to finish my book(s). And what if the book I pick ends up being terrible?? Then I feel like it would just put me into a reading slump.. or I’d have to start over with a different book.

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    1. Readathons are so much fun, and a great way to interact with the community so you should definitely give it ago. For me, I prefer to actually talk about the books than actually read them during a readathon, funnily enough!
      There are also different types of readathons with different goals and challenges, so even if you don’t like one particular readathon, you might enjoy another type.

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  2. I totally agree that a week is the perfect length for a readathon. I love readathons where a lot of people participate and you can engage with other participants on Twitter/other social media! It really breaks up the long periods of reading.

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  3. I love readathons most when they have challenges, I get way more time to read when I’m not spending forever trying to choose what to read next! I prefer a month long so I can come and go..


  4. I’ve only ever done month-long readathon challenges, and they usually go fine for me – no better or worse than usual – but I’m doing my first ever week-long readathons this month! (Well, my first *successful* ones, hopefully – I tried doing a week-long readathon earlier this year but hit a slump right before it started and literally only read half a book for it.)

    I’m definitely doing booktubeathon week after next (despite not being a booktuber, idgaf lmao), but I’m considering also doing the 7-in-7 readathon that starts Monday. I don’t think I’ll do the challenges for that one, though.

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    1. I think I’ve only ever done one month-long readathon and it was a giant flop for me lol.
      I really want to do BookTubeAThon because it’s my favourite readathon but, I honestly think I might be too tired. I am still wanting to give it a go though.

      Happy reading (and good luck)!

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  5. Most of the ones I do are month-long or week-long. I like Bout of Books the best because it’s only one week, and I tend to read the most during that one. Readathons with specific themes or prompts also tend to work out well for me, as it motivates me to read certain books. I always like the idea of 24 hour ones, but I have yet to make it through a full 24 hours. I find that it’s hard for me to read that long even though I love the idea of them in theory.

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    1. I love week long readathons too, and I agree that 24 hour readathons are hard. I’ve never really tried to fully do one, just because I know I get tired easily and don’t think I would enjoy it!

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  6. Now that I think about it, I’ve joined three readathons so far (week long ones) and only managed to read 2 in the past ones .. but only read 1 this time. I think they’re too much pressure on little ol’ me

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    1. Haha, I do understand that! For me, it’s more about finding the motivation to read the books and interacting with the community, than it is about actually reading the books if that makes sense?

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    1. There are so many kinds of readathons to try if you’re short on time. If you’re worried about time you should try a month long or a 24 hour readathon!


    1. You should try a month-long readathon, they’re usually super chill and there’s less stress to read a ridiculous amount in a small amount of time!
      Happy reading!


  7. I participate in readathons, but not too often because I can’t help to get swept up in the pressure and ended up in a burn out πŸ˜… I never participate in the 24 hour one because it will be too much, but I enjoy the 1 month or 1 week readathon ones πŸ˜€

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    1. Haha, I totally understand that! I usually do quite well in the first 2 days and then immediately burn out!
      I agree, I think 24 hour readathons would be so stressful!


  8. I adore Readathons, but lately I’ve figured out that week long Readathons put too much pressure on my reading. I’m always stressing out, because the time is so short, while 10+ day Readathons give me a bit more free space, if that makes sense πŸ˜€

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    1. I agree! I think week long readathons can be really stressful and it’s easy to burn out, but for me, I know if I do one any longer or shorter, I will end up in a reading slump and get nothing done.

      Happy reading!

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  9. I have never participated in a readathon and honestly?? That might be the best decision for me.

    I’m a super slow reader so I know I’ll put pressure on myself if I’m not reading as quickly as everyone else and then will either stress read or just…not read at all because ‘what’s the point???’

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    1. I usually do well reading comics and shorter books for readathons – or I just try to finish my current read! I definitely do beter with readathons at the start of the year but once we hit the second third my reading ability seems to go out the window!

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      1. Yeah I always read more in the first half- two thirds of the year.

        End of the year always seems to be a bit crazy in other areas for me so I tend to read more graphic novels and shorter books then so that I’m still reading but don’t feel I have to pressure myself to read faster to reach my goal.

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