HOW TO STAY ORGANISED // how I keep my life from going pear-shaped

Hey guys! Today I’m coming to you with a sort of How To instructional kind of blog post for you guys. This is slightly ironic because I did start Uni for the first time this month so naturally life is pretty hectic and everything from my sleep schedule to my blogging schedule is changing. So, I figured I would write this post now to try and motivate myself and keep myself on track and then maybe come back in a year and see how i’m going and if anything has changed.Β 



I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, I am currently writing this on June 30th so I haven’t actually started Uni yet and I also haven’t been to school since back in September so I only have my past experiences to go off. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update this in a year with a Uni proof version.


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Use a diary! Seriously, it’s not dorky or stupid, it’s smart! This used to be compulsory for us in high school but, it is one of the few things I will be taking with me into my Uni life for sure! I prefer this method because I can write down my notes and plans and cross them off (the best way to feel accomplished) and I also tend to integrate any blog posts I plan to write that week so I can prioritise all assessments and hobies together. But, another easy thing to do (honestly, I’m a planning freak, so I do this too) is to have a Google calender on your device or phone so it is more easily accessible.



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My main piece of advice for controlaholics is just to use a diary to help formulate your day/week/term etc and to incorporate anything from lunch plans, what you want to wear the next day to the weather forecast for the week & your assessment dates.

Apart from using a diary, my other “big” tip is to prioritise the right things. If you know you have a bunch of exams coming up, or even just one, then try to prioritise those exams. Prepare other things you know you’ll want to do so you won’t get distracted. For example, write a bunch of blog posts in advance, cook a bunch of meals in advance and try not to focus on other things. For example, if you’re a reader, either don’t read at all or just have a small pile of books you want to read, maybe one or two.



SCHEDULE POSTS IN ADVANCE! I schedule all my posts. I have a few (maybe 20??) posts in my drafts folder, but for the most part, all of my posts are in my WordPress schedule, roughly all of my posts from now to March 2019 are all planned out and at least my posts up until October are outlined.

I’m serious guys, having my blog posts pre-planned like that has saved my life. It’s really helpful for when I get into an idea slump and for when I’m in school and a bit rushed for time.

I schedule them on my blog, I have them added into my blogging google calendar (my calendars are nuts Y’all) & I also have them in a word document so I can cross them off when I’ve written them which I find really helpful whenever I quickly have to check what I’ve written. I also find it super motivational when I’m having a big writing day when I can see that I’ve crossed 3 or 4 post titles off in a day, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I also try to have my blog posts written at least 1-2 weeks ahead of time, but the goal is to eventually be a month+ ahead of time. A girl can dream, right?

In terms of finding the time to write blog posts. I’m sure this will change pretty quickly, with assessments + my new school schedule, but when I was in High School (last year) I would try to write mostly on Friday nights and weekends. I would mostly spend Sundays focusing on my blog and use that spare time to chill and get ahead on my blog posts.


In terms of staying organised with my books, this can be pretty hit and miss. I used to mostly just have a Goodreads Goal and that would be how I stayed on top of what I had read for the year. However, this year I have started to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything (author gender, star rating, release date…etc.).

I did mention this before, but the main way I stay organised with my reading is to write down reading goals in my diary. For example, I will write down that I want to read 50 pages of [insert title here] on Saturday. I know this tip is really simple, but I find it really helpful, so hopefully, it will benefit you too!



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11 thoughts on “HOW TO STAY ORGANISED // how I keep my life from going pear-shaped

    1. Diaries can save a life, no joke!
      Haha, I only schedule and outline posts so far ahead. In terms of finished and written posts, I am only a few weeks ahead because Uni is kicking my butt. My long-term goal is to be 1-2 months ahead with my written posts, so hopefully, I can achieve that by the end of the year???


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