Hey guys! Today I’m taking a mini break from talking about reading, but not to worry I will be coming back in a few days to talk more about my love of audiobooks!

So today, I’ll be talking to you guys about my top 5 tv shows that I am always happy to re-watch. I didn’t add Lucifer because that’s more of a happy show but, these are some of my favourite shows!



Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster


Yes, the show has a few problems (asexual and fat jokes) but overall, this show is absolutely amazing and the entire cast is a gift! I love this show and I honestly can’t believe that more people don’t watch it. This is a hilarious show with a really diverse cast and really diverse characters. The episodes are pretty short and the characters are all amazing in their own rights and YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH THIS SHOW!


Merlin Poster


I mean, come on, it’s Merlin. This show was my childhood. I used to watch this show constantly and I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty obsessed.

I know what you’re thinking. But, Ellyn, you’re such a calm and not at all obsessive person! Well, reader, I have not always been this way (I’m still not), in fact, I used to be so obsessed that I could recite whole episodes from the show and I knew every scene off by heart. I was mega creepy and I pretty much never stopped talking about it for 5ish years. If Merlin was on, we had silence or we had a war on our hands (not to be dramatic or anything).



Pushing Daisies Poster

Technically, *whispers* technically this is a cheat because I still haven’t finished season 2 but but but but but, I am always re-watching season 1 and it always makes me so happy!

It’s got Lee Pace (the dude in all the SFF movies) and he plays a Pie Maker who can touch dead things and bring them to life except that he ends up bringing the chick he really likes back to life and oh! Guess what! Once he brings them back he can’t touch them again or they will die and not come back again, whoops!

So, it’s this cute love story between two beautiful and soft people who can’t touch and one of them loves bees and the other loves pies and oh, did I mention they solve crime?


Charmed Poster


*Coughs* So, technically I haven’t finished this show either but, I know how it starts (I’ve seen the first couple of seasons), I know what happens in the middle and I know how it ends. And, I know that based on how often I watch the show that I’m going to still love the show when I’m old because I’ve been watching this since I was like, 12 so DUH!

Also, let’s talk about the reboot because it looks like trash and I want to scream and cry and mope about it because WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!


Friends Poster


I LOVE FRIENDS! I am currently watching the show through fully for the first time ever, but I am somewhere into season 3 and I’m really enjoying it. I feel confident in saying that I love Joey Tribbiani and that Ross Geller can choke.

Much like with Charmed, I have always been semi-watching this show and I’ve always been aware of what was going on plot-wise but I would say that my ideas and judgements on the show have definitely changed over the years. For example, I now hate the relationship between Rachel and Ross and did I mention that Ross can choke? He’s such a wet blanket that I almost want to skip ahead whenever he’s in a scene.




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  1. B99 is so funny! I need to rewatch them! I mostly watch comedy/family/drama and some of my favorite are The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family!

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    1. B99 is so much fun, I am totally behind you re-watching the show!
      I’ve never watched any of those shows, but I know that The Middle and Modern Family are quite popular! πŸ’•

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      1. Haha happy re-watching then! Yeah idk why they’re not popular, I think they’re underappreciated, not so many people want to watch drama/comedy/family, that kinda make me sad because literally none of my friends watched them.

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  2. I’ve not watched Charmed for a while but I still consider it to be one of my favourite shows. There are parts of the story and a couple of characters that bug me, but I tend to overlook them as the show’s overriding themes of sisterhood, internal strength, faith and love mean a lot to me. I’ve watched the reboot trailer again and I’ll admit I didn’t find it very appealing. I do want to reserve judgement until the first few episodes have been released, but I don’t think it is a reboot I will get behind. I’ll stick with the original.

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    1. Ooh, spill the tea! Which characters don’t you like???
      Yes, that’s what I love about the show! I saw someone say that the reboot is going to be a feminist version and I’m like what??? Wasn’t the original feminist too???? It’s literally about sisterhood and women being boss ass bs!! Haha, I agree the reboot looks pretty slack!

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      1. The main one is Cole. I cannot be doing with him saying he will be good for Phoebe’s sake yet still be the demon he always was. Then there’s Christy in the final season but that seems to be the general consensus.

        And I know, right? The original show is pretty feminist in its own way. I don’t see how it isn’t.

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  3. Charmed is my childhood! I can watch that show over and over and never get bored. I didn’t know there was a reboot?!!! What the heck!

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    1. I feel the same way, I just love the show!
      Yeah, there’s a reboot but I think the overall consensus from fans of the og show, is that it’s going to be completely different and they’re pretty much just using the name of the show and the fact that the girls are witches. I don’t think it will be very similar at all. But, it might still be good so who knows!

      Here’s a link to the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=charmed+reboot


    1. Merlin is so much fun and it’s even better on a re-watch! And omg yes that ending gets me every time! 😭😭😭
      OMG yes Pushing Daisies is so so so good!


  4. AHHH I love this post so much. I haven’t watched a whole lot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine just yet, but I can’t wait to continue with it, it sounds like a fun show πŸ™‚
    I LOVE pushing daisies so, so much – it’s such a brilliant show and the characters have my heart. I hope you’ll continue watching it and that you will love it! Same goes for Charmed and I am so with you on that reboot… not a fan so far. I love the original show very much though and I hope you’ll love it until the end πŸ˜€ And Friends, oh Friends. It’s my favorite show of all times, I’ve watched it countless times and could probably quote every episode haha πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is definitely worth the watch! If you love the humour you will LOVE the show!

      I feel like I’m putting off watching the rest of season 2 because I love the characters so much and I don’t want the show to be over!
      I am honestly so hyped to finally watch all of Charmed. I’ve seen most of the last season so I know that there are a couple of characters I won’t like but, honestly, I love Coop so I don’t even care.
      Yes, Friends is the most quotable show ever! Honestly, I quote Chandler Bing on a daily basis.

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  5. I completely agree with B99!! I finished the show a few months ago and I’ve been wanting to re-watch it ever since, so hopefully after I finish the one I’m currently watching I’ll be able to do it, because I just miss my babies so muchπŸ’•.

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