Book Adaptations & Why I Love Them!


Cool, so now that that’s out of the way… Hey guys! Today I’m coming at you with a new discussion in which I blab on about why I love book adaptations!



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I love book adaptations and I have no shame about it, but I know that quite a lot of people are not totally fond of them. You can read about me defending adaptations against the haters here.

So, why do I love book adaptations and feel the need to defend them against the haters? (probably because a defence is the best offence)

  • They bring your faves to life & it can also bring amazing rep that you might not usually get on screen, to the screen. For example, I never thought I would be able to see a high school “rom-com” style movie about a gay kid but hey, 20-gay-teen is real.


  • Without book adaptations, we wouldn’t have Gene Wilder’s take on Willy Wonka and quite frankly the world would be a darker place without that movie. But, I guess, going by that logic, maybe we do live in a certain hell because we have to deal with the monstrosity that is Where The Wild Things Are. Honestly, whoever made that movie should go sit in a corner and think about what they’ve done.


  • Also, just straight up, if we didn’t have adaptations, the MCU wouldn’t exist and neither would the DCEU (though, I wouldn’t exactly be complaining about that one). We would have no superhero stories – which means no 60’s Batman and no emo Peter Parker dancing in the street and now I’m gonna cry, you guys.


  • I love seeing my favourite stories told on screen (tv, mini-series or movies), whether the adaptation is good or not. I love that someone thought a book was good enough to bring it to the big screen, imagine being that author and getting that call??? The excitement!


Basically, I love adaptations and I wish more of the reading community would too!


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Alex Rider (tv), The Raven Cycle (tv), Fahrenheit 451 (tv)




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8 thoughts on “Book Adaptations & Why I Love Them!

  1. I love adaptations if it’s done correctly and follow the book, because they bring the book to life. The ones that follows the book often being the most popular (HP, THG, Twilight). But sadly, this is often no the case as most adaptations tend to change the story… I still don’t know why they do it despite knowing those with majorly different story tend to perform poorly (CoB, PJO, etc)…

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    1. I pretty much enjoy adaptations either way because it’s like an alternate ending sort of??? But, also sometimes I just can’t stomach watching PJO so I’m definitely not unbiased when it comes to some adaptations. I do think it’s cool when there are slight changes to the story, like maybe when they modernise a classic or take the offensive stuff out of the story, but yeah, most of the time we love the book for what it is and change doesn’t make much sense, I mean, you already have a script you just need to adapt it to the big screen, why change everything?


  2. I love adaptations too… I’m bad at imagining things in my head, so it’s awesome to see them on screen…
    Love, Simon is the cutest one I’ve seen till date… it’s so funny and heartwarming and I cried too 😊😊
    And I totally love the MCU.. I’ve never actually read the source material, but the movies are totally fun..

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    1. I’m exactly the same way. Until I’ve seen an adaptation or fanart I straight up just don’t picture the characters. I also have a lot of trouble being able to picture scenery and locations, as most books are set in the US or in a high fantasy place and I know nothing about these places so my brain straight up just shuts down.

      Love, Simon is such a cute movie and I’m 😍😍😍
      The MCU is the main reason I got into comics tbh, I loved the characters and I just wanted to know more and now my brain has so much comic knowledge I don’t know what to do with, haha!

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      1. Haha it’s awesome that u got into comics.. I just started with other graphic novel series and I’m still navigating the format.
        I agree about not being able to picture the scenery.. that happens a lot to me.. LOTR movies definitely showed me that fantasy settings can be done on screen very well and I think it definitely elevated my whole experience with the books in that series…
        And any time I read a contemporary which has a lot of descriptions about the city or locations, I just wanna go and visit and see if for myself…

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