Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new HP Discussions post. In the past, I have talked about my thoughts on Johnny Depp being in the Fantastic Beasts franchise and how I feel about The Marauders, which you can find here.Β 

I have been wanting to talk about Harry Potter lately, as my re-read of the series has been getting into the later books (current read: Order of The Phoenix). So, I figured, what better way to do that than to bring back my HP Discussions series???


So, Albus Dumbledore is one of the most famous and popular HP characters. He is by no means the most controversial (*coughs* Snape can choke) but, I do think there is still a lot of discussion surrounding him. When I was younger and first reading the series, Dumbledore was one of my favourite characters. He’s exactly who a young reader wants to read about. He’s weird, he’s funny and he’s wise.

Until a few years ago I did really enjoy him. I think he’s an interesting and complex character. He’s easy to love – who doesn’t love a wacky and wise old man? What’s not to love? Well, a lot actually. It turns out he’s also hella problematic.

So, what’s the tea?

Well, first up, and yeah I’m gonna rant here, he let a child be abused. And, if you’re going to argue Harry wasn’t being abused (mentally and verbally, at least) then you can click out of this post and never come back. He knew Harry was being abused but did nothing. Yes, I know why (Lily’s spell blah blah blah) but, that’s barely an excuse. He allowed a child to be abused and why is no one talking about this more???

I’m sorry. You’re telling me, Dumbledore left a baby with a bunch of Muggles who already hated magic and never knew he was being abused? You’re telling me that Dumbledore thought Harry was living in a cupboard and not being fed for days on end for shits and gigs??? You’re telling me he didn’t know about the physical and mental abuse the Dursley’s were subjecting The Boy Who Lived to. You’re telling me, Dumbledore dropped Harry Potter off as a baby and never bothered to check up on him until 11 years later when he turned up at Hogwarts.

No, okay Dumbledore knew and nothing about this is okay. What Dumbledore did cannot be excused under any circumstance. Dumbledore never even considered asking the Dursleys if they would adopt Harry, he just left a baby on their doorstep. McGonagall told him they were deplorable people (I think she called them the worst kind of muggle imaginable???) but, no I’m Dumbledore and I have a beard with bells and I know better. Lol, see ya in a few years kid!

You can’t tell me that he let Harry be abused for 17 years so the fame would never go to his head or for the sake of a shitty spell Lily cast. Sorry, Dumbledore, but I’m calling bs on that one.


β€œYou have kept him alive so that he can die at the right moment? You have used me… I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to keep Lily Potter’s son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter…”

And even if you can excuse all this. There’s the fact that once Harry came to Hogwarts Dumbledore started grooming him to become a soldier. He raised a kid to die and nothing about this is okay. Sure, it makes for a really interesting plot point and sort of summary to a seven book/ 8 movie storyline, but also it’s super f*cked up and I’m really mad.

There are so many problematic things about the Harry Potter series, like for instance, why are former terrorists (Death Eaters) working in Government and teaching children (Snape,Β Karkaroff)??? But, aside from Snivellus Snek, the main character in the series who really gets my goat would have to be Dumbledore. SO many characters in the series idolise him and I think in a way he even idolises himself, or at least the idea of him. But, particularly in the seventh book we really get to see what a terrifying type of man he was. Dumbledore once dabbled in dark magic (Hence, Grindelwald), he raised a child to die, he allows Quirrel to work at Hogwarts knowing he’s #sketchy af (he asks Snape to keep an eye on him), he barely tells Harry anything, he lets an abuser and former terrorist teach at his school (*coughs* Snape can choke) and completely ignores the students’ and other teachers worries about said teacher.

And as the cherry on the top, Harry and Ginny name one of their children (Hell yes I’m bringing this up, don’t @ me) after him because who else could you name your kid after? Your dead parents? The people who practically raised you (Molly, Arthur, Hagrid)?? Your actual family (Molly, Arthur, Hagrid, Lupin, Sirius)??? I just… why?? (*coughs* it was the psychological manipulation but don’t mind me).


*you should give these articles a go, I’m sure I missed a bunch of stuff as I’m still re-reading the series, but these articles are all really good!

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14 Reasons Why We Hate Dumbledore

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Albus Dumbledore (If you read any of these articles read this. Warning: this is very long but very worth it)



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22 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS & FEELINGS ON ALBUS DUMBLEDORE // HP Discussions

  1. yes amazing post! i write hp discussion every year in june, i think last year is about albus? this year i think i’m going to write about snape or hp plot holes. anyways, i totally agree, especially about the abuse. but more than that, it’s how he used people. remus lupin left alone while 2 of his best friends died, one is in azkaban for those deaths. he was in extreme poverty when albus found him… where was he for the last 13 years??? remus was part of the first order, once voldemort is down and he doesn’t need a spy for the werewolves he cast lupin aside? yet snape lives in the comfort of hogwarts? what about the longbottoms? does he even care about them? it really pisses me off.

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    1. Thank you! Ooh I’d love to hear what you have to say about Snape. Also, yeah, there are actually so many plot holes, like, why did the cup in GOB go back to Hogwarts when Harry escaped Voldemort in the graveyard?? Voldemort was expecting the element of surprise to help him build his army again so why did they return to Hogwarts? I don’t know, but now I’m thinking about it πŸ€”.

      I completely agree, There was so much more that I could have talked about but, this is also one of the big things about him, he’s such a flawed and f’d up character. I think Sirius had a quote “If You Want to Know What a Man’s Like, Look at How He Treats His Inferiors” and I think that is really interesting when you compare it to how Dumbledore treats people different to him – especially Lupin and Sirius. Exactly, I never understood his treatment of Snape compared to others – I mean Snape bullies and abuses his students and he never even bats an eye, he even makes Harry work with him outside class in HP 6. It’s horribly screwed up.


    1. Haha, yes! I feel that, he is such an untrustworthy character, but he’s written in such a flowery way that it takes so long to understand what kind of a man he is! I completely agree I don’t know why they’re allowed to teach!


  2. This tea is delicious….yassss girl you tell them!!!! Since I read it for the first time recently, I end up having the same reaction. Dumbledore was just so shady and wasn’t nearly as wise as everyone made him out to be???

    Also Snape is trash and I’ll ride or die by that statement. I hate him and his greasy hair!!!! I can’t wait to check out the other posts you linked πŸ˜€

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  3. I feel this exact same way about both Dumbledore and Snape!!! They’re both terrible.
    Dumbledore knew Snape treated Harry horribly and allowed it to happen in his school, even forced Harry spend more time with Snape!! I agree it all makes a good plot, but then to reward them by having Harry name his children after them… THE FRUSTRATION!!! At least Dumbledore kind of saved the world before, Snape is just pure trash, in my opinion.

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    1. Exactly, everyone and their mother’s cat knew that Snape was an unfair and abusive teacher and yet Dumbledore let him get away with everything! Exactly, little things like that make me think Dumbledore never really cared much for his students – like, how he let Neville be in the class where Moody demonstrated the curses. Personally, I think that was really slack of Dumbledore especially since he okayed the class with Moody and definitely knew about Neville’s parents.

      Haha, exactly, Snape was plain evil!

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  4. One day, I’m going to write a Ron discussion. I’ve got things to say xD

    I agree, I never got it why Dumbledore didn’t really do… things. Either about Voldemort when he was still a teen, or about Harry’s situation.


    Yeah, I guess I always expected him to have REASONS, but.. he never did have ones that would have made it all okay.

    It’s true that former terrorists were teaching children – but I also believe that it’s (sadly) probably a good depiction of how OUR world works 😦 a world where 1500 children disappear and the presidents daughter tweets a picture with her child, safe in her arms? As if to taunt them? This world is no better 😦 GAH :/

    I believe that Dumbledore was… a good politician. Knew how to use things and people to his own goals. And knew how not to feel guilty about it, I guess? Hence.. Good politician. That’s what they are…

    Well this got dark real quick.

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    1. OMG YES PLEASE Negative or positive? Because I love me some book Ron!

      Exactly, I feel like Dumbledore was all talk until book 5/6 and he never told Harry anything and then he went and fell off the tower so he was basically useless. Was there even a point to him other than to have a weird old character??

      I completely agree, sadly it is far too real to how we’re living now.

      Now that you bring it up I completely agree with yo, he is certainly manipulative enough to get the job and I mean he basically was Minster for a while because up until book 4 Fudge pretty much did everything he wanted!


      1. So there we go! Good politician. Good guy or bad guy, in that sense – he’s a well written character :p and unfortunately, my post about Ron will probably be negative xD but I just read The Goblet of Fire. It’s way too easy to hate on Ron after that book xD he’s being such a butt-head teenager, OMG xD


        1. Aww no, I love Ron! I do understand the argument against him though, he makes some pretty poor choices throughout the series Either way, I’m excited to read your post!


  5. Fantastic post, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me or anyone else feel.

    Destroying childhood characters is never fun, but you are so spot on with everything you said. It’s interesting, sure, but these are problematic features that are never REALLY called out within the books themselves.

    I personally would have LOVED some real introversion development on Dumbledore’s part in the last few books, something where he discusses and acknowledges all the terrible things he did. I also find that this isn’t the first glorified ‘hero’ character that I’ve come across, who really is just someone pulling all the strings to suit how s/he thinks things should go without much care of anyone else. Which is a pretty terrible trope imo.

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, there is nothing worse than realising an old fave is actually hella problematic! I feel the same way, I know this is a children’s book series but that is what makes this worse. It never gets called out and Harry names his kid after him, what kind of messages is that sending to children?

      Exactly! I don’t know if he even regrets what he did. Obviously he feels remorse for what happened to his sister, but I don’t know if he actually regrets his past actions. Ugh I’m so mad about how shitty he was.

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  6. When I was younger, I really looked up to Dumbledore. I thought he was the bees knees. But now, being 25, I realized Dumbledore was actually kind of trash. Like honestly, everything you said about him was spot on.

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