THE PROS AND CONS OF A STYLED SHELF // I’m in a shelf slump?

Hey guys, today I am coming to you with a new discussion. Today I want to chat about bookshelves, something we all love. I have been in a shelf slump (is that even a real thing) lately and so I thought I would go through a bunch of ways to organise my shelves and see which way you guys prefer to deck out your shelves! Also, just fyi, none of these photos are mine, I found them all on Google Images!

Let me know how you organise your shelves!



This is probably the look everyone goes for aesthetically. I think this is probably the most common look you can find on Bookstagram or Booktube. It’s a really fun way to style your bookshelf and brighten up your bookshelves. I like to style my shelves this way around exams because it’s a small thing but, it helps to brighten my mood every time I go into my room to study.

However, is it practical? Sure, it looks absolutely amazing and so pretty! But, if you buy books regularly I’m sure it would be difficult to continue the rainbow and still have nice-looking shelves. I really like this idea but the only con would be having series apart if that bugs you.


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So, I have never organised my shelf this way. Once, while sick, I attempted to organise my mum’s shelf alphabetically (via author) and it was a total disaster. I mean, who’s got the time? It takes hours to organise! You have to get the books off the shelves, alphabetise the authors and then actually put them all the shelves! I know that personally, this type of style is just not for me. I don’t really need to keep all my books by each author in one spot and I just don’t think it’s necessary, though I’m sure it might be appealing for a lot of people. Also, I’m sure it might give your shelves a cool library sort of look.


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On one hand, this could be really helpful, in terms of just being able to find a certain book, but also for blogging. I find this is really helpful for me whenever I recommend books via genre on my blog. I did have my shelves like this before I took the plunge and switched to rainbow and I really loved it. It looks slightly more random to people who don’t know my shelves, but I find it is a really cool and efficient way to quickly find books, and it is a good way to also keep series together if keeping them apart bother you.


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Aside from colour and genre, this is one of my favourite ways to style my bookshelves. I love the really cool way you can make your shelves look really neat by keeping them all the same size. It looks really great and makes me feel really proud whenever I look at my shelves. The only downside is that much like most of these ideas, you have to rearrange a big part of your shelves if you buy new books, so you can add the new ones! However, organising your books by height can also bring attention to how big some of your books really are, and then you might find yourself avoiding them.


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I wasn’t quite sure how to name this style but, basically what I mean by “spines in” is if you can see the image, it’s to have the pages facing outwards, opposite to having the spines on display, like they would be in the other organisation techniques. I think this style looks absolutely amazing and turns out really well in photos, but I don’t have good enough lighting in my room (what is even the point of having a window if you don’t get any sun) for it to look any good.

I also don’t know my books well enough to not have the spines out. I have enough trouble finding my books with the titles facing out so I can’t imagine how long it would take me to find my books without that help. But, it looks so good though???


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So, you can take this one way. One, you can organise each series in chronological order. Or, two, if you can collect sites or books by your favourite authors you could have whole shelves of a particular author (I’m looking at you, Riordan) with all their books in order by publication date. And while, I really love this idea, and definitely used to do this when I was younger and had a lot fewer books (literally, they all fit on the one shelf on top of my bed). However, now that I have more books and I have tried more ways to organise my shelves, I have found that this isn’t the style for me. I’ve found that it doesn’t look quite as good and it really limits at least, my creativity.


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Aesthetically, it usually looks like shite, but if you fiddle around with it you can make it work. For the last 6 months, I have had two different shelves on my main white shelf in my room. The top shelf was my tbr shelf and the one below was my favourites and my favourite hardbacks (I don’t really own many hardbacks) together. I found that I really loved having my favourite books together, but because now all my books are apart I feel a big pressure not to reread old favourites, but to read my tbr shelf. So, it’s both a good thing and a bad thing.



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