So, I know I don’t talk about this often, but I am actually a really big audiobooks fan. I am constantly listening to an audiobook, particularly when I’m writing a blog post or doing anything on my computer. So today, I will be recommending some audiobooks to you guys, so hopefully, you’ll want to check them out!

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SCYTHE Apart from the fact that this is an awesome story the audiobook is also great. It’s nothing special – there are no crazy background sounds and there is only one narrator. But, I think the story is narrated really well.

CARAVAL I read this physically last year and then listened to it for the first time in the back end of last month. it is your run of the mill audiobook but I actually found it really helped me get into the mind of the character because I often forget what is going on when I’m reading a book physically.

PETER PAN So if you know anything about me, you know that I am obsessed with everything Peter Pan. I’m not saying I want to go to Neverland, but I am absolutely nuts about the lore of it all. This version of this audiobook is the Audible exclusive and it’s narrated by the actress Lily Collins and I think she was perfect as the narrator.

THE FINAL EMPIRE This book is so good. I was slightly cautious when I was outlining this post because the author is quite a controversial topic because he is a homophobe. But, if you can ignore the author, his Mistborn trilogy is actually really good and amazingly thought out. If you don’t want to support the author, which is completely understandable, I think some of the books are on YouTube and you might be able to borrow them from a local library. Anyway, the books are really well narrated and I really enjoy how complex this world is.

TRULY DEVIOUS I listened to Truly Devious earlier this year and while I thought the actual book was meh, I really did enjoy the audiobook. I just seem to really enjoy listening to murder mysteries because it’s really cool to be in the background and just be told what is going on, if that makes sense. I would equate it to watching an episode of a cop drama, you’re just watching/ listening in the background.

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HARRY POTTER SERIES I love listening to this series because Stephen Fry is an amazing narrator! I am not a big fan of Jim Dale’s narration and have pretty much turned it off after a couple of minutes whenever I’ve attempted to give his narration a listen. Harry Potter was just meant to be narrated by Stephen Fry. If you are having trouble getting into the books physically I recommend giving the audiobooks a try!

MAGNUS CHASE TRILOGY This is a great trilogy anyway but, I really enjoyed listening to the trilogy on audio. I have read most of Rick Riordan’s books physically but recently I have been listening to them on audio. I don’t know what it is about these books, but I just really enjoy listening to them. It’s probably because all of Rick Riordan’s books have the same brand of humour and listening on audio just makes it feel like the character is actually telling the story to you out loud.

STALKING JACK THE RIPPER SERIES I usually hate female narrators but for some reason, I really like this one? I really really love listening to mysteries on audio so this series is honestly perfect for me. Unlike with Truly Devious, I do actually love this book, but my point still stands that listening to murder mysteries being solved is a really fun experience. The characters in this series are all amazing and getting to hear their banter out loud is a whole lot of fun!

STARBOUND TRILOGY I have only listened to the first to books in this trilogy on audio but I will be listening to book 3 soon. Like with Harry Potter, I suggest giving these a listen. I find that these are quite easy to have on in the background. I can just write blog posts all day and chuck one of these on in the background and still enjoy both activities. These are fun sci-fi books with a heavy focus on romance so if that sounds fun I definitely recommend the trilogy!

THE MARTIAN This book is absolutely amazing and you will experience every emotion under the sun. Because this is on audio and because of the way this book is written this literally feels like Mark is talking to you. It feels like you’re going through the experience with him and it is both terrifying and wonderful at the same time. I could not recommend this book enough, however you read it.

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ANNE OF GREEN GABLES I personally think that the audible exclusives are really cool but I’ve only listened to a few of them. And of the exclusives, this is one of my favourites. Rachel McAdams’ voice is perfect for Anne and she really captured the lightheartedness and care-free nature of Anne.

THE RAVEN BOYS I am one of those readers who constantly forgets everything about the character/s they are reading about. So, I pretty much read the first three books in this series and then I listened to book 4 on audio (I have since listened to all the books on audio) and was honestly thrown for a loop when the narrator started to doing accents. I WAS SHOCKED. So, listening to this on audio for me, was just so helpful because I feel like I actually connected with the character more than I did reading the books physically.

THE TRIALS OF APOLLO This book is so funny. The main character is the most self-centred character I have ever read from and OH MY LORD. He is hilarious and the whole book is from his pov and so listening to it on audio is the funniest thing because much like so many of the other books on this list, it is like the main character is telling you their story – much like Kvothe to the Chronicler in Name of The Wind, and it’s a really cool experience.

EVERY HEART A DOORWAY If you want a short audiobook centred around a mystical mystery this is the book for you! I really enjoy this series and definitely recommend it if you have longer trips to work or if you have a short road trip. It’s a really fun way to pretty much experience a whole story in one go.

ALEX RIDER SERIES I find that whenever I am a bit sad or whenever I just want to light a candle, and just calm down and so some colouring in I will turn one of these books on. The narration is pretty normal but just having the availability is really comforting because I can just chuck one of the books on and automatically I just become more chillaxed.



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