It feels like forever since I’ve written a discussion because I feel like all I’ve done is write discussions and be sick lately, but actually, I wrote a discussion the other day? Anywayyy, so today I want to talk about bookish merch, since the other day I talked about Book Boxes and now I’m in the mood.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Do you like bookish merch? Have you ever bought any?


So, I love bookish merch as much as the next person, but how necessary is it? I mean, is it just a waste of money? It’s a lot. Candles, pop funkos, posters, tote bags, clothes, stickers, stationery, phone cases, pillows, coffee mugs etc.Β So, why do we buy any of it? Do we buy any of it?



So, the pros of bookish merch, what are they?

Well, I mean #1 is that it’s kind of awesome. People are so creative that they can make candles that smell like aΒ character?

Bookish merchandising looks awesome and there is soo much variety. You can buy it pretty much anywhere online and sometimes even in stores – and isn’t that just the coolest thing???

Also, they’re just a fun inside thing. People who don’t read probably won’t get it. Sort of like how the quote “Not all those who wander are lost” is a seriously popular hipster quote. But, in reality, it is also a line from a poem written by Tolkien.

Let’s face it, bookish merch is really fun and creative. It’s a really cool thing to have as a reminder of your favourite books and characters.


So, we’ve established that bookish merch is amazing but, is it worth the hype? I think last month we established that bookish boxes are not worth the hype, so what about bookish merch you can buy individuallyΒ by your own choice? Is it still worth it? Let’s discuss!

So, first things first, The Big Kahuna. Shipping. I mean, obviously, I’m international, but shipping can be the name or break for whether I buy any bookish merch. Generally, for me, the shipping costs more than the actual product. Seriously, I never even bother going on Etsy because the shipping is just not worth it.

Also, maybe this should’ve been my main point but, not everyone actually likes merch? It’s cool and it always looks good but not everyone wants nock knacks on their shelves which is totally understandable.

This point is maybe just me but, it often looks too good to actually use. I mean, come on, the creator puts so much effort into the product and I love these characters so why would I ruin it by using it??? Though, I am actively trying to change this. I have a few bookish candles and I am really excited to use them!

By the looks of my Book box post, not everyone really likes bookish merch. I will say that I do like the idea of having a bookish candle, but not everyone can use candles because of their cats, so if you’re not big on shirts or totes or bookmarks then what is the point of it? Is it just a waste of money?



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  1. Hmm interesting post Ellyn. I’m also international so I never buy subscription boxes or etsy or society6, the shipping is craaazyyy, not to mention the customs can be shady and the postal system here sucks. Anyway, I have 3 funko pops and while I was excited when I got them, I come to realize that they’re just…. there. Sure, they are nice to look at but they really serve no purpose, as much as I love them. So I guess they are not really worth the hype for me Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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    1. Thank you! I completely understand I like the idea of bookish merch or merch in general but, for me the cons outway the pros. I do have a couple of pop funkos but they are mostly ones my mum has bought for me or superheroes I really like. I agree with you though, I think they might be better for kids because I mean… it’s a toy.


  2. I think price is definitely a consideration, but the nice thing about a lot of merch is that it’s useful anyway. If I need a tote bag or a new mug, why not consider getting a book-related one? Obviously things like Funkos are different. I have a couple on my shelves and think they’e fun, but I will never understand the appeal of having 100 of them. Or having 25 bookish candles. I could never use that many.

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    1. I completely agree I think some things like Bookmarks and candles can be useful. But at the same time, I will probably still use a receipt and buy cheap candles from Target anyway. Oh, I feel the same way, I have a few Funkos of my favourite characters but I will never be a collector and I really don’t have many bookish candles and while they are really cool I will probably not buy any others.

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      1. I think price is a particularly good point about candles. I might be willing to spend more if I want a particular print on a mug or a bag or something, but since bookish candles are largely not really different from other candles besides the label, you might as well get a cheaper one that also just smells like pine or pumpkin or whatever.

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  3. I see the appeal of bookish merch, especially for Instagram accounts. They’re often really cute, and can spice up photos quite a bit with their inclusion. That being said, I wouldn’t shell out money for much merchandise myself. I have candles at home that I bought at local stores, I don’t really need a Feyre branded candle to appreciate the book, you know? I prefer to spend my money on books, rather than on merchandise.

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    1. Oh, of course! I didn’t even think about that, of course, Bookstagram accs would love bookish merch.I feel the same, I could buy twice as many candles at Target than I could by getting one with a fancy label that smells like a character. Exactly, I know I love the character so a candle is not really necessary for me.

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  4. i love this post! when i used to do bookstagram more, i was definitely more into bookish merch because it felt like something i needed (both for props and inspiration). now that i’ve very much eased up on bookstagram, i’m not so sure. in the end i think i’d just rather spend money on books than on book-related things!

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    1. Ahh, yes it never even occurred to me to mention Bookstagram, probably because I’ve never really taken part. I agree I think it’s probably worth just buying actual books. I mean, aren’t books merch enough???

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  5. I have to admit that I am a huge merch person. Mainly film merch but also books and theatre, I definitely have way too much! I love a ‘cluttered’ room look as it makes me happy and represents my personality. I totally get why people wouldn’t like merch though. And I have to agree on shipping. I’m lucky to live in the UK but if I order from anywhere else the shipping often doubles the price! Really interesting and unique discussion I’ve never thought about before πŸ™‚

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    1. Ahh, finally! Everyone in the comments has been pretty meh so far! Haha, I guess I also collect film merch?? I have a few funko pops on my shelves! Haha, I agree, my room can definitely be described as cluttered, though maybe that’s just because my room is tiny and consists mainly of bookshelves and a desk.
      Ahh, you’re so lucky, shipping is hell in Aus, so I have to really save if there’s something I really want! Thank you for your comment, it was really fun to hear a different opinion on the topic!

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