Hey guys! Today I am done. Just, done stressing out about my blog statistics. In my opinion, my stats aren’t what they could be, but right now I am tired and just want to stop stressing out about my stats for once. 

So, because I am stressed out about my blog and all I have wanted to do lately is improve it and my stats, today I am going to talk about why I should stop stressing about it. 

If you want to know more about how WordPress statistics work, you should check out the support page here, it’s super helpful!



Views can be important, especially when you’re talking to publishers, but generally, they don’t matter. To me views aren’t all that important, I usually don’t pay any attention my views number per month. How do I know that all my views aren’t just coming from the same 10 people? Are people actually reading my posts or just clicking in and out of my blog?

What’s the point in stressing about stats you really cannot do anything to improve?



So you got 1000+ views a few months ago but now you’re down to 300-400 a month. Crazy as it sounds, that’s a good thing – you have regulars, you’re famous!

Along with views, I typically don’t stress about my visitors stats per month or even per week. Sure, it’s nice to know that a bunch of people have said h to your blog that month. But, really, your visitors, along with your views will also help when you’re trying to request from publishers – it shows publishers that you have a frequent audience on your blog.

Though, if you are trying to improve your visitors and views stats then you should try Top 5 Wednesday or another meme like that because it’s easy to get people to look at those. If you also link them to the pages on GoodReads that could also help your views.



Look at how many people like you! Don’t worry if the numbers are down, who cares about likes anyway? These stats are not indicative of how good a post was or how popular your month has been with your followers, that doesn’t mean you didn’t rock their bookish world. I rarely even look at my likes stats because honestly, so many people forget to even like a post anyway. What’s the point in stressing about a post that a bunch of people possibly did read – just didn’t remember or have time to like or comment on.


I feel like comments are the stats people fret over the most – why? Well, how do you comment? If you comment back then half of them are from you anyway. You only had 90 last month but now you have 190, what did you do differently? Did you engage in some conversations? Plan a buddy read? Did you enjoy your new comment style or did you hate it? Did you write a post that engages your readers?

In the same way that likes often don’t show how popular a post was, comments don’t always do that either. Often people want to say something but are too shy or just don’t know how to say what they want to say so they might like and leave. Don’t worry about it, your blog is awesome and you’re probably killing the blogging game and making people super jealous!


At the end of the day, your stats won’t define you – you define you. If you need stats to make your day better then you’re looking for happiness in all the wrong places. The world doesn’t start and end in stats so take a moment and enjoy your blog for what it is. Your blog.



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    1. Thank you! I know! Stats are always in the back of my head, and it’s totally a mental thing but, at the end of the day I love my blog so I’m gonna stick around!


  1. this is suuuuch a lovely reassuring post! a couple of times in the last few months i’ve gotten a bit too stressed about consistent stat growth, and it always leads to a blogging slump for me. keeping this stuff in mind is so important! thanks for this ❤

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    1. Thank you, I’m so glad! I know how you feel, I think my blog has really started to grow in the last couple of months and so naturally, I’ve been obsessing over stats.
      No problem! I’m always here (or I’m pretty much always on Twitter) if you want to rant to somebody!

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  2. Great Post and I totally get what you mean.. I try not to stress myself with my stats but when you reach some points in your blogging life (for instance my blog is about to be a year old — Happy Blogging birthday to me) You find yourself questioning everything .. why do I still have so little followers, why I had more likes this or that day.. Am I doing things right?? After I freak out, I remind myself to try and take it easy and let things flow.. otherwise I won’t enjoy it anymore and that’s a big part of the reason I do this…

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    1. Than you! Exactly, some days you just wake up and stress out about stats. It’s nor fun but I think that’s the curse of running a blog. We’re just constantly worrying about whether or not we’re good enough on our blogs. It’s a struggle.
      Just take it easy and remember that as you keep blogging your blog will gain more traction and you will gain followers and bigger stats. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight but, as long as you’re having fun and enjoying writing your blog, you won’t mind the slow months.

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  3. I haven’t been blogging very long and when I first started all I wanted was to get more views and likes. Now, I don’t really care about those things.

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      1. I remind myself a lot in every aspect of my life that if I enjoy doing something it doesn’t matter what other people think. Of course, I want people to like my posts, but even if one person enjoys it then it’s a good thing. If no one likes it, at least I enjoyed my time writing it. Life is stressful enough without me adding to it.

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  4. I like looking at my stats, but after seven years of blogging, they’re often still a mystery to me. Why does traffic go up and then go suddenly way down three months later? I have no idea.

    In general, I like comments as a decent indicator of reader interest because it’s true view and likes are less reliable in terms of telling you whether someone actually read the post or actually liked it.

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    1. I have only been on my blog for a little under two years but I can still relate!

      I agree. I used the post to mostly talk about why we shouldn’t stress about stats, but yes, I agree. I use comments for the same reason, I just wanted to focus on why we shouldn’t stress about them in this post.

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  5. Great post! I started a bookstagram way before my blog and kinda got through the stressing about followers phase ages ago and I’m glad that went away because it’s so freeing not worrying about that on there and my blog!

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      1. Not entirely sure myself haha. I focus on the fact that I love what I do and find it fun! + also that I’d probably still do it if at least just one person listened to what I had to say.

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  6. This is a fantastic post! It’s so easy to fall into obsessing over stats, especially when you’re making review requests.

    I feel like my blog has plateaued a little in increasing numbers, but thankfully I decided to ease off my requests for a little while so I haven’t dwelled in it too much.

    As long as you have regulars to chat to, who cares!

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ I completely agree, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed by stats and whether or not you’re making enough “impact”, especially when you’re trying to talk to publishers.

      Don’t worry about publishers so much! Thin of it this way, the books will still be available, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer! Anyway, this way you have more time to read the books on your physical tbr!

      Exactly, blogging regulars and friends are better than visitors anyway! ❤️

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  7. I LOVED how you wrote your conclusion, because it’s SO true. Stats should never define your self-worth, because then you’ll have a problem when they decline! I never look too much on my stats, because it tends to stress me and I would rather focus on writing posts and interacting with other bookworms 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Exactly, we should focus on writing posts that we know we and our followers will enjoy! The more we enjoy what we write the more it will show etc.


  8. The stats on my blog always seem kind of random. Something will be popular one time, but not the next time I do it! I don’t see the point of worrying since I can’t discern any type of pattern, anyway. To me, it’s more fun to have good discussions with other readers and bloggers and less important to worry about views–many of which are from search engine hits and thus from people who aren’t following my blog at all!

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    1. I feel you on that. Blogging is so unpredictable in that way. I find that with things like tbrs and wrap ups you will probably have more steady stats because either people will read it and come back or they won’t. But, also I don’t write those posts so maybe I’m talking bs??
      I feel the same way, I prefer to be able to discuss posts with my followers in the comments rather than anything else.


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