Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new recommendations post, but today I’ll be switching it up and recommending booktubers! I haven’t done this before but, I hope you enjoy!

Remeber to click on the names of the Booktubers to go to their channels!


Cece @ ProbelmsofaBookNerd

Cece is my main source of lgbtqia+ recommendations. She is also in my top 3 favourite BookTubers (along with Booksandlala & LilyCReads). Like, I said, Cece is one of my faves so couldn’t not recommend her.

She does really fantastic and in-depth reviews, she reads really diversely and she does break out and talk about other things like music (she sings and plays the Ukele) and movies. She’s fantastic and has a really upbeat personality which is honestly why I binge her videos A LOT!


Raeleen @ Padfootandprongs07

Okay so, technically Raeleen stopped making videos early on last year but, she still remains one of my og faves. You can still find here on Instagram where she talks about her reading there. Raeleen reads pretty much everything from manga to horror and non-fiction. If you want comics or manga recommendations she’s your gal.

Lala @ BooksandLala

Lala is amazing and I love her. She has really unique and original content and honestly, seeing her videos in my feed brightens my day. She’s a lovely lady and she makes the best vlogs in the history of vlogs. She’s really honest and very particular about what she reads. You know what to expect from her and you can always expect an honest review from Lala.

Alana @ King Books

Alana is the fan that we all aspire to be. She has an entire bookshelf full of Funko Pops, she goes to soo many conventions and she is just an all-around nerd and I love it.

Alana is your one-stop guide to anything fandom. You don’t know what to take to your fandom convention? She’s got a video for that! Everyone on the planet has stopped watching Supernatural and you need someone to fangirl with? Alana is your girl!

Caleb @ InsaneReader

We need more male Booktubers! Caleb is hilarious and is also very honest. If he doesn’t like a book, or if his opinions change on a book he will say so. I just really enjoy his channel because he tries to make unique content like Book Funerals and his more recent Recreating Bookstagram pictures videos. His videos are always very fun and different and never fail to make me laugh!


Lily @ LilyCReads

Lily’s videos feed my pessimistic Aussie heart and I love her for it. She’s very honest and that is what I love about her. If she doesn’t like something she will let you know and not skip around the bush. She is also currently reading and vlogging her experience of reading Harry Potter for the first time and I love it! It’s really interesting to hear all of her opinions for the first time, especially as an older reader since I read these all for the first time when I was a lot younger and I remember nothing.


Regan @ Peruseproject

I am so used to Booktuber mostly just talking about just the hyped YA books so whenever Regan talks about her fascination with The Romanovs or recommends historical fiction I just get excited! She still reads fantasy and contemporary (but mostly fantasy) but she does also read a lot of historical fiction. And as someone who is starting to get into historical fiction (particularly ones including murder mysteries), her channel is such a help to me!

Julia @ JuliaSapphire

Julia is one of the more recent Booktubers that I’ve somehow only found this year. I love her content, it just feels different. She loves poetry but she also loves Stephen King and makes awesome vlogs! She has really interesting and original content and I enjoy every video she makes.



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    1. I often listen to Booktube on the side while I’m writing my blog posts or replying to comments. I used to watch Emmmabooks but honestly, her personality just clashes with mine so I unsubscribed (also I hate Shadowhunters so…) but, I do really enjoy watching A Clockwork Reader but, have never heard of Lucy’s channel, so I’ll have to check her out.


  1. Regan @ Peruse Project is one of my favourite BookTubers as well. I don’t really watch that much BookTube anymore (a max of around 10 channels compared to a few years ago) but hers is one I watch regularly because she talks about such a wide variety of books and I can’t help but get interested in nearly every one of them.

    I also like Hannah @ Clockwork Reader, Hailey @ Hailey in Bookland, Maddie and Bee from their channel of the same name, and Sarah-Jane @ The Book Life.

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    1. Ahh, to be honest, if I didn’t watch Booktube I honestly don’t think I would even watch Youtube. I don’t really follow many others, apart from a few like Danisnotonfire or Sarah’s Day.
      Ahh, I love Hailey’s channel, her vlogs make me so happy!

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  2. it’s been forever since i watched booktube but i used to lovelovelove Regan @ Peruse Project!! if i decide to jump back in i’m going to check these ones out fosho

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