How I Feel About The Marauders // HP Discussions

I don’t really care about The Marauders. Okay, so now that I’ve got your attention! Today I will be talking about The Marauders from the Harry Potter series and maybe this will be controversial??

I, like most other HP fans, would love to have more books in the HP series but I think its safe to say that most fans would kill for a prequel like this. Though, if I’m honest I would much rather read a prequel focusing on the Peverell Brothers (which coincidentally, I have talked about here). I would rather read a book that goes into the beginnings of Hogwarts with the founders, or the formations of the Ministry. I would, of course, read a book focussing on The Marauders, but I would also love to read pretty much anything else.


I would totally read a Marauders prequelΒ because, 1. more Hogwarts and 2. I’m doing it for Harry! At this point it feels like I owe it to Harry to read more about his family.

Why don’t I want to read it? Well, mostly because I don’t care. But, also because I don’t know when this book would be set. I could read it if it was set in their senior years or around when they all join The Order. But, if it ended up being set around the beginning r middle of their time in school then I doubt I would enjoy it.Β I don’t want to read about bullies – I just don’t care. I would love a prequel just like everyone else but also let’s beΒ real, do I want to read a book about 2 kids bullying people and 2 other people indirectly bully others?

I know that the Marauders, particularly Sirius and James, the primary bullies did grow up and get their heads out of the asses, but still…

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Honestly, at this point, I feel like we all have some pretty intense ideas of who we think each of the characters are and how we think they act and think. We all have our own headcanons and ideas of how a prequel would turn out. So, if we actually got a Marauders novel, would we actually like it or would we deem it non-canon like a certain play?

At this point, we know that a certain author will never actually confirm in her books or movies whether or not some characters are gay. So, for all the people who ship Sirius and Remus, fanfiction might be the only option.

Basically, I’m really pessimistic and I just feel like at some point Rowling will write one because she needs money and it will be very underwhelming.



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13 thoughts on “How I Feel About The Marauders // HP Discussions

  1. I completely agree. I don’t think a Marauders book is a good idea, for several of the reasons you listed. James and Sirius were bullies and I just don’t want to read that sort of thing. Also, after Cursed Child, I don’t really trust spin-off books to be true to the series.


    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t think it’s a good idea! I wouldn’t mind a book based around their time joining The Order because yeah, I just don’t want to read about a group of bullies. Haha, yeah I hear The Cursed Child was a bit of a disaster. I bought it the day it came out and have never even picked it up because of how badly it turned out.


  2. I agree. As much as I’d love a prequel about the founding of Hogwarts or maybe even more about Voldemort, I don’t think I’d want to read it. I’m getting a bit sick of J.K. Rowling deciding and making up all kinds of things that aren’t canon anywhere just to make the books more relevant (example, Perkamentus sexuality). This causes that I almost don’t trust J.K. Rowling with her own story, too scared that she messes it up in one way or another.

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    1. I agree, pretty much anything else would be more interesting to read about, but with the way J K Rowling acts towards her fans has really made me not respect her. She just pulls “canon” out of her ass. It’s like you said, she just decided things so she can stay relevant even when they are never talked about in the books.

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  3. I’d personally love to see how their characters develop from teenage bullies to ‘good’ adults fighting in a war. Bullying wouldn’t a new subject for J.K Rowling, we have Snape and Draco in the original series. However, like you said, I don’t think she could write a story anyone would be happy with. A story around the founders sounds like it could be amazing. Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor’s relationship would be interesting to explore. I’m sure there a million fan fictions I could found about it.

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    1. That’s actually very true, though I have to be honest, I don’t count Snape as a bully, but as more of an abuser.
      Yeah, I just don’t think a Marauders novel would make many people happy – sure you can meet some of the characters properly, like James and Lily but, I feel that because so many fans have already read so much fanfiction that a proper book would never reach expectations. And it’s the same with the founders, there is probably so many better ideas on fanfictions sites.

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  4. I feel kind of similar in that any Harry Potter universe stuff that gets thrown my way i will happily devour it! But, i’m also not sure about a marauders book because like you mention, they are jerks for a long while and there are so many headcanons about them now it would be difficult to know how to take it. I think i would really love a book about the founders of hogwarts, i think that would be so cool!

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    1. I know I would buy or at least borrow out from the library any new HP stuff from Rowling. But, I feel like at this point, the only way she has to go is down. She has lost the respect of so many lifetime followers because of Twitter fights and fbawtft character drama.
      Also yeah, I don’t want to read a book about a group of bullying jerks when I could read a probably 100% better and character-driven fanfic that actually properly cares about the characters.

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  5. You bring up some pretty excellent points. I was completely devastated at the Cursed Child and I’m afraid that anymore books of HP would be just as disappointing. I agree with you, about reading one when they join the Order. I think that would be cool to read since we didn’t get a lot of information about it.

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    1. Thank you! I am honestly afraid that she will write more in this world and that if she does, I won’t be able to stop myself from reading it. At this point in my life and in her career, all she does is disappoint her readers because of her behaviour on Twitter and I’m just sick of it. Honestly, I think at this point, if I get curious abt a certain thing concerning HP, I will just consult fanfic writers.

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      1. I’ve read some hella good fan fiction and I really should get back into it. But you are right. It breaks my heart to see her behave this way because I really looked up to her. Her books defined my childhood and my tastes in reading.

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