Hey guys, today I’m coming at you guys with a new TV Chats! I feel like I haven’t posted one of these in so long, which makes no sense since I enjoy writing them so much!




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It had to happen eventually.

I just don’t care anymore. I was never a big fan of the books at all so giving the show was a big leap of faith. I did really enjoy the show for the most part but eventually, I just stopped enjoying it. I got roughly halfway through season 2 before just giving up on the show. Most of this did have something to do with Dominic Sherwood. I just have a big problem with him, he says some really dumb shit. I just can’t get on board with him.


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But, Ellyn aren’t you a total superhero nerd???

I know. I know.

That’s totally what you were all thinking. Well, actually yes I am, but for some reason, the shows just never click with me. I used to be a total Arow fangirl but then I realised that the show has gone to sh*t and there’s no point in me watching the Olicity show anymore when all I care about is Diggle.

On a similar note, I no longer care about The Flash and I could never get on board with Legends of Tomorrow. My younger brothers, however, absolutely love these two shows, so maybe they’re better for younger viewers???

However, I have seen a few random scenes from Supergirl and I am intrigued (mainly by Katie McGrath) so I might try giving it a shot at some point but for now, I think I’ll just stay away from DC in general. (Until Aquaman comes out, because in December that will be the only thing I talk about, whoops!)


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Oh, boy. Yeah. Yeah, I know you guys, please don’t hurt me.

I am more of a Marvel fan, rather than a DC fan.Β I used to be really into the Marvel shows as well as the DC shows, I was all about the superhero shows. It was ridiculous.

Of the shows that are out, the only one I still care about is Jessica Jones. I know season 2 is coming out at some point soon, maybe hopefully?? I actually have no idea, which probably shows how much I care about Marvel tv, wow. I know there are a whole lot of Marvel shows so here’s the low down:

Daredevil – I love the cast and this is a good show but I just don’t care enough. Karen is the only good thing in this world.Β  I think I got a few episodes into season 2 before giving up.

Defenders – huh, this actually got greenlit, did it?

That guy with the tat – Yeah… no. #sorrynotsorry

His whole fam is dead and he likes Karen – I do not have the patience for Marvel shows anymore – I just don’t care enough anymore.

Wait, Agent’s of Shield is still running?? – How has this not been cancelled yet???


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With these three shows, I honestly don’t know what I should do. Late last year I really got back into Once Upon A Time and so did my youngest brother but I haven’t watched it in months. I know I will eventually get back to the show, but I think I will get back to it when I next get the flu.

As for Grimm, it’s pretty much the same situation as OUAT. I enjoy this while I’m watching it (mainly because the main guy is a cop) but, most of the time I just find a reason to not watch the show.

And then we have The Vampire Diaries, a show only got 15 episodes into before I got a bit fed up with the drama. Though I will say, I always thought I would route for Damon but right now, I don’t hate Stefan, so I hope he ends up happy at the end of the series.



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  1. I’ve also given up on Once upon a time, as it’s got too confusing and nonsensical. It was supposed to be about fairy tale characters, but then everyting from Disney cartoons got thrown in, like Brave, Mulan, Frozen…wth. If they stuck to fairy tales I would definitely continue.

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    1. I feel so bad and I might eventually go back (for a third time lol) and watch it again because I do own seasons 1-6 whoops. It’s a fantastic idea for a series but once they started incorporating stuff like Frozen I just gave up.

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  2. i’m on season 6 of vampire diaries, my addiction is TOO REAL????? i’ve so attached to the characters, especially Damon ❀ at this point i think Damon has always been the main character of the show everything begins and ends with hiim. so in love c:

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    1. I used to watch the show but only got 9ish seasons in before I stopped watching it. I felt like it was getting a bit repetitive and I wasn’t sure if the show was ever going to end tbh.

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  3. I have give up on OUAT as well. It’s just the same thing over and over but with new characters. Although, I think you should definitely continue with Vampire Diaries. I love the show so much!! I guess it can get boring at times but I think it ended very nicely πŸ™‚

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    1. I know, it was just all the same stuff!
      I might end up continuing on with TVD, I’m just in more of a reading mood at the moment. I’m glad you enjoyed the show, I’ll probably give it another shot further on in the year.

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  4. I gave up on Shadowhunters, too. It strayed so far from the book (which I overlooked at first) but eventually I just didn’t enjoy it. I also had to stop Luke Cage because I found it so boring so I haven’t even got round to The Defenders yet!

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    1. I never actually liked the books, which is why I enjoyed the show as much and for as long as I did! But, in the end I stopped watching because it was just bad and I just don’t like Jace or the actor who plays him tbh.


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