Hey guys, I’ve been a vegetarian for over 3 years and today I am going talk about that! I’m hoping to share the ups and downs and some tips and tricks with you guys. My aim isn’t to pull you over to the dark side, just to share my experience with you all!



  • You can’t get enough protein or iron

Most foods contain some amount of protein, excluding some foods like sugar because duh. You can get a great and often even amount of protein from a cup of beans so give that a try, and beans pretty much go with anything, but I prefer them in salads and in pasta.

There are people who eat meat as a part of their diet but are still iron deficient so don’t play that with me. Just take supplements if you’re stressing about your iron levels. Also, eat some spinach.

  • You will lose weight

Not necessarily. Weight loss counts on how you treat and use your body, eating or not eating meat won’t change that. If you’re still eating highly fatty or processed foods, just without meat then you will not lose weight.

  • It’s expensive

I mean no, not really. The money you used to spend on meat, you just now spend on more of other ingredients. It’s no biggie, you might spend a bit more than usual in the first few months as you reinvent your meals and get to know the diet but after that everything goes back to normal.

  • You’re always hungry

Okay, so if all you eat is fruit then yes you will always be hungry because fruit is not a filling food type. However, if you eat properly and correctly then you won’t be hungry.

  • You have to eat meat alternatives

No, you don’t, in fact, the ones I have access to from my local stores taste like ass so that’s just not for me.

  • All your meals will be boring

No, they won’t. In fact, I think since losing an aspect of my meals (meat) I have really learnt to explore different flavours and different ingredients.

  • You have to eat tofu

No, you don’t. Please don’t feed into that lie. I love tofu, it is one of my favourite foods but I haven’t eaten any tofu in at least 6 months and I’m still alive guys.


Okay, so I am technically Pescatarian because I do eat fish BUTT before you yell at me, I refer to myself as vegetarian because it’s just easier and I barely eat fish anyway, it’s more a convenience thing for friends and family.

So, is it hard? How have I acclimatised to this new life without meat?

Honestly, I made this decision overnight. I hadn’t been enjoying or eat meat for a couple weeks and I was sick of it so I just walked up to my mum and said I didn’t want to eat meat anymore. And so we compromised, she didn’t want me going full vegetarian and I wanted to stop eating meat – so now I don’t eat red meats.

Honestly, no it’s not hard. Sure, it sucks that I am the only vegetarian in my house but it won’t be such a big deal/ problem for anyone once I move out of my house.


  • Research

You need to research, you really do. I just decided overnight that I wanted to do this, I thought it would be easy. And sure it is when you know what you’re doing. If you know nothing about staying healthy while also being on the diet or you don’t understand anything about experimenting and trying new flavours then good luck to you.

If you are interested in the side of the diet; aka. the mistreatment of animals in the meat industry then I suggest reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, especially if you live in America.

  • Don’t Dive In

I see you, and I ask you to please not dive into vegetarianism. It’s not a good idea. You need to first research and properly think about whether this is something you do want to do and something you want to take the time to understand and get creative with.

  • Take A Breather

You’ve done your research, you’ve thought everything out now the last step is just getting out there and going to your local store or your local markets (or even Amazon if that’s available to you) and find out what is available to you. If there aren’t a lot of vegetarian “shelves” in your stores then this is where you get creative, don’t buy a veggie patty, make one – you might even find you like it.



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  1. I’ve thought about being a vegetarian for years. I hardly eat meat but it’s hard while I’m living at home. My family doesn’t understand why someone would not eat meat. Maybe in the future I can finally take the plunge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know how you feel – eating differently is quite hard when you live at home. I know what you mean, not everyone in my family is totally on board with it even 3 years later.
      I totally recommend giving it a shot once you move out of home if that’s easier for you!


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