Hey guys, so today I’m coming at you with a new post! I don’t know if this will stick but today I am finally ditching the monthly tbr?????


So… back in December, I posted a discussion talking with you guys about how I was questioning whether I should or would continue writing my monthly reading wrap ups and now here we are with the inevitable post with me questioning why I write tbrs.


I have decided to for 2018 at least, to forgo writing my monthly wrap upsΒ and now, I have decided to axe my monthly to be read posts also.Β  Whoops, sorry??

Jk #sorrynotsorry

So… why? Well…


  • I love organisation
  • It gives me that extra push to actually read the books


  • They’re boring to write
  • Nobody reads them
  • They’re usually rushed and written at the last minute anyway

So, I will be getting rid of my tbrs for at least the first 6 months of the year unless I find myself too unorganised. But, like I think I’ll be fine because I didn’t dictate a tbr list every month before I started blogging.

And… that’s all I have to say today. Because it is the beginning of the month and suddenly I have uni pressure before I’ve even started. #rude


Do you write monthly tbrs?Β  Do you think it was a good idea to stop?




  1. well I read tbr posts sometimes but don’t have the patience to write them myself. Also, since I try to focus on my own writing and working on my next novel, I don’t really know what books I would be able to read and to create a tbr list feels final.

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  2. I never prepared a monthly TBR, I always pick next read based on what I’m feeling like reading. Sticking to specific reading list would be too restrictive for me. But I sometimes have a few books on my mind that I’ll probably read next so there is some kind of TBR in my mind, but never anything written down.

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    1. Yes, I’ve actually started doing that this year. It feels so freeing to just be able to pick up whatever book I want from my shelves/ the library. Having a tbr used to make feel bad, especially when I didn’t finish the goal or whenever I felt like reading something not on my tbr.


    1. No, you’re not at all! trust me, tbs are wayy too constrictive, there’s no freedom and they always made me feel negatively about my progress throughout the month, even if I read like, 10 books if I don’t finish my tbr I feel crappy.

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