Hey guys, back in December I posted the result of a 24-hour readathon I did by myself and today I was feeling a bit bored and like I really wanted to do something myself and have a productive day. Since my first readathon went so well I decided I would live write my readathon again for you guys.Β 



Zenith (The Androma Saga, #1)Β Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone




This morningΒ while I was no the way to a work meeting I got an email saying I was accepted for an e-arc for Zenith on Netgalley so I decided wI would like to have it read by soon as it comes out on the 16th of January (just over 10 days from now). I also chose Harry Potter to listen to as I am reading a Harry Potter book every month this year.

Zenith – 544 pages

Harry Potter – 332 pages


9:30 – 11:00 AM

I wanted to do a full 24-hour readathon today but I couldn’t because I had a work meeting this morning. (Spoiler: it was boring af)


Finally home after work, can’t believe I have to go back next week.


12:20 PM

Okay, so I haven’t actually started reading yet but my Harry Potter audiobook is downloading onto my phone and I am catching up on Booktube videos

12:30 PM

I have finally started listening to the audiobook (the Stephen Fry version because I’m no fiend) and I’ll listen to it as I make lunch and brainstorm some blog posts.

Lunch: Salad (lettuce, [cucumber, capsicum, red onion, salt & pepper all marinated with lime], tomato)

2:09 PM

I’m halfway through chapter 5 of Harry Potter and I think I might pause it once I’ve finished the chapter so I can write a review of start Zenith.

4:00 PM

Okay so I just shut down my computer and sat down to really dive into Zenith but I got 1% of the way in and quickly realised that I am not going to love this book. Zenith reads like an overly descriptive author’s first book, it feels unedited and rushed and who the hell names a characterΒ Androma Racella??


4:43 PM

I’m hoping to pick Zenith back up later but until then I think I’ll listen to HP and write a blog post or two.

6:22 PM

Lee Jordan’s Quidditch commentary isΒ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

7:30 PM


(Pasta with spinach and tomatoes – Sauce: Sundried tomato with a ricotta base)

8:37 PM

I am currently on chapter 12 of Harry Potter and doubt I’ll finish it today so I think I’ll just pick up Zenith in an hour or two because I may or may not have fallen down the void of HP conspiracy theories.


10:38 PM

So… instead of reading Zenith I decided to be responsible and pack because I’m going away tomorrow. Whoops?

And after that, I wrote some blog posts because I won’t have access to my laptop/ wifi for the rest of the week. 😭

Currently listening to: Harry Potter (chapter 13)

10:55 PM

Finished chapter 13 of HP but because I have to go for a longass drive tomorrow I figure it’s probably time to go to bed now. However, I am hoping to pick Zenith up again tomorrow!



  • I managed to write some blog posts and take some stress off my mind
  • I packed my bags
  • I started Zenith and got three quarters of the way through Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


As you guys know, I am going on a mini vacation today (when this is being posted) so I will be taking Zenith, Aquaman Vol 1 (from my last readathon) and my copy of All My Friends Are Superheroes. Hopefully, I will be able to get a large way through Zenith as I didn’t manage to get past the first chapter throughout my readathon.

fridges fridges fridges fridges antZenith (The Androma Saga, #1)Β Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


What are you planning on reading this month? Have you done a 24 hr readathon lately?




  1. I definitely have to do a 24 hours Readathon again, when I’m on break from university, to get to all the books that I’ve been wanting to red πŸ˜„ If Zoe isn’t hosting one, I might do my own again! I really do like to read those kinds of posts πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should, they’re so much fun! I hope Zoe does another one too tbh, I’ve never been able to fit one into my schedule but hopefully, I’ll have a free weekend at some point!
      I enjoy writing them, so I’m glad you enjoy reading them!

      Liked by 1 person

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