Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new Book Chat! I haven’t done one of these in many moons but I wanted to discuss this with you guys. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about monthly reading wrap ups!Β 


I have been doing monthly reading wrap ups since I started my blog, early last year and for a while this year I was even doingΒ monthly favourites; talking about movies and blogging favourites.

Lately I’ve been contemplating stopping writing my wrap up posts. But, why?

  • They take up a lot of time.
  • They are my least read posts
  • I don’t enjoy reading wrap ups, so why do I write them?
  • They’re not a fun or engaging type of post.



So, if I end up quitting my wrap ups, what should I do? I would still like a way to tell you guys about the books that I’m reading. I was thinking about doing wrap ups every 5 -6 books that I read, like a lot of Booktubers have started to do.

Though I’m not really all that fond of the set out for those posts, so I really want to try and make a different sort of wrap up post.

Do you guys have any idea for how I could write my wrap ups in a more interesting setting? I want to make my wrap ups more fun to write and more fun for you guys t read?


Do you write reading wrap ups? How could I c=imporove my wrap ups for you guys?




  1. I used to write wrap ups until I got bored of them and thought that they put too much pressure on me to read a lot of books. I started doing reads of the month instead. Those posts are read more than my wrap ups and allow me to just pick out the best books I read that month.

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    1. Exactly, I always felt pressured to read 5+ books in a month and since I’ve stopped writing them I have definitely read fewer books but I also feel a lot less stressed. Reads of the month sounds a lot more peaceful so I might have to check out your posts!


  2. I am a huge fan of reading & writing wrapups, but if you have no longer fun writing them, it really might be time to try out something new πŸ™‚ I have seen quite a few people doing these Recently Reading videos that you mentioned so that’s an option. Maybe you could also do a kind of “spotlight” for the books you recently enjoyed? That depends on if you want to talk about all books or specific ones πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, I know that wrap-ups look cool and they do help for future years when I want to look back on my progress but, I a getting pretty bored with them because of how formulaic they are so I might try out the reading wrap ups??? A Spotlight is also a good idea but I also feel like I wouldn’t be able to talk about every book that way. Oh well… thanks for your ideas either way!

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  3. I used to do monthly wrap-up posts and then realized they took a long to do, I hated doing it, and no one seemed to read them. So…basically your experience. :p I also admit I rarely read wrap-up posts on other people’s blogs because I tend to check on blogs fairly frequently and don’t really feel I need a reminder of anything I may have missed. I *will* read a wrap-up post if it includes links to other people’s posts or other interesting things I may actually have missed. (Though I admit annoyance when people have monthly wrap up posts and link to literally 3 other blogs in the blogosphere. That’s…all you found that was interesting in a whole month?)

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    1. Yeah… they do take a long time. I used to do them throughout the month but by the end of the month, I was surprised I had even read certain books. But, yeah, I spent too much time setting them out and trying to talk about the books and then no one actually read them.
      yeah, I only did a reading wrap up and looking back I wish I had talked more about my bog and what I enjoyed that month instead.


  4. I really enjoy reading wrap ups just to see what books everyone has been reading. There’s no point doing them if you don’t enjoy them but I think it’s cool to take time each month to set out what I plan to read for the next month and set some goals.


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