Editing Emma by Chloe Seager

my rating: ★☆☆☆☆

tags: contemporary, young adult,

goodreads rating: 3.67

Editing Emma: Online you can choose who you want to be. If only real life were so easy...

I received an arc copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


When Emma Nash is ghosted by the love of her life Leon Naylor, she does what any girl would do – spends the summer avoiding all human contact, surrounded by the Chewit wrappers he left behind.

Seeing Leon suddenly ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook, however, spurs Emma into action. She vows to use the internet for good (instead of stalking Leon’s social media), chronicling her adventures on her new Editing Emma blog.

But life online doesn’t always run smoothly.

From finding her mum’s Tinder profile to getting catfished and accidentally telling the entire world why Leon Naylor is worth no girl’s virginity… Surely nothing else could go wrong?!


Before we get into this review I would just like to say this: if you liked this novel I am so so sorry.


It has taken me a month and a half to get up the nerve to write this review. I hated this book from page one through to the last, I did not like anything about it and I don’t think it was a realistic depiction of any teenage girls life, let alone any blogger’s life.

There is a lot of internet stalking and I was so uncomfortable.

I thought I was done with Georgia Nicholson but this read exactly like a fanfiction of the series – the characters are all practically the same


Okay, so technically the main character, Emma is a blogger and she blogs about her life, but I’m sorry no. This was just Georgia Nicholson but sub the diary for WordPress.

As a blogger, this book just didn’t ring home for me. I have literally never seen a person post so much, sometimes she would have blog posts that were like 2-3 sentences and then 5 minutes later she would post another word and then 5 minutes later a new paragraph, it was bullshit and it really rubbed me the wrong way.


  • Emma is useless and petty
  • She is constantly lying to her mum about where she was or where she was going
  • She just needs to get over herself holy crap
  • She is obsessed with the internet (and herself) and her  self-esteem comes purely from a number of likes she gets
  • Emma is 16 years old and completely incompetent. She can’t cook pasta, I’m sorry but what the hell? Bolognese is not hard people!
  • Emma is manipulative (very much in the same way Georgia Nicholson is)
  • She is manipulative, rude, immature, insensitive and creepy.
  • Seriously, this is a *minor* spoiler but at one point she keeps someone’s band-aid (or, plaster for all you Americans) under her pillow which is absolutely DISGUSTING
  • Emma has no respect for anyone, especially adults – she is constantly rude to her mum/ on her phone in class
  • She is immature in the sense that she picks her senior subjects because a boy was also taking them – pure stupidity


I honestly have so much more to say, especially about the lack of caring that seemed to be represented by the mum (she just hands out alcohol to minors wth??)

Also, on another note, Emma is involved with like, 5 or 6 boys throughout this novel and this is some of the most unrealistic and stupid shit I have read in a long time.

I’m sorry, but this is just not my kind of book. I am sick of irresponsible and unrealistic teenagers.


Have you read Editing Emma? How do you feel about blogger narrators?




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