ALL THE SHOWS ARE COMING BACK!| Let’s chat about all the upcoming new seasons! (& A Life Update?)

Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new Tv Chats, talking about all the shows coming back this month! I am not currently watching too many shows but these are the ones Iknow are coming out or I am excited about!


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Stranger Things Season 2 | Lucifer Season 3Jane The Virgin Season 4The Flash Season 4Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 | Once Upon A Time Season 7


Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine started this week and Stranger Things is coming out later this month. If I’m honest I am most excited for Lucifer, because aside from Stranger Things, I’m not actually up to date with any of the other shows.

I am currently on season 2 of Jane The Virgin, season 4 of B99 and season 3 of OUAT (I am really appreciating Peter Pan’s character development).

However, because school has just started and I have just started a new job, I really don’t know how much tv I will be watching, nor do I know how I will be coping with blogging.

Of all the shows on my currently watching list, I am definitely most excited for Stranger Things and Lucifer, mostly because ST is shorter and Lucifer is just SO GOOD.

The only show on my list that I don’t think I will continue with is The Flash, I used to really love the show, but like Arrow, I think the show follows the same formula and particularly with this show, it always has the same “plot twist”.


A Life Update

Hey, guys, I mentioned before that I have just started a new job and that school has just started up again. 

I have a whole stack of blog posts scheduled for the month, but I haven’t written most of them as my holiday was a total flop and I wrote basically no blog posts.

Basically, I am really feeling stretched thin at the moment; school has just started up again, I have a new job, I have not been reading much of anything, and I am pretty much just tired 24/7. I don’t want this post to be a downer, but I thought I should let you guys know that if I get to your comments late, it’s not you, it’s me.


What shows are you looking forward to watching? Do we watch any of the same shows?



15 thoughts on “ALL THE SHOWS ARE COMING BACK!| Let’s chat about all the upcoming new seasons! (& A Life Update?)

  1. So excited for Stranger Things and the Flash! I only started watching Jane The Virgin this year and didn’t realise I don’t have to wait much long for a new season haha. 😛

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  2. I used to watch OUAT and Arrow, and I don’t know if I wanna catch up because I’m not really feeling those two anymore. I heard that a lot of the actors from OUAT are no longer gonna be in the next season and honestly, I don’t know if I’m interested in watching it without my fave characters in it (I think I stopped watching it in the middle of S5). And as to Arrow, I stopped watching it for the same reason you mention, every “plot twist” feels like the same, and it just wasn’t even interesting enough to keep watching it.
    Right now, I’m happy that How to Get Away With Murder is back because I love that show! And I can’t wait to watch the S2 of Stranger Things! Hopefully, it’ll be as good as the first season 🙂

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    1. I know how you feel. I am currently re-watching the first 3 seasons so I can catch up with the show. I fell out of love with the show around that time last time, but my brother is loving the show so that makes me more inclined to watch it. So far, I am really enjoying the show – Hook is such an interesting character! I think Hook, Regina and Henry are returning (but the actor for Henry is different??) and there’s a new curse and book, I have seen some Narnia theories about it though, so I think I might at least watch the first episode.
      In my honest opinion, Arrow is just not worth it, and I would say the same thing about The Flash. The shows both follow the same formula and it gets irritating and boring pretty quickly.
      Oooh, HTGAWM is back?? I had no idea! I fell out of love with the show around season 2, but I have to admit it is definitely still very addicting (I definitely still keep up with what is happening on the show lol).
      Stranger Things is going to be so good, I am so excited to see more of the characters and to actually find out more about Will since he was in the Upside Down for most of season 1.

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      1. I saw the trailer for the new season of OUAT and yeah, the actor that plays Henry is a different one because I think they are doing some sort of time jump? I don’t know for sure to be honest 😂 Yesss, Hook was my favorite character, and if I ever decide to start watching it again, it’s going to be for him. I just felt like the latest seasons had lost that magical element that the first few seasons had :/ it just didn’t feel the same watching it.
        I’ve also heard great things about Supergirl, but I’m afraid it’s going to be just like with The Flash and all those superhero shows.
        I get what you’re saying about HTGAWM, for me, the last season was all over the place, and they made a huge mistake with a certain character. I’m just watching the new season because of my love for Viola Davis 😂😂
        I can’t wait till the new season of Stranger Things comes out, it’s the only thing I’ve been highly anticipating this month!


  3. Ah, I’m excited for Stranger Things season 2 to release as well! I just watched the Lucifer premiere last night, and I’m so excited for this season; it’s great so far! 😄 I’m also looking forward to Riverdale, The Punisher, and Black Mirror (and two of them don’t have release dates, WHICH I HATE).

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    1. Stranger Things just looks so good, I can’t wait! Lucifer was soo good, I just loved it. I had forgotten (in like, a month??) how much I loved his characters and how much I appreciated Chloe. I haven’t seen Riverdale (and I don’t think I will), but I know that all of my friends are super hyped for it!
      The Punisher looks so good, I have sort of stopped watching Marve shows but I think I might make an exception for this one. I think it comes out early next year, which is super exciting!

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  4. I am super excited for B99, Lucifer and Stranger Things. I have also been watching The Flash but I am not up to date yet. I am also enjoying the return of The Good Place which is amazing.

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    1. B99, Lucifer and Stranger Things all look so good. I just watched 3×01 of Lucifer the other day and loved it, I missed his character so much lol! Yes, I have watched some of the first episode of The Good Place but I haven’t been as into tv at the moment so I might try it again another time!

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  5. Take care of yourself! We’ll still be here waiting for you if you don’t have the time to blog/respond to comments so don’t worry about that ❤️

    Anyway I love B99 and Jane the Virgin! I’m so happy that B99 is back and that Jane will be soon too. I’m still going to watch The Flash, because I love the characters, but I definitely understand why you’re quitting it

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    1. Thank you so much! I am so used to having my blog posts written out a month in advance, so writing them the night before is such a weird process for me.
      I am still not up to date with B99 and I’m so mad about it, I just want to know what’s going on! I am also up to the intense love triangle part of Jane, but I haven’t watched it in a bit or two because I just want her to decide! Are you team Michael or Raphael?
      I’m so glad that you still love watching The Flash, don’t worry I still love Cisco!

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      1. Ohhh I don’t know what episode you’re at, but the love triangle doesn’t take up THAT long (at least not compared to other shows lmao) I used to be team Raphael, but now I’m team both 😂
        Yess I absolutely love Cisco ❤️


        1. I think I’m around 2×10, I haven’t watched it in a while though. That’s funny, I was mostly team Michael, honestly now though, I’m team Jane and I’ll go with whatever she decides.
          Cisco is the haha!

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