TV SHOWS I’VE BEEN WATCHING (aka. I finally watched Stranger Things)

Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new tv chats post! Today I’m talking about the shows I have watched recently. There isn’t that many but still, I am finally getting into a tv mood and I’m not hating it!



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Lately, I have been watching Stranger Things, Sense8 and Jessica Jones.ย 

I finished Stranger Things and Sense8 last week and honestly, I am so mad that I waited so long to watch them! I had already seen Sense8 season 1 last year, but I just never seemed to watch season 2. Boy, I am so mad you guys. I waited so long to watch Sense8 season 2 and oh my lord, thank god we are getting a 2-hour special. This show has absolutely killed me. I had completely forgotten how much I loved the show and how much I looked up to characters like Nomi, Hernando and Kala.

I also watched Stranger Things for the first time. This has been a long time coming, I have been telling my friends I would watch it for practically a year, so I am kind of proud of myself that I finally watched it, and now I can actually talk about it!

I have to say my favourite character is definitely Jonathon. Of all the characters, I definitely relate to him the most, and I can’t wait to see his character development in season 2. I am also warming to Steve and Hopper. I would actually be interested to know who you guys think Nancy will end up with – Steve or Jonathon.

I also just finished re-watchingย Jessica Jones yesterday. I loved it the first time I watched it and was feeling a random urge to watch marvel tv shows. I gave Luke Cage a shot but didn’t really care for it, and I still haven’t finished season 2 of Daredevil and it’s been out for a year or something like that. But for some reason, I am able to re-watch Jessica Jones and have a great time. It might be because of The Purple Man, or because I think Krysten Ritter is cool. Either way, the show definitely gives off a completely different vibe to the others. Though, I do think I will try and re-watch Daredevil starting with season 1 because I know that I loved Karen and I would like to know what happens to her in the show.


What tv shows are you watching at the moment? Have you watched any of these shows?



9 thoughts on “TV SHOWS I’VE BEEN WATCHING (aka. I finally watched Stranger Things)

    1. I started GOT a few years ago but never got past season 1 because I had only read book 1, but I am currently reading book 4 so I’m hoping to start the show towards the end of the year since so many people love the show. Sense8 is amazing, and I loved the second season but I recommend watching it closer to when we get the movie/ special next year. The show is amazing but I really don’t think they were expecting to get cancelled so there’s no closure for any of the characters, which is why I think it would be better to watch it next year.


      1. Iโ€™m so jealous that you can read the books. Iโ€™d love to but I just canโ€™t seem to get through it. Iโ€™m not really into reading fantasy that much, which is weird because I love the show but…yaโ€™no๐Ÿ˜‚. Yeah Iโ€™ll try and wait to watch sense 8 then, Iโ€™m only about 4 episodes in so itโ€™s not too bad. Thanks!

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  1. I still haven’t watched Sense8 season 2! The shame! ๐Ÿ™ˆ I haven’t watched the Christmas special either. I’m in the mood for sci-fi and I’m binging so many of those shows, so hopefully I’ll watch it soon! I watche Stranger Things for the first time recently as well, and I loved it! โค๏ธ I’m hoping Nancy ends up with Jonathan since I don’t like Steve with a passion! ๐Ÿ˜ I also recently watched Jessica Jones and Luke Cage just so I could watch The Defenders (WHICH WAS WORTH IT). I loved all three, and I’m pumped for their second seasons next year (and for The Punisher)! ๐Ÿ˜

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    1. Ahh, Sense8 I am still dying, I can’t believe they had the guts to cancel it, that was definitely a bad call on Netflix’s end, luckily we’re getting a movie special thing. Season 2 is really good and I am still reeling but honestly, I recommend that you wait to finish the show and just watch season 2 and the 2 hr special all in one. Season 2 didn’t really wrap up like the last season of a show would because no one was expecting the show to get cancelled, and so you will get no closure from season 2.
      Ooh, what sci-fi shows are you watching currently? I am on the completely different end of the tv genre spectrum – I just started watching Once Upon A Time.
      Stranger Things is so good, right? Yeah, I am kind of torn on the whole debate – Steve or Jonathon? I think in the long haul I would definitely prefer to see Nancy with Jonathon purely because he’s my favourite character, but at the same time I think Steve really pulled his head out of his ass towards the end of season 1 and so long as it stays out and he has some serious character development I might even start to like him.
      Haha, I tried to watch Luke Cage after I binged Jessica Jones, but I just couldn’t do it. I have no idea why – I think I just prefer Jessica to the other characters, and funnily enough I’ve basically only heard bad reviews for Defenders. ๐Ÿ˜…Punisher should be awesome though!

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  2. I love Stranger Things. I find Jonathon to be a really interesting character and originally I really wanted Nancy to end up with him over Steve, but when I rewatched the show I realised I really want Steve to have a redemption arc and learn to be a good person.

    I’ve been watching this show called The Good Place which I would really recommend, it’s really short and super funny. I also finally got up to date with New Girl which was really cute.

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    1. Yeah, I am so torn up on who I want Nancy to end up with, on one hand, I am so hyped for Steve’s plotline in season 2 but on the other hand, I really love Nancy as a character and I might prefer her by herself to figure out her own life.
      Ooh, I have heard good things about The Good Place so I might have to give it a while!


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