5 Blogging Tips

Hey guys today I’m coming at you with some blogging tips, I’m hoping this post isn’t completely redundant because obviously you guys are bloggers. Anyway, so most of these are pretty obvious but I think sometimes we all need a reminder so hopefully this post is somewhat helpful.


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01 Don’t freak out if you don’t have a post ready, the world won’t end

If you have a weekly schedule then it’s okay to miss a day every now and then. You should never stress out about whether or not you have a blog post ready to go out. If you’re not in the mood to blog, or you just don’t have the time then yo shouldn’t worry about blog posts. Your blog will still be there, and the world isn’t going to end if you miss a day or two.


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02 You Don’t Have To Write Reviews… Actually, Just Write What You Want

Write what you want to write. Personally, I hate reviews so unless I have arcs or I really loved the book then I rarely write reviews. It doesn’t matter that you’re a book blog or a movie blog, reviews aren’t all that importand, and all they really worth it if you don’t enjoy writing them?


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03 Take advantage of the scheduling option – its worth it if you have a busy schedule

This goes hand in hand with my first point, if you know you’re going to be busy then you should take advantage of the scheduling option. I schedule all of my blog posts, they also serve as a motivator because if I know that if a post is goig to be ublished whether it’s finished or not then I feel a lot more motivated to write it.

Also, it’s just handy if you can’t access WordPress at school or if you know you’ll be busy on a particular day/ month.


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04 You don’t have to only talk about books

I know that a lot of people stuggle with this and I get it. When I first started my blog I was 100% a book blog but I’ve always wanted to talk about other things, but I tend to do that less. As much as I love books I do also enjoy talking about tv shows and movies, and I occaisionally even talk about my life. So, this tip is basically that it’s your blog so write what you want to write.


05 Your followers will be there for you; talk to themΒ 

Your followers follow you for a reason, so talk to them. If you’re sturggling with bloggi or something in your personal life, or there’s something you’re unsure of talk to us about it. Even if you’re struggling with an essay and it’s due tomorrow, I can guarantee someone will read and give you help.

Honestly, we are here for you and we’re always happy to talk.


Do you have any blogging tips?
Do you use the scheduling option?


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10 thoughts on “5 Blogging Tips

  1. Ah, these are such good tips! ❀️ It’s good to not strss out if you don’t have a post ready; I’ve missed days, and no one really seems to notice, so it’s perfectly fine! When I posted my first non-bookish post on my blog, I thought no one would read it, but that wasn’t true; it was actually quite popular! It’s nice to not talk about books all the time! And yes to not feeling obligated about not witting reviews! Haven’t written one in a month or so, and I don’t think anyone cares! πŸ˜‚

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  2. I love this type of posts because they always make me feel good after reading themπŸ˜‚.
    Ever since I’ve been scheduling my posts I’ve found I have more content and I am a bit more free and I can spend my time doing something else! I’m thinking of posting non-bookish stuff, because I want to add more content and that’s an amazing way to do it!

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    1. Aww, I’m so glad! I know how you feel, I tend to feel a whole lot more confident with my schedule. Like you said it allows for my creativity within posts and also lets me plan my months a lot more easily.
      You should totally post some non-bookish stuff, it’s always a whole lot of fun to read about some new ideas and content!

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  3. I agree with all of this! I think it’s great to have a schedule but, really, the world will not end if you miss a day because real life calls. When I was a very new blogger and followed very few blogs (5-10), I had a better sense of when they “normally” posted. Now, I follow a lot more, and I honestly couldn’t tell you if someone usually posts a review on Monday and misses it one week. I just read what comes up in my reader.

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    1. Thank you! Exactly, I love my schedule but sometimes I just can’t make myself write all my scheduled posts. Yeah, I know how you feel, I follow a lot more blogs now and really couldn’t tell you if they missed a day or not, I’m like you I read what is in my reader.


  4. Thank you for sharing, these tips are definitely ones that are lesser talked about! I’ve found too that the more honest you are with your readers the more engaged they’ll be with what you’re writing. I’ve found more and more that getting away from your blog to engage and interact with other bloggers is really great to build an audience, it’s also really nice to engage with people and feel part of the community!

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    1. No problem, I hoped so! Exactly, if you aren’t honest with your readers, it’s hard to really get to know them, it’s a two-way street. Yes, if you don’t interact with other bloggers it can be hard to form traffic around your blog, it’s also hard to get blogging friends if you never talk to anyone.

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