Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new Book Chats post. I thought today I would talk about why I like to keep my Goodreads tbr shelf small. I touched on this in my How To: Manage A Big TBR post and I thought I might go a bit more into depth about it today because I know a lot of you guys have massive tbrs and probably think mine is a bit weird.


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I know it’s weird but IΒ generally try to keep my tbr under 90 books, obviously, my physical tbr is a completely different story, but in terms of my GoodReads tbr, I like to keep it short and tidy. I know that 90 is a funky number, but for whatever reason 100 just feels like too much for me. I can’t handle that pressure.

I find that when my tbr has 90 books it often feels really cluttered and gives me a lot of anxiety, I know, anxiety from a tbr what the hell. Also, I often don’t put my e-arcs on my GR tbr unless I am really excited about it. Usually, I just add it to my currently reading when I start it because I already have them all in a word doc and on my NetGalley shelves.

asdfghjasdΒ Juliet Takes a BreathΒ Joyride Vol. 1Β White Sand (White Sand, #1)Β To Capture What We Cannot KeepΒ Sovereign (Nemesis, #2)


I prefer it to be small because it is more beneficial/ realistic for me to be able to go to my shelf and organise my tbr that way. I generally prefer to have a small tbr because I know think it also gives a pretty good idea for the books that I typically enjoy. Whereas I know when I look at my friends’ tbrsΒ on GR they seem to just have 500/600 books and I honestly cannot understand it. It all just seems too confusing to me to have so many books on my tbr that I will probably never read.


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I don’t see the point of having 500 books on my tbr shelf if I’m not actually going to read 400 of them – which is part of the reason I really enjoy the Down The TBR Hole meme, it’s really cool to see why people no longer want to read a book and the evolution of a tbr.


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Honestly, I really just prefer to be able to go to my tbr, pick my next read and not stress about it. I like that it isn’t a long process for me to put together a tbr, I know what I want to read and that’s that. I get that having such a small tbr may seem completely limiting but I actually quite enjoy it.


How big is your GR tbr? How big do you prefer your tbr to be?




  1. I do exactly the same thing! I keep my goodreads tbr small because it’s overwhelming to have many books on there. Mine is currently about 30 books but I also have a someday-maybe shelf with books I might read in the future. That shelf is about 50 books so it’s not too much either!

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    1. I currently have 86 books on my tbr shelf, I haven’t added anything in at least a month so I’m hoping I will be able to get it down before we find out about all the new books coming out next year.
      I just find having a smaller tbr so much more helpful, I don’t know how everyone else does it!

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      1. I read more than I add to my tbr so it’s slowly going down with me as well. I hope you’ll be able to get it down haha! I love having a small tbr, I wouldn’t want an endless list! 30 is at least overseeable!

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  2. I definitely get why you’d want to keep your tbr small! I actually don’t look at mine that often, so it doesn’t overwhelm me that much, but a while ago I looked at it and saw SO MANY BOOKS so I deleted a bunch and immediately felt better haha. I think I do have 100+ books on there (I’m too lazy to check), but I can never get to 500. Every once in a while I delete books from it anyway haha

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