Hey, guys today I’m coming at you with something a bit different. I’m really enjoying writing my book chats and I feel like I haven’t been talking about audiobooks lately, so today I thought I would give them some love. Today I want to talk about all the audiobooks I have on my Audible tbr, I mostly have these because I meant to listen to them and never got around to them (*coughs* Anne of Green Gables) or I am saving them for a readathon (*coughs* stay tuned).

*This is not sponsored by Audible, but I did leave the links to each of the book pages on Audible if you’re interested.Β 


I don’t know if you guys are really into audiobooks, and I know some of you struggle with listening to them or have never tried. but I do have an audiobooks guide that I’m posting tomorrow which will hopefully help some of you.

Either way, I love audiobooks and they’re mainly how I read tomes like Game of Thrones or Mistborn. I really love listening to books on audio, but I noticed yesterday that I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of books that I have yet to listen to.


fridgesListen to LoveΒ Anne of Green Gables AudiobookΒ Born a Crime AudiobookΒ Kanye West Owes Me $300 Audiobook


Listen to Love is literally an hour and a half of a bunch of lgbt people talking about marriage equalityΒ in Australia. Since the plebiscite is coming up I think I will probably try and get to this soon.

I was planning on reading Anne of Green Gables earlier this year after I binge-watched Anne with an E (which I also reviewed) but unfortunately, I never got around to it. However I’m sure I will get to it soon, I’ll probably take a day and just watch the movie and then immediately feel the need to read the book.

I also have Born A Crime on my tbr. I started watching the Daily Show this year and I really love Trevor Noah, so naturally, I really want to read his book. His life sounds really interesting, and I honestly don’t read enough memoirs so I really hope I can get t this one soon.

I honestly cannot tell you why I used up a credit to get this, nor when the hell I am going to listen to it. Kanye West Owes Me $300 & Other True Stories from a White Rapper Who Almost Made It Big just sounds funny if I’m honest. I only know about this because a couple of months ago Megan Batoon was obsessed with it and it just sounded good so I thought why the hell not.

fridgesShadow and Bone AudiobookΒ Six of Crows AudiobookΒ Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer AudiobookΒ The Dark Prophecy Audiobook


Shadow and Bone & Six of Crows are also on my Audible tbr. I mean if you go anywhere near the bookish community then you know that these two books are pretty darn popular, though Six of Crows is definitely more well known. I really want to get to the Six of Crows duology but in my mind, I can’t justify picking up the duology without reading the Grisha trilogy first.

I also have Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer and The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo). I have actually started The Dark Prophecy but I’m not enjoying it so far so it’s pretty much been put on hold for the moment, it’s not a DNF but I really don’t think I’m in the mood for it at the moment. But with The Sword of Summer, I have literally been meaning to pick this up for years but haven’t gotten round to it yet.

fridgesfrisges firdgDaughter of the Burning City AudiobookΒ The Bourne Identity: Jason Bourne Series, Book 1 AudiobookΒ The Martian Audiobook


Now, these three have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I have heard such amazing things about Daughter of the Burning City so I am hoping to get to this next really really soon.

I also have The Martian and the first Jason Bourne novel, I really loved the film adaptation of The Martian and I have been meaning to get to the book for years, and I am really hoping to actually get to this next month. I also have Jason Bourne, I have always thought the movies sounded interesting but usually, I find spy movies pretty meh. I really enjoy the James Bond franchise but I have so many issues with it and the books are really boring, so I’m hoping this will be better.


Do you listen to audiobooks?
Do you have an audio tbr?



5 thoughts on “MY AUDIBLE TBR // BOOK CHATS

  1. This is great! I am newer to audio books, but I am in love with them! I haven’t been able to buy any, but I have gotten a few different library cards and now have a great selection to check out! Haha!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that! That’s awesome, I totally get that a lot of people don’t buy audiobooks, and it took me a couple of years to actually take the Audible plunge. That’s great, I do also use my local library, I really appreciate that they also stock audiobooks! I hope you find some really good ones to listen to!

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    1. I used to use Overdrive all the time but I found that my library seems to mostly just carry classics and books I’m not interested in so I kind of just gave up on it! Funnily enough though, when I go into my library physically they actually have a better audio selection (it’s still not great though).
      I hope you can find a better way of listening to audiobooks. Audible is good, but I’ve heard is also a good site.


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