Are Superhero Films Getting Boring?

Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a pretty random post! I was hit with a sudden need to talk about superhero movies today and how I feel about all the upcoming films.

Basically what I want to talk about today with you guys is that I really think the superhero films we currently have all pretty much the same. They all follow the same basic structure:

Intro, fight (lose), aw shucks, motivation revamp yay we can do this, action scene (win)

It’s all the same stuff โ€“ how many revamps of Batman, Superman and/ or Spider-Man do we need? I know they make money but you know what would also make money? A Spider-Gwen movie, or you know what would have made money before they destroyed her character? Black Widow. I was so excited for that movie but A2 destroyed her for character for me and now I couldnโ€™t get give two shits.


Movies I want to see:

  • Spider-Verse – I know itโ€™s still Spider-Man but itโ€™s every Spider-Man, the Spidey movie to end all Spidey movies.
  • Scarlet Witch – Maybe some proper back story this time? I want to really get to know here character because at the moment she’s just the chick with magic that hangs out with Vision and that’s basically it.
  • Miles Morales – I know weโ€™re getting an animated movie but come on, I doubt itโ€™s even going to hit my cinemas.
  • Fantastic Four – The F4 are one of my favourite super teams of all time so I need a proper movie. I refuse to see the 2015/2016 movie because no. It looks terrible and I refuse to subject myself to that.
  • Silver Surfer – The comics are amazing and this would be the BEST film. Just SS in space hanging out with Dawn and saving planets.
  • Captain Marvel – I love her she deserves the world
  • Rocket & Groot Buddycop movie – Theyโ€™re comic series is amazing and seeing it translated into film would be phenomenal
  • Booster Gold – Because come on! Iโ€™m pretty sure weโ€™re supposed to be getting this movie but they talked about that years ago so Iโ€™m not getting my hopes up.
  • Ms Marvel – The comic series has really transformed the comic world and has also gotten new people to start reading comics. Also, it will show companies that we do want to watch films with diverse characters, and we donโ€™t have a problem with main characters who arenโ€™t white or catholic/atheist.


Iโ€™m sick of seeing all the standard Avengers and Batman films, I want something different. I want what Marvel did with GOTG, everyone said that movie would fail but itโ€™s one of the best Marvel films there is.

Basically, what I want to see in feature superhero films is more diversity and the companies actually taking a chance. What I really donโ€™t understand is why Marvel, DC, Fox and everyone else refuses to take a chance. I mean, take Deadpool for instance, the only reason that movie made it through and got made was because that 30 second clip got leaked and the fans went insane. If that hadnโ€™t happened we still wouldnโ€™t have a Deadpool movie and we would all be a lot sadder.

Anyway, this post isnโ€™t about me shitting on Superhero movies, because trust me I love them. This is about me really wishing they would branch out and try something new. I want companies to take a chance like Marvel did with Guardians.

Iโ€™m writing this post now, mainly because I was hit with sudden inspiration to talk about Superheroes, but also because I think that Iโ€™m not alone in thinking that the Superhero movies we have now all feel pretty similar. Also, with companies like Marvel who are finally getting into phase four of the story arc that weโ€™ve been following since 2008, I think that this will really give the company a chance to break out. Infinity War is coming up, and weโ€™re going to be introduced to all these different characters, I think there is something like 60-80 characters in that film, and I am so excited!

With all the deaths and contracts that are going to be finished with the end of Infinity War I think this is a really great chance for Marvel to introduce new characters. I want younger kids to see an ad for Captain Marvel and get really excited because thatโ€™s a female superhero and sheโ€™s in space!! I want all the little kids who fell in love with Rocket and Groot to have the same experience with other heroes, and not to just watch the same remake until they swear off superhero movies altogether.


Are you an MCU or DC fan?

How do you feel about superhero movies at the moment?



6 thoughts on “Are Superhero Films Getting Boring?

  1. Yeah, I definitely think all the time about how there’s going to be a new crop of superheroes since everyone else’s contracts is ending, and it gets me excited! I know Captain Marvel is being made with Brie Larson in 2019 or 2020, which is exciting (and I wanted a Black Widow movie. And a Winter Soldier movie. Not like they’re going to happen, but I can dream). I haven’t watched any Batman or Spider-Man re-vamps, and I haven’t gotten to a point where I’m tired of them, but I would definitely like something different!

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    1. Captain marvel is happening in 2019 and I could not be more excited (she will also be in Infinity War). I think a Winter Soldier movie would be really interesting, and I think it would really work since he’s so shifty and most of the mcu fandom loves him, but yeah it’s never gonna happen. I definitely recommend the Dark Knight trilogy and Spider-Man homecoming, but really, I’m just a bit tired of getting invested in a series or trilogy and then it being cancelled and revamped with a new storyline, or even the same story but with a new actor.

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  2. I like superhero movies, too, but there are just so MANY of them. I think it does get old, and there’s no way to see them all or anything like that. I do think they’ll have to take risks and find ways to differentiate themselves as this goes on.

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    1. I know how you feel, I am a MASSIVE superhero fan but I am constantly failing at seeing the films, Like, with Doctor Strange, the film literally came out early last year, and I only just watched it last month. There are so many films, and the only thing that really bugs me, and DC is doing this too now, we have to see every movie to understand what’s happening and who is who.
      Exactly, if the companies don’t take risks, people will honestly stop seeing the films, and if they don’t start incorporating a whole lot more diversity, they are going to lose a whole lot more fans than they already have.


  3. This is something I have heard a few people talking about. I know a lot of people said that they “didn’t like superhero movies but really enjoyed Wonder Woman” and I think a large part of that was because of how different it was from other superhero films. A lot of them are quite similar which makes them less enjoyable. I recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy and although I was expecting to enjoy it I was surprised by how much I loved it. I didn’t expect it to be so unique and interesting because I am so used to the stereotypes of marvel movies.

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    1. Exactly, I wasn’t even planning to see Wonder Woman because I know that 9/10 times I’ve seen a DC movie and not enjoyed it, case in point: Suicide Squad. However, I loved it; it was refreshing and it was different. Though, I think it would have been a completely different movie had it been a male director.
      Exactly! The reason we all love WW and GOTG so much is because of how new and exciting they are. So many of us thought the films would flop, but they did the opposite, purely because they did something different with the films. I know how you feel, I am a massive superhero nerd but, I am actually starting to second guess whether or not I really want to see certain movies. Like, I only watched Doctor Strange for the first time last month, and it came out early last year. I know that some films are going to be terrible, and they wouldn’t be had they been directed differently (or by a different gender), or if the producers and writers had to green light to actually do something different with the character/s and plot.

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