Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with my to be read pile for September! Every three months I like to have an arc only tbr but this month I think I’m going to be a bit more chill with that rule. Last month was a crazy busy month for me and this month I do still have the last two weeks of the school term to complete, which basically means all the assessment is due and I am going to die. 

I think for my tbr this month I really just want to relax. This is going to be a super busy month for me and then I also have my readathon (stay tuned for more deets soon!) coming up early next month and I don’t want to tire myself out before then. Also, I’m assuming Spookathon will be happening at the end of October so I am really hoping to get a lot of reading done next month.


And so without further ado.. my tbr pile!

asdfgASDFGFDSAasdffdsaasdThis Is Where I Leave You Good Morning, Midnight

This Is Where I Leave You // Good Morning, Midnight

These books are reasonably short nd I’ve been meaning to  pick them up pretty much ll year, so I figured this was the perfect time.

I do also want to try and get to at least one arc throughout the month but I really don’t know which one to pick up. What do you guys think?

asdfgfdsasdfgfdsasdfgfdsasdfIf There's No Tomorrow Optimists Die First


What are you reading this month? How’s your year going?



2 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER TBR

    1. Optimists Die First does sound pretty interesting, doesn’t it? It’s gotten pretty mixed reviews so far but I’ve heard it has a fast plot so I have my hopes up!


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