August Favourites | 2017

Hey guys today I’m coming at you with my favourites for this month! I had a pretty mellow month, but I did get a surprising amount of books read.


This month I really didn’t get too into Youtube this month, in fact it felt like more of a chore to watch videos (which I know sounds terrible), but I was ridiculously busy and too tired to really concentrate and they felt like such a distraction.

But I did get pretty hooked onΒ TheBookHoarder’s vlogs. Dana is a really lovely and upbeat woman and she’s been really successful in her career while also still going to Uni so it was so nice to watch her in her videos. I definitely recommend her in general, but particularly if you ever need to bring your mood up or if you’re feeling a bit sad.


I don’t really have a specific favourite book of the month because I actually ended up reading a lot of really great novels this month. I actually managed to read a bunch of Adam Silvera’s novels this month and kind of got obsessed. One of my first reads of the month was of an e-arc of They Both Die At The End (my review will be out early next month) and then I read More Happy Than Not later on in the month and I LOVED IT.

I also read Down Among The Sticks and Stones right after More Happy Than Not and I also really loved it, in fact I read the entire book on my bus rides on a school excursion. I should have a review up for it early October… I really don’t know what’s happening, I usually hate reviews, but this month I’ve actually planned and written quite a few.


Most of you guys probably know this because I feel like I’ve really gone on about it lately, but this month I did the QCS. I really have to say that I am so excited that it is finally over and done with.

Also, I officially only have two weeks of this term left. Actually next week is my exam block (oh, joy) and then a week after that I have two weeks of holidays and I am honestly going to just blog, read and catch up on all the sleep I missed this month.


How was your month?
What was your favourite read this month?



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