Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new TV Chats post! Today I’m talking about the tv shows I still haven’t started.

We all have those shows, the shows we’ve always meant to watch but for whatever reason just haven’t gotten around to it. For me, more recently it was Lucifer. I’ve been meaning to watch this show for at least a year but hadn’t actually gotten around to it until last month. So, of course as soon as I finally started watching the show I got completely obsessed with it!


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I’m sensing a theme with most of these shows, the first three are kind of older, not that they’ve been out for a long time just that they’re for older audiences, though I suppose Legion would also fit into that category.

This Is Us

I actually meant to start watching this show as soon as it came out, I was SOO excited for this show even before the show had started but watched episode 1 and then completely fell off the wagon with TV. This year, I have really fallen out of love with TV shows, I will occasionally find a show that I love like Lucifer, but I’m either sporadicallyΒ re-watching Parks and Rec or Ben 10 or I am just not watching TV at all.

I do plan to eventually watch this show, but I think I will probably just binge-watch it once it eventually goes on Aus Netflix.


Late last year (probably August – December) I got pretty obsessed with Gilmore Girls (part of the reason I really want to watch This Is Us) and this is Lauren Graham’s other big series. So of course, I have to watch this one! I really love Lauren Graham and from what I’ve seen of Parenthood I’m like 90% sure I’m going to love it.

The Office (US)

I love Parks and Rec, the show based off of this so obviously I need to watch this. We actually only have the UK version of the show on Aus Netflix so I really don’t know when I’ll actually get around to watching this. I have heard amazing things though, and Steve Carell is amazing so duh.


I honestly don’t know how I haven’t watched this yet. It’s a superhero X-Men series with such an amazing cast. I mean, come on, Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens – how have I not seen it yet??

This series is seriously everything I look for in a TV show so I swear I will watch it by the time the year is up!


what shows have you been meaning to watch but just haven’t gotten around to?



9 thoughts on “TV SHOWS I WANT TO WATCH

  1. Ooh I low key want to watch The Office too because my friend always talks to me about it but I’m really bad at sticking around comedies for more than a season hehe…Right now I just finished season 4 of The Fosters which was greattttt and I really need to catch up on Shadowhunters even though it wasn’t that good before I really want to see if it’s improved.

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  2. The only one I have watched from your list is The Office which I really enjoyed. It is a great show to watch when you just need to relax. This is a great idea for a post that I might actually steal off you haha.

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